Construction economics or quantity surveying is listed in medium or long term occupational list. Which makes it extremely crucial occupation for various Australian visas. Undertaking a course in construction economics or quantity surveying can help you apply for GSM visas like subclass 189 visa or subclass 190 visa. This course is offered at bachelors and masters offered. Some Australian institutions also offer a quick master’s degree in this discipline.

Every mega construction involves a construction economist or quantity surveyor who can manage construction cost and expenses. They are usually involved in big construction and development projects like office buildings, bridges, mega residential sites, mining and other infrastructure projects. A construction economist or a team of construction economist is responsible for keeping and managing all the construction costs and expenditure. Hence they are a very important part of any construction process.

Australia is a developed and strong economy always has many ongoing construction and development projects. Construction is one of a significant industry of Australia. This is why it always require a large number of skilled people to keep operating. Construction economist being one of these skilled people are also in high demand in Australia. Choosing to take a construction economics course can be a very good option for your career.

A construction economics course can help you learn about how to manage expenses on a construction site. This involves planning and estimating the construction cost, creating and analyzing a budget. This also teaches you to work along with construction associated professionals like engineers, designers, architects, suppliers, financers etc.


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