Professional Year Program (PYP) – Discounted Prices in 2022.

A professional year program is specially designed to train an international graduate in a way that he or she becomes completely ready to work in an Australian workplace. This is why properly structured training is required so that he or she can comprehend the ways and environment of an Australian workplace. Also, these programs work greatly in developing the skills of the graduates in their field as it provides them with a chance to work in their field-related real environment.

Professional Year Program (PYP) – Discounted Prices


  • Professional Year Program with  Navitas
  • Fee AUD 15,500

**Big discounts available


  • Professional year Program with Performance Education
  • Fee AUD 4300

**Big discounts available


  • Professional year program with Navitas & William Lloyd Institute
  • With Monthly installments

**Big discounts available

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is professional year certificate valid for?

The total duration of PYP is 44 weeks. On completing PYP, you earn 5 extra points when you apply for PR in Australia. You’ll receive your points within 4 years after your course starts. Generally, the duration of the PYP is referred to as a Professional Year validity.

Is professional year compulsory for IT students?

No, it’s not compulsory for IT students to study Professional Year Program. Though, if you enroll in it, you can earn 5 extra points while applying for PR in Australia. PYP also helps you develop industry-related skills to work in Australia.

Does professional year count as work experience?

No, it doesn’t count as work experience. If you want to gain points for your skilled migration, you can participate in PYP. A professional year is equivalent to one year of relevant experience during skills assessments for immigration.

Who can do professional year in Australia?

International students who’ve completed a degree in Engineering, Accounting, Computer Science, or relevant field in Australia can do PYP.