Commercial Cookery PR Pathway

Commercial Cookery PR Pathway: Your Route To Better Future

Have you ever imagined pursuing cooking as a profession? Or did you ever think of turning your passion for cooking into an income source? Yes, you’ve. right?

Becoming a chef or cook can be an extremely rewarding profession. You can opt for it through the commercial cookery PR pathway. It’s indeed a blessing! Especially finding this opportunity in a high-standard country like Australia is like a cherry on the cake.


Australia is a country with a lively food culture. As it is a favorable spot for people to live, it has a multicultural food scenario.  The Department of Home Affairs, Australia, offers a wide range of trade courses each year to invite internationals to Australia. Commercial cooking courses are among these courses, which are opted for by thousands of internationals around the world. There is a higher demand for chefs to serve people various foods in the country. So, it could be the best opportunity for you to kickstart your journey towards permanent residency in Australia.

Commercial Cookery PR Pathway Your Route To Better Future 1

Now, are you looking for a reliable source to guide you about the commercial cookery PR pathway in Australia? Look no further! I have got you covered. 

Let’s start with the basics!

What Is Commercial Cookery?

Providing services as a cook at a professional level is commercial cookery. As a professional chef, you have to prepare meals in larger quantities by following strict rules and regulations. Moreover, you must plan, organize, prepare, and present the food. 

Now, worrying about how to learn all these skills? Hold on! There are numerous courses available on commercial cookery in Australia that will make it easy for you to earn as a chef. Join any course according to your individual preferences and taste.

What are the Requirements for a Commercial Cookery Course?

Before applying for the course, you must know what is the eligibility criteria;

  • English proficiency ( IELTS score above 6.0)
  • Health Care Certificates
  • Offer letter from the educational institution.
  • Financial stability as the course costs $7,500 – $13,000 per year.

Why Choosing Australia For Commercial Cookery Courses?

The reason why Australia has become a top choice for commercial cookery lies in its increasing popularity as a popular destination for students and overseas skilled people. Practicality is the hallmark of commercial cookery, and no place can teach it better than Australia. 

Commercial Cookery PR Pathway Your Route To Better Future


Let’s delve into the features that make Australia a top-notch spot for this course:

1. High Demand Profession

There is a high demand for professional chefs in Australia due to multiculturalism and vibrant lifestyle. It acts as a catalyst for generating higher profits.

2. Networking Opportunities

Commercial cookery in Australia enables you to interact with people, providing networking opportunities for the future. 

3. Highly Paid Salaries

Here comes the top priority- the compensation. Cookery is a highly-paid profession in Australia. You can easily earn $57,250 annually as a cook in Australia. 

4. Head Chef

After completing the course, you can start your professional career as a Head Chef or a Demi Chef for a specialized kitchen sector.

5. Job Opportunities

The hospitality industry offers a multitude of job opportunities. You will start getting job offers as soon as you complete the course. You can also develop your own business from a small restaurant.

What Step are Included in Commercial Cookery PR Pathway?

If you are a beginner and haven’t participated in any commercial cookery course, here are the instructions for you. 

There are wide range of cookery and chef PR pathways to Australia such as: 

1. Enrollment In Course: First Thing First

Enroll yourself in the course of your interest. To kickstart your dream journey as a professional chef, you must complete two years of education in the following disciplines. 

  • You must have a Diploma in Hospitality (Duration: 6 months)
  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (Duration: 18 months)

2. Apply For Visa 485

Once you have completed your two years of educational training, the next step towards the commercial cookery PR pathway is to apply for a temporary work visa. Under Visa 485, you can work for almost 18 months in Australia. And here comes the benefits of getting a Diploma of Commercial Cookery in Australia. Your educational institutes will help you to get a temporary graduate visa. 

3. Apply For TRA Job Ready Program:

Do you know what a Job Ready Program is? It refers to assessing your skills, qualifications, and job experience. To qualify for this program, you must have at least one year of work experience as a professional cook. The program is divided into different stages of skill assessment which are;

Stages Skills Employment Mode Time Duration
Stage 1 Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) Vocational Placement 360 hours
Stage 2 Job Ready Employer (JRE) Paid Employment 1725 hours
Stage 3 Job Ready Workplace Assessment ( JRWA) Paid Employment 863 hours
Stage 4 Job Ready Final Assessment (JRP) Complete JRE and JRWA

4. General Skilled Migration Visa

After completing the Job Ready Program, you will get a positive skills assessment. You can apply for a General Skilled Migration Visa, such as subclass 190 or 491. Furthermore, there is no need to hire a sponsor if you are eligible for this visa. There is a point-based test system for eligibility, and to secure your seat, the minimum score is 65. Points are given based on certain factors, including age, educational qualification, English proficiency, work experience, and many more.

Final Thoughts:

Now you have done with the instructions. The next stage is to take a practical step towards the commercial cookery PR pathway.  No doubt, the PR process is quite challenging, and most people need professional help. Therefore, consulting with an expert for guidance is a good step to avoid all the confusion and difficulties. And who can do it better than the Migration?

The Migration is a registered company based in Australia that can be  your trusted source for complete guidance and support regarding commercial cookery courses in Australia. We offer hassle-free visa-related services such as visa application, visa processing, consultancy, and many more to our valued clients across the world. With a dedicated and certified MARA team, we ensure authentic, cost-effective, and seamless services.

So, Why wait for longer, when the best opportunity is at your doorstep? Start your journey toward a bright future in a foreign country like Australia today! 


How can I apply for work-based training in commercial cookery?

To get practical experience in commercial cooking, apply for a subclass 407 training visa. Usually, a sponsor must give you occupational training to enhance your basic skills. However, you have to fulfill the health criteria and other essential requirements. 

How can I apply for PR as a Chef In Australia?

If you have completed the commercial cookery courses and now want to apply as a chef, the following are the recommended pathways;

  • You can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa.
  • You can also apply for a Training Visa to gain practical experience in the field.
  • General Migration Skilled Visa is your go-to choice if you have a positive skill assessment.
  • If you have professional chef experience, a sponsor can invite you through an Employer Sponsored Visa.


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