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Check out How Pandemic Corona-Virus is Effecting Australia in Various Ways

Pandemic coronavirus is the hottest topic of discussion on every forum around the globe. What started from a province of China Wuhan has spread to all the corners of the word and is leaving its impact by effecting every context of life. The victim of this virus is multiplying every day. Many international borders are been shut down to prevent the further spreading of this virus. Every country is taking the best possible measures it can take to control the number of affected people but still the situational is out of control. Many countries are trying to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus but no significant progress is seen in this vaccine development process from anywhere.

This pandemic has affected the health of thousands of people around the world and also has cost hundreds of valuable lives. But the destruction of this new virus does not stop here. Most of the economic activities are being suspended as the prevention from the coronavirus. All the important sites around the globe are sealed. The borders are closed which implies that no tourist or business personals can travel to other countries that is a major setback for tourism and other industries. Closure of land borders is affecting import/export activities. All other fields of life are also affected by this virus. In this article, we will talk about the impact of the coronavirus in Australia and also we will discuss how it is affecting its economy in every way.

What do the stats of coronavirus pandemic infer about the world and especially Australia?

The epidemic that started from Wuhan, China has now taken over the world with a boom. Most of the people are restricted to their homes and are advised to only go out in the case of extreme necessity. Most of the educational institutions and workplaces are closed around the globe and people are instructed to work from home. The recent coronavirus stats show that most of the countries around the world have active cases of coronavirus pandemic. Given below are some updated statistics that will show the intensity of this problem:

  • 198729 people are affected by the novel coronavirus globally to this date.
  • It has claimed 7,989 lives worldwide.
  • Wuhan, China is the origin of this pandemic that has now spread worldwide
  • 80,894 people are affected by coronavirus in china only.
  • The top three countries that are most affected by this virus are China, Italy, and Iran.
  • Australia has 560 total cases of coronavirus up till now and there have been 6 casualties

The above-given statistic shows that how the coronavirus has effected live on this planet.

What measures Australia has taken for the prevention of the novel coronavirus?

Australia has 560 coronavirus cases up to this date so it is taking every important measure to prevent the further spreading of this virus in the country. Following are some of the safety measures taken by Australia:

  • Australia has imposed travel restrictions on many countries that are at high risk.
  • The screening of travelers coming to Australia from all airports or seaports.
  • The Australian government is taking every possible measure to spot new cases of coronavirus so that further transmission can be controlled
  • Educational institutions and many offices are closed to minimize public interaction
  • Updating people about the current condition on every platform

How is coronavirus affecting the Australian economy?

Other than the health problems caused by this new pandemic there are many other social and economic problems that many nations around the world are facing. There has been a great slump in global economics that has impacted all the major economies around the world. Australia is one of the significant contributors to the world’s economy has also faced serious impacts. Some of these are given below.

  • As Australia has put a travel ban on high-risk countries, it is creating a very big problem for the people who wish to come to Australia on business purposes hence leading to major losses
  • Australia conducts most of its business with China. China being the most high-risk country has travel restrictions imposed on it by the Australian government. This is preventing trading, import and export and other cooperative activities with china and is the major setback to the Australian economy.
  • A large flux of international students come to Australia on student visa subclass 500 every year. This contributes a large revenue to the national economy. But due to the travel restrictions caused by coronavirus Australia is at the risk of losing many international students this year.
  • One of the most significant industries in Australia is tourism. As a preventive measure from the coronavirus, many tourist attractions are shutdown. Also, there are many traveling problems faced by tourists from all over the world due to the closure of borders. This has given a great deficit to the Australian tourism industry.
  • Like in every other part of the word, the people on daily wages are suffering the most. This is because small businesses all around the country are closing to prevent the transition of the virus.
  • Many cooperate activities are also adjourned on national levels. The pending status of many business activities is costing a large amount of money daily.

These were some facts about how this global pandemic is impacting the world. We hope, that you find this article interesting in learning something new about how coronavirus is effecting the health as well as economic conditions in Australia and the rest of the world. If you have any questions related to travel restrictions or any Australian visa type, our certified visa consultancy company The Migration can help you. Our migration agent in Sydney will be happy to answer all your Australian immigration-related questions.

Stay safe!


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