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What is a Job Ready Program?

Trade recognition Australia abbreviated as TRA runs a program called a TRA job ready program that helps to check the capabilities and skill of an international student in an Australian workspace. It’s a skill assessment program for those international students who have completed their degree and want to work in Australia.


The job ready program visa also helps one in applying for permanent skilled visas. Also, this program helps one to gain experience in working a real Australian workplace related to his or her occupation.


“An employment-based skill assessment program for international students who have graduated with Australian qualifications, which is verified through a provisional skills assessment.”


Job Ready programs can provide you with the skills you need to succeed in your chosen field, whether you’re a recent graduate, an international student, or a career changer!

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It’s a four-step program. Each of this step is assessed by an appointed assessor. Through this program, one can demonstrate his or her in the field they belong to.


To get started with the job ready program one must consider the following things:

  • First of all, one should make sure that whether the job ready program outcome is suitable for the visa subclass he or she is intended to apply for or not.
  • If one is applying for a temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482 then he or she must check whether their occupation lies in the relevant occupational list or not.

If the above-mentioned things are cleared out then one should start the process of the job ready program visa by creating an account on TRA online portal. One has to apply and pay for every step of the program through this account.


Four Steps of the Job Ready Program

Step 1: Provisional Skill Assessment

The first step of the job-ready program is provisional skill assessment. It is done to check the genuineness of your qualification and employment in Australian institutions



  • You have to get registered online on job-ready program website by creating an account there
  • Pay the Provisional Skill Assessment fee
  • Submit your application and print your assessment summary
  • Email your assessment summary along with all the documents



  • Applicant must have a study visa to study in Australia as an international student
  • Should be qualified in a relevant occupation verified by CRICOS training organization
  • Must have completed 360 hours of employment at a minimum in Australia in the related occupation


Step 2: Job Ready Employment

Job ready employments program JRE helps to sharpen one’s skills by actually working experience in an Australian work environment. The applicant has to complete at minimum 1725 hours within a year in a work environment approved by TRA



  • Get registered at the website
  • Submit the details of the employer
  • Print the JRE summary and email with all the relevant documents



  • Must have positive PSA result
  • One must already have a visa with full work rights or have applied for a temporary graduate visa with the validity of at least 12 months
  • Eligible employment in the TRA relevant occupation


Step 3: Job ready workplace assessment

In this step that is job ready workspace assessment JRWA, the assessing authorities will test whether your working capabilities are satisfying the needs of the required skill in the workplace or not. This assessment is done at your workspace by the assessor authorized by TRA. This assessment will actually test if you are performing all your duties listed in your job description and how are you performing them.



  • Receive confirmation of JRWA eligibility from TRA
  • Sign in and submit all the information
  • Pay the fee
  • Print the JRWA summary and get it signed by your employer
  • Email the summary with all the required documents.



  • The applicant must be working in a TRA approved workspace
  • Evidence should be provided proving that the applicant is working on a paid employment for 863 hours at least in the course 6 months from the start date of the JRE program.


Step 4: Job Ready Final Assessment

When you are successfully done with step 1, 2 and 3 then you are eligible to apply for JRFA job-ready final assessment. This is the final assessment of job ready program and with the positive outcome of this final assessment, you will be provided with the result of job ready program. This result can be helpful in your General Skilled Migration visa application and others as well.



  • Sign in and complete application of JRFA
  • Pay the fee
  • Submit the details and print the summary
  • Email the summary with the required documents.



  • The applicant must have completed step 1, 2, and 3 successfully
  • Should have provided the evidence that he or she has completed at least 1725 paid employment hours in a TRA approved workspace in a course of 12 months.


Who Can Study a Job-Ready Program?

Job Ready Program participation is open to all students who have recently received a certification, known in technical parlance as a “CRICOS license,” by enrolling in an Australian university or academic institute registered with CRICOS. In addition to this, those individuals who have not studied in Australia can also get a chance to obtain a skills assessment.

Even those who have yet to study in Australia can obtain a skills assessment, but generally, the Job Ready Program is only allocated for occupations which are includes in Trades Recognition Australia, taht is an approved evaluator. For example, engineers are not eligible to join the JRP program, but chefs are, as TRA oversees them.


Job-Ready Program Processing Times

Because of its popularity, JRP receives a high number of applications throughout the world, with an average processing time that takes longer than expected.

Note: The Job Ready Program requires a minimum of 12 months of full-time (or part-time equivalent) paid employment. Although the average processing time includes:


SR. Type of JPR Application  Average Time Cost 
1 Job Ready Employment Application Up to 6 months ( after online submission)
2 Job Ready Workplace Assessment Up to 5 months (after online submission)
3 Job Ready Final Assessment Up to 1.5 months (after online submission)
4 General document processing Up to 2.5 months ( after online submission)

Job Ready Program Occupation List

Here is a complete Job Ready Program Occupation List (these professions are compatible with the TRA).


  1. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
  2. Automotive Electrician
  3. Baker, Boat Builder and Repairer
  4. Bricklayer
  5. Cabinetmaker
  6. Carpenter and Joiner
  7. Chef
  8. Cook
  9. Dental Technician
  10. Diesel Motor Mechanic
  11. Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
  12. Glazier
  13. Hairdresser
  14. Joiner
  15. Locksmith
  16. Metal Fabricator
  17. Motor Mechanic
  18. Nursery person
  19. Painting Trades Worker
  20. Panel Beater
  21. Pastry-cook
  22. Sheetmetal Trades Worker
  23. Solid Plasterer
  24. Wall and Floor Tiler
  25. Welder


Visa Stream for Job Ready Program 

The Job Ready Program (JRP) in Australia generally falls under the category of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. The particular Australian visa stream associated with the JRP is the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). This visa offers recent graduates from Australian academic institutes or universities the opportunity to work, study, or live in Australia for a temporary period of time after completing their studies.

It is very great to complete your graduate, undergraduate, master’s, or PhD degree. But your journey continues. There is a new chapter that opens its door to start; it is your professional life. Now, with the help of subclass 485, you can grow your career in Australia with workstream 485.

Although the processing time for this subclass 485 visa can vary, it usually ranges from several months to a year. However, immigration policies and visa requirements may change over time and are based on many factors. So, it is recommended to consult with a registered migration agent for further up-to-date information on visa options related to the Job Ready Program.


Benefits of Australia’s Job-Ready Program

Australia’s Job-Ready Program is known as a beacon of opportunity that offers a myriad of benefits that shape the future careers of ambitious international students.


1. Enhance the Chance of Employment

One of the biggest benefits of JRP is that it may increase the chance of employability that comes with enrolling in a job-ready program in Australia. These courses provide you with the information and abilities that companies require, as well as making you a valuable asset in the employment market.


2. Provide Practical Experience

The Job Ready Program offers practical training, internships, and work placements in practical settings so you can obtain real-world experience. Withholding practical experience can help you secure a job and stand out from the competition, not only in Australia but across the world.


3. Networking with Other Industries

When you become a part of the Job Ready Program, you can get the chance to connect with other industry professionals. By developing networks with them, we can open the door for new job offers and mentorship opportunities as well.


4. Fast-track your career

If you are looking for opportunities to grow fast in your field, Job Ready programs are suitable for your career. These programs offer quicker pathways to enter the workforce as compared to other traditional degree programs. These JRPs can be tempting for you if you want to start your career and earn sooner.


5. Worldwide Acknowledgment

Australian Job Ready programs are recognized internationally due to their quality and relevancy. Apart from employment opportunities in Australia, completing a Job Ready program can also enhance the chances of career prospects outside of Australia as well.


Most Familiar Types of Job Ready Programs in Australia

Australia provides a wide range of Job Ready Programs containing study courses and training programs that are industry-based, profession-specific, and ready for the workforce.

Some of the most popular types of job-ready programs include the following:

1. Job-Ready Programs for Internships

Internship programs provide hands-on experience in real workplace settings like offices, industries, and restaurants that allow participants to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings. Internship programs are often available in fields such as business, hospitality, and information technology.


2. Courses in Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Job-Ready Programs VET courses are designed for overseas students to provide practical, industry-specific skills and qualifications. These VER courses are the perfect match for those individuals who want to acquire some skills quickly and enter the workforce .


3. Graduate Job Ready Programs

Graduate JRP programs are usually personalized for fresh graduates from universities that offer extensive training and development possibilities for the students. These courses are common in the fields of management, engineering, and finance. 


4. Skill Enhancement JRP Programs

These JRP programs focus on upgrading specific skills and making them relevant to current standards, modern industry norms, and traditions. They are suitable for professionals who are seeking career advancement or individuals aiming to switch career paths.


5. Language and Communication Programs

Often, international students opt for language and communication programs to improve their English language proficiency and communication skills. It will help them to enjoy themselves more in any English-speaking workplace.


What Does a Job Ready Program (JRP) Offer to International Students?

The JRP program in Australia is only compatible with the job opportunities that are accessed by Trades Recognition Australia (an assessing authority). According to TRA, the JRP offers the skill assessment as well as:


  • An opportunity to enhance your abilities and develop skills.
  • A workplace experience in an Australian company.
  • The results of a skills assessment in order to apply for a skilled visa with the Department of Home Affairs.
  • An evaluation of your skills reveals whether you possess the knowledge and expertise required to practice your profession in Australia.


How Do You Choose the Right Job-Ready Program?

It is very important to choose the right job-ready program to make sure your time and financial investment are worthwhile. Here are some of the factors that you must consider before making your decision to choose a job-ready program.


1. Make a list of your career objectives

Before pursuing JRP, make a list of your career objectives and the specific skills and qualifications that are required to reach them. It will help you select the relevant program that will align with your educational objectives.


2. Ensure Accreditation

Another important factor to consider before applying for the Job Ready program is the verification of program accreditation. You must ensure that governmental organizations or appropriate trade industries recognize the relevant JRP program. Having an accreditation is essential because it will influence your career prospects as well as indicate quality.


3. Check the duration and schedule of the JRP

Before starting this program, take into account the length and duration of the course. While some job-ready courses and program provide flexible study hours that may fit with your other responsibilities, others may be full-time.


4. Location

Australia has a wide range of academic institutions that offer job-ready program across the country. When you are thinking about studying the Job Ready Program, look for the location that suits you.


5. Cost Evaluation and Financial Aid

Make assessments of your cost of the program and living expenses before starting the JRP. Apart from this, look for the possibilities of financial aid and scholarship opportunities as well. It will help you decrease your financial load during your job-ready program over time.


6. Career Support Services

Research the program’s career support services, such as job placement assistance, resume-building workshops, and interview preparation. These types of services can be invaluable in your job search.


How Can The Migration Help You Job Ready Program?

The Migration is the name that always provides its clients with the best, most authentic, and highest-quality visa-related services throughout Australia, the UK, and Canada. When it comes to study processing, educational consulting services, and consultancy services, you can only count on us. We offer top-notch, high-quality, client-centric services that have set us apart from others in the industry. 

In addition to this, we have a team of immigration agents, visa consultants, and study visa counselors who will provide you with complete assistance and guide you through the entire process. Get in touch with our team and avail yourself of this valuable prospect for your career growth. By meeting the eligibility criteria and following the step-by-step application process, you can get enrolled in your prior Job Ready program in Australia. Make us a pro-call to book your appointment today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JRE?

The JRE is in skill assessment, which is part of the Job Ready Program (JRP). This step allows you to get the experience that is required in an Australian workplace to develop skills relevant to your occupation.


Why do I need to be part of the Job Ready Program?

Being a part of the Job Ready Program you will be able to:

  • Manage your own personal brand.
  • Receive financial support by getting a job.
  • Get practical skills, training, and experience.
  • Find out your first job and start working.
  • Get mental health support as well.


What is the pathway for chefs through the Job Ready Program?

After completing the Chef Job Ready Program successfully, you can get multiple pathways for PR, such as the SC 186, the SC 482 Employer Sponsorship Visa, General Skilled Migration visas, such as the SC 189 (SC 190 visa for Chef), or SC 491.

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Job Ready Program for Chef in Australia 

 Job Ready Program for Chef evaluates your skills and experience in cooking and related fields. In order to become a professional chef in Australia, you must complete the Job Ready Program (JPR). The Australian government requires you to meet the Job Ready Program for chefs requirements to work as a professional chef in Australia.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do job ready program in MRT visa?

No, the MRT is an autonomous review body in Australia. It analyzes decisions made by the DIAC on visa refusal and cancellation.

For Job Ready Program, subclass 485 is the best option. As JRP is for international students who graduated with an Australian qualification.

Can I do job ready program on bridging visa?

No, if you want to do Job Ready Program, a bridging visa might not be a great option. Home Affairs grants a Bridging Visa in certain circumstances. It allows you to stay in Australia legally as long as your immigration status is resolved.

Apply for a Visa 485 to participate in a Job Ready Program in Australia.

What documents we need to apply Job Ready Program?

To apply for a Job Ready Program in Australia, you must provide evidence that you have:

  • Studied a trade qualification in Australia
  • Worked in an occupation that is on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List
  • Completed at least 360 hours of vocational or work placement relevant to your occupation
  • Be sure that Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) is the skills assessor for that occupation

How many hours for Job Ready Program?

For a Job Ready Program in Australia, you must have completed 360 hours of practical work or vocational training in Australia relevant to your occupation.

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