Electro-Technology Course – Work in Australia

You may be surprised to know that electricians are among the highest-paid tradesperson in Australia. They are in high demand in every construction projects. These projects can be anything from a residential building, a dam, a skyscraper, or a hospital, etc. every big or small construction project needs trained and talented electricians. This is why taking an electro-technology course can open door to many opportunities for you in Australia.


Electro-Technology course covers the most significant parts of any development project. A undertaking this course you will be able to perform various electro-technology related task which are like: take care of issues in D.C Circuits, Terminate links strings and adornments for low voltage circuits, Solve issues in electromagnetic gadgets and related circuits, Apply ecologically and supportable methodology in the energy area.


The electrician is listed in the list of the medium and long-term occupational list. that shows how this course can be significant for your career in Australia.


Skills you will gain in numerous parts of the Electrical Trade:

  • Plan and arrange work
  • Create an interface electrical control circuits
  • Create, enter and confirm discrete control programs for programmable regulators
  • Archive and apply measures to control OHS changes related to electro-technology work
  • Check consistency and usefulness of low voltage general electrical establishments
  • The electrician is listed in the list of medium and long-term occupational list that shows how this course can be significant for your career in Australia.


Course Details

  • Duration: Bachelor of Construction and Economics – 2 – 4 years & Master of Construction Practice – 16 months – 2 years
  • Intake Dates: February and July
  • Locations: Melbourne
  • Cost: From $18,000 per year



You can work in different fields of the construction industry that includes:

  • Contract administrator
  • Estimator
  • Project manager
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Building consultant



  • Must have scored at least 5.5 marks in IELTS
  • Must have completed Australian year 10 or equivalent with satisfactory completion of Mathematics and Physics.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an electrician?

An electrician installs and repairs the wiring, switches, and circuit breakers. He connects power to signaling devices and other communications equipment.

How much do electricians earn in Australia?

The average salary of an electrician is $87,410 per year or $44.83 per hour.

Does electro-technology have any scope in Australia?

Electricians have a high demand in Australia. According to the Government, they need qualified electricians for the growth and development of their industry.