Event Management Courses – Work in Australia

The event management course provides a dynamic solution to organize big events and ceremonies. By studying an event management course, you can work in high-profile Australian companies as a Marketing Officer or Public Relations Officer. This course teaches you how to manage large-scale festivals, weddings, parties and other meetings.


Certificate III in Events

The duration of this course is 30 to 40 months. Get started by developing the executive and operational skills required to hold out event-related work activities.


It can help you land many possible assistant positions, which can be one of the following:

  • Conference assistant
  • Event or exhibition operations assistant
  • Event or exhibition administrative assistant
  • Functions assistant
  • Logistics assistant
  • Meetings assistant
  • Venue assistant
  • Junior event or Exhibition coordinator


Diploma of Event Management

This diploma is for 1- 2 years. Get the talents you would like to figure with clients and lead teams to create successful events. Study staging components, the way to select event venues, and manage and promote projects.


This diploma teaches you ways to:

  • manage a budget
  • prepare proposals
  • manage event registrations
  • obtain sponsors
  • oversee on-site operations
  • staging and risk management


Our teachers have strong links with key stakeholders within the events industry, supplying you with the chance to realize practical experience within the field as a part of your studies.


Advanced Diploma of Event Management

The duration of this diploma is also for 1-2 years. Prepare for senior management positions where you’ll be liable for conceiving, planning and staging events. Graduate with specialized management skills and substantial industry knowledge. This course can land you various manager position opportunities in different events. These positions could be:


 Conference event or exhibition manager:

  • event producer or director
  • functions manager
  • meetings manager
  • project manager
  • venue manager


Event Management Course Requirements

  • Must have completed Secondary School.
  • Must have scored minimum 5.0 marks in the English language proficiency test or equivalent to that.


Career Opportunities

After completing this course, you can further apply in different occupation which include:

  • Conference or Venue Coordinator
  • Event or Exhibition Planner


Education Opportunities

You can take admission in particular programs after learning Event Management course.

  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Public Relations


Course Duration

The event management courses are generally for 30 weeks to 2 years. However, it depends on the level of course that determines the time duration.



The course charges starts from $1,000.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do after completing the event management program?

You can be a Marketing Executive, Charity Fundraiser, Public Relations officer or Tourism Officer. There are many other related occupations too in which you can apply.

How to become an event manager in Australia?

You’ve to complete a one-year Diploma of Event Management or Masters of Tourism and Event Management to start your career in this field.

How much can you earn in the event management occupation?

The average salary of event managers is $85,000 per year. However, skilled people with years of experience earn up to $127,481 per year.

Is event management is in demand in Australia?

There are many professionally planned meetings and events for businesses and companies. Therefore, Event management is highly in demand in Australia and has a vast scope in the industry.