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Do you have concerns about your Australian PR visa options? Are you confused about your career choices? Do you want to plan your holiday to explore the beauty of Australia and don’t know where to get started? You don’t need to worry anymore as we The Migration is here to help you with all your confusions.


The Migration is a Registered Australian firm completely operating under the law of Australia. Our goal here is to provide genuine visa consultancy for various visa types in Australia and Asia. Our team is comprised of the best MARA certified agents and education advisor in Australia who put their best efforts to entertain any of your queries.


Nasir Nawaz, the CEO and founder of The Migration, is a registered migration agent in Sydney, Australia. Since its establishment, he have earned a reputation for providing the best Australian visa consultancy services tailored to your Australian visa-related needs.


Our top migration agents under the supervision of Nasir Nawaz will provide you with the best consultancy about the opportunities you can avail in the Australian visa context. We can keep you updated about the amendments in Immigration rules so it may benefit your case in any way.


“Australia is the land of beauty and opportunities, which is why a high number of internationals are attracted to Australia. Australia has so much to offer in terms of high-level education, employment opportunities, and even PR.”


Why Choose The Migration?


Our dedicated, enthusiastic, and professional team goes beyond excellence. You will not regret using our services. If you are looking for a new skilled or study visa or want to extend your visa, count on us. We will be your one-stop-shop solution. We have an incredible team of migration agents and immigration lawyers who work strategically and collaboratively with our clients. 


Here are the reasons why we’re recognized as the best MARA agent in Australia and why individuals across Sydney and beyond trust us for their migration and immigration needs.


1. Authentic Immigration Lawyers in Australia

MARA is the regulatory body for migration agents, and they provide an online register where you can search for the agent’s registration status. Simply enter the agent’s name or registration number to verify their credentials and make sure that they are authorized to provide migration advice and immigration help in Australia. You can check our status here.

Our offices are located in Australian regions to serve both onshore and offshore people with their Australian visa-related issues.


2. Personalized Australian Visa Services

We at the Migration have a trained and knowledgeable team of migration agents who understand the immigration laws, regulations, and all the procedures related to Australian visas. They deliver one-on-one online consultations to assist you with visa consultation and education services in Australia.

We offer premier immigration services to international business owners, skilled workers, students, and their families. Our specialized immigration and visa services include:


  • General skilled visas 189, 190, and 491
  • Partner/defacto visa
  • Parent visas
  • Business visas
  • Student visa
  • Employer Sponsored Visas (ENS 186 visa),
  • Regional Employer Sponsored Visa (RSMS 187 visa) 
  • 457 visa and TSS 482 visa


3. Professional Educational Counselors

Apart from immigration agents, we have a team of well-known study visa consultants and educational consultants who provide help and support to students who are seeking opportunities to study abroad.


We understand the importance of your career and respect your dream of having a bright future. Our best study visa consultants offer a wide range of services, including:


  • We assess the strengths and weaknesses of students’ academic performance.
  • We help them identify various educational opportunities that are suitable for them.
  • Our experts provide information about colleges and universities that offer study programs.
  • We help students in the application process for internships, scholarships, and job opportunities.
  • Furthermore, our professional team provides guidance in transferring their study programs and helps them return to their study programs after a gap of a year or more.
  • Since its establishment, we have earned a reputation as Lahore’s number-one study visa consultant.


4. The Best MARA Agents in Australia

We have a team of MARA agents, lead by Nasir Nawaz, who is the best MARA agent in Australia. Under his supervision we bring expertise and a track record of success to your migration journey. In sum, our immigration consultants and lawyers are also members of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).


Schedule your online session with our MARA agents an advisers or meet them personally at Land Under Down.


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Benefits of Hiring Migration Agents in Australia


From the Australian visa application to submission, visa selection, and immigration process, a team of migration agents can provide you with professional help. Apart from immigration advice and assistance, by hiring migration agents in Australia, you can leverage the following benefits:


1. Expertise in Migration Law

They are always equipped with up-to-date information and are knowledgeable regarding Australian migration laws. You will stay up-to-date with the recent changes in Australian immigration rules and regulations.


2. Code of Conduct Adherence

Migration agents prioritize working in your best interest throughout the visa application process and work under the strict Code of Conduct of Australia. They offer professional immigration advice, and that is why you will remain accessible for any queries you may have.


3. Streamlined Application Process

Migration agents at the migration agency possess a deep understanding of the required documents and the best way to prepare them. According to OMARA, a well-prepared application increases the chances of receiving a faster visa acceptance rate and migration to Australia.


4. Government Representation 

Hiring a migration agent provides you with a representative in dealings with the Australian government. Our Australian migration agents can liaise with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf and address issues such as changed circumstances, visa extensions, processing delays, and more.


5. Time-Saving Assistance

When you consult with a migration agent, you save significant time by handling communications with government authorities. This professional representation will ensure the efficient handling of your case as well as minimize delays and potential complications regarding your Australian visa needs.


How Can The Migration Help You?


If you are looking for professional help regarding immigration law and visa services, count on our immigration law agents and migration agents in Australia. No matter if it is a matter of complex visa services via approval or extension-related needs, you will get personalized immigration solutions to meet your unique needs.

We are also located at Harris Park, Parramatta, NSW and we serve as a hub for both international individuals and families who seek the expertise of the best migration agent in Sydney.

Give us a pro call today and book your schedule with our migration agents in Australia!

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Visa and Education Services

We are here to assist you with visa consultancy and education services in Australia.

The Migration is a Registered Australian company working under the law of Australia. The objective is to provide authentic and affordable visa consultancy and education services in Australia and Asia. Our team consists of one of the best Registered Migration agents in Australia.


Are you planning on making a move to Melbourne to better work opportunities? We can help you with all your PR immigration issues in general skilled visa applications.


We are operating from various regions of Australia. You can find our registered migration agents and education advisors in Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Perth and Harris Park

Migration Agent in Parramatta

Migration Agent in Harris Park

Migration Agent in Merrylands

Migration Agent in Sydney

Migration Agent in Perth

Migration Agent in Auburn

Client’s Feedback

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Great and very helpful Highly recommend to all my friends and family. I asked for advice and I received a very quick and helpful response. Thank you sir

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Excellent people offering great service.

stars 01 1
Sir Nasir Nawaz , such a helpful person. First experience via messenger depicts his genuineness and dedication towards clients. Five stars

stars 01 1
Great People with great service! Highly recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you.

stars 01 1
Very professional and compassionate experience with Nasir he geniuinely want to help the community and also is very knowledgeable with the visa process kudos

stars 01 1
Nasir has a good knowledge of different visas n subclasses. I’ve personally tested him and I’m confident he won’t disappoint you. Good luck everyone

stars 01 1
My takes for the Migration and Nasir Nawaz: Thorough professional advices, correct and up to date guidance and a friendly service! If you r looking for people to do the job for you, Nasir could be one of the best choices available in town. 5 stars for sure!

stars 01 1
Very responsive and keen agent

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Highly recommended , highly qualified


What is the regulatory body that oversees migration agents in Australia?

The office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority is the regulatory body that oversees migration agents in Australia.


How do I check if a migration agent is registered?

MARA is the regulatory body for migration agents, and they provide an online register where you can search for the agent’s registration status. Simply enter the agent’s name or registration number to verify their credentials and make sure that they are authorized to provide migration advice and immigration help in Australia.

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Who can help you with the Australian visa application process? 

Only a registered migration agent can help you through the complete process; they can provide expert advice for the immigration and visa processes. They work for you as authorized recipients as they send and receive your documents on your behalf.