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What is a job ready program?

Trade recognition Australia abbreviated as TRA runs a program called a job ready program that helps to check the capabilities and skill of an international student in an Australian workspace. It’s a skill assessment program for those international students who have completed their degree and want to work in Australia. The job ready program visa also helps one in applying for permanent skilled visas. Also, this program helps one to gain experience in working a real Australian workplace related to his or her occupation.

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It’s a four-step program. Each of this step is assessed by an appointed assessor. Through this program, one can demonstrate his or her in the field they belong to.


To get started with the job ready program one must consider the following things:

  • First of all, one should make sure that whether the job ready program outcome is suitable for the visa subclass he or she is intended to apply for or not.
  • If one is applying for a temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482 then he or she must check whether their occupation lies in the relevant occupational list or not.

If the above-mentioned things are cleared out then one should start the process of the job ready program visa by creating an account on TRA online portal. One has to apply and pay for every step of the program through this account.


Four steps of the job ready program

Step 1: Provisional Skill Assessment

The first step of the job-ready program is provisional skill assessment. It is done to check the genuineness of your qualification and employment in Australian institutions



  • You have to get registered online on job-ready program website by creating an account there
  • Pay the Provisional Skill Assessment fee
  • Submit your application and print your assessment summary
  • Email your assessment summary along with all the documents



  • Applicant must have a study visa to study in Australia as an international student
  • Should be qualified in a relevant occupation verified by CRICOS training organization
  • Must have completed 360 hours of employment at a minimum in Australia in the related occupation


Step 2: Job Ready Employment

Job ready employments program JRE helps to sharpen one’s skills by actually working experience in an Australian work environment. The applicant has to complete at minimum 1725 hours within a year in a work environment approved by TRA



  • Get registered at the website
  • Submit the details of the employer
  • Print the JRE summary and email with all the relevant documents



  • Must have positive PSA result
  • One must already have a visa with full work rights or have applied for a temporary graduate visa with the validity of at least 12 months
  • Eligible employment in the TRA relevant occupation


Step 3: Job ready workplace assessment

In this step that is job ready workspace assessment JRWA, the assessing authorities will test whether your working capabilities are satisfying the needs of the required skill in the workplace or not. This assessment is done at your workspace by the assessor authorized by TRA. This assessment will actually test if you are performing all your duties listed in your job description and how are you performing them.



  • Receive confirmation of JRWA eligibility from TRA
  • Sign in and submit all the information
  • Pay the fee
  • Print the JRWA summary and get it signed by your employer
  • Email the summary with all the required documents.



  • The applicant must be working in a TRA approved workspace
  • Evidence should be provided proving that the applicant is working on a paid employment for 863 hours at least in the course 6 months from the start date of the JRE program.


Step 4: Job Ready Final Assessment

When you are successfully done with step 1, 2 and 3 then you are eligible to apply for JRFA job-ready final assessment. This is the final assessment of job ready program and with the positive outcome of this final assessment, you will be provided with the result of job ready program. This result can be helpful in your General Skilled Migration visa application and others as well.



  • Sign in and complete application of JRFA
  • Pay the fee
  • Submit the details and print the summary
  • Email the summary with the required documents.



  • The applicant must have completed step 1, 2, and 3 successfully
  • Should have provided the evidence that he or she has completed at least 1725 paid employment hours in a TRA approved workspace in a course of 12 months.


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