Explore Character Requirements for Australian Citizenship

Explore the Character Requirements For Australian Citizenship

Nobody wishes to have their visas canceled or rejected by the Australian Government. Indeed, it’s very disappointing and frustrating for you that the Australian Immigration Department can cancel your visa application based on various reasons, the most common of which is not meeting the character requirements.

The Department of Home Affairs Australia makes it mandatory for all applicants to pass the character requirements for Australian citizenship or other visas. Your application for citizenship will get canceled if you found any substantial criminal record and don’t meet the requirements for general good character. Because, the Australian Government prioritizes the peace of its society by putting stringent measures of character requirements for Australian visas or citizenship. 

” The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” 

Coretta Scott King

Therefore to secure Australian citizenship you must be aware of the character requirements for Australian citizenship. Having proper knowledge about the eligibility criteria saves you from a lot of trouble. So, you must read this blog post to gain awareness of the character requirements for Australian citizenship. But before heading towards the requirements, let’s first understand what is a good character test?

What is a Good Character Test?

Candidates for Australian citizenship who are at least eighteen years of age must possess “good character.” A good character test, what does it mean? “Enduring moral qualities of a person” is the general definition of good character. The Department of Home Affairs determines that an individual of good character is likely to respect and adhere to Australian laws they undertake by signing the Australian Citizenship Pledge.

If an applicant visits a country outside of Australia, they might need to provide the Department with a criminal clearance certificate.​ Furthermore, under specific conditions related to criminal offenses, any application for citizenship by conferral, regardless of age, won’t be granted citizenship.

Character Requirements for Australian Citizenship

The Australian Citizenship Policy states that if you respect and obey the law in Australia and other nations, you possess a good character

Have a look at the requirements to pass a good character test;

1. Meeting the Financial Requirements

You must be truthful and financially responsible to pass the character requirements for Australian citizenship. For instance, you must pay taxes and refrain yourself from receiving illegal or dishonest public funding. 

2. Avoiding A Non-violent Conduct

You must not engage in violent conduct, drug usage, or illegal sexual activity. Moreover, you are not allowed to do anything that could endanger the safety of others, such as driving carelessly, or without a license or insurance.

3. Anti-Social Associations

You should not not have any affiliations with those who violate Australian law, engage in antisocial or criminal activity, to pass the character requirements for Australian Citizenship.

4. Adhering to Immigration Compliance

You are not allowed to participate in any illegal human movement, help others escape immigration regulations, or assist in doing so to secure Australian citizenship.

5. Avoiding War Crimes

In order to meet the character requirements for Australian citizenship test, you must not have committed, or been connected to crimes against humanity, war crimes, or genocide. Moreover, you should not be the target of an international arrest warrant or deportation order.

6. No Connection with Terrorists

You must not be connected to, helping,  or supporting any terrorist organizations or acts of terrorism in Australia or abroad. If the Department finds any activity regarding these acts, they will cancel your citizenship application immediately.

7. Character Verification

You must be honest and refrain from engaging in deceit or fraud in your dealings with the Australian Immigration Department. Furthermore, you should not be the subject of any factual information that can raise questions about your character in future. The Department will cancel your application based on the following character requirements;

  • Involvement in a fake marriage can lead to cancellation of your Australian citizenship.
  • Hiding criminal offenses that can result in the revocation or rejection of a citizenship.
  • Participation in Centrelink or Australian Taxation Office (ATO) fraud.
  • Providing police with false information can result in cancellation of your visa.

8. Criminal History

You must not have been involved in a criminal offense to pass the character requirements for Australian citizenship. You should inform the Department about your all convictions whether domestic or international. A traffic violation, such a parking fine or an on-the-spot speeding ticket, is not regarded as a conviction. An application for citizenship by conferral from Australia cannot be granted in certain situations involving criminal offenses. These include if;

  • You are an Australian prisoner.
  • You possess an ongoing legal case against you for breaking Australian law.
  • You were given a significant 12-month prison sentence and were released from prison in Australia less than two years ago.
  • You were released from prison in Australia less than ten years ago after serving a lengthy prison sentence, 
  • You are being held in a mental health facility in relation to legal proceedings over a breach of Australian law.

If you have committed a criminal offense in the past, the Department will consider the severity of the offense, how long it has been since you committed the crime, and if you have received rehabilitation before making any decision. Now let’s discuss these factors (severity of offense, time period and rehabilitation) in detail;

1. Serious Offense

A person is considered to be involved in a major offense if they have been found guilty of breaking either Australian or international law and have been sentenced to death or a minimum of 12 months jail.

2. Length of Time Since Offense

The date of the last offense and the approval of your application for Australian citizenship are used to determine how long it has been since you committed the last offense.

3. Rehabilitation

If you have completed a sufficient length of time or your sentence has been converted to a good behavior bond and you have completed rehabilitation programs, it can be said that you have demonstrated enduring moral qualities of good character.

Evidence to Support the Good Character Test 

Here is the list of evidences that can help you to pass the good character test to meet the character requirements for Australian citizenship;

  • Character recommendations from coworkers and friends. 
  • Evidence of your past practical work experience.
  • Proof of your course completion.
  • Evidence of your cooperation with the Australian authorities.
  • Proof that you are a supportive member of your community.
  • Evidence of your volunteer work for your community.
  • Evidence of the judge’s remarks regarding your offense
  • Reports from a psychologist detailing your satisfactory completion of rehabilitation programs.

So, I hope you got all necessary information regarding character requirements for Australian citizenship,

But! What to do when your visa  application has been mandatorily canceled?

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What is an Australian citizenship test?

This citizenship test assesses your knowledge of national symbols, Australian history, culture, and values. This test is not applicable to those who are under the age of eighteen (18) or over the age of sixty, or who have a significant handicap or loss of speech, hearing, or vision related problems.

What is the English examination to obtain Australian citizenship?

It is an English multiple-choice computerized exam, and results are accessible right away after the completion of the test. The test has 20 randomly selected questions from a collection of hundreds of questions covering the four tested areas listed in the Australian Citizen Common Booklet.

How to write a character reference for an Australian immigration application?

You need to mention the following things in your letter of recommendation:

  • Your contact details and name.
  • The name of the recipient for whom you are composing the letter.
  • Your connection to the individual.
  • The individual’s skills and work experience.
  • The personality and character of the individual.

What to do if I’m unable to meet the character requirements for an Australian visa?

If you couldn’t meet the character requirements for an Australian visa, the Immigration office will cancel or reject your application. If it happens, you cannot apply for another Australian visa, except for protection or humanitarian visa. However, you will be provided with a limited number of days to appeal for visa reconsideration. In case you don’t apply within the allotted time period, the Department of Home Affairs will reject your application.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it-a complete picture of the character requirements for Australian Citizenship. Once you have understood the character grounds, grab your opportunity wisely. Avoid providing any false information or bogus documents in your visa application as it can result in visa cancellation. If you have any confusion you can contact us at The Migration for effective consultation.


I, Samavia Shahid, am providing guidance to aspiring Australian migrants through my blogs. I share comprehensive information regarding complex visa pathways that will guide you towards the right course of action to acquire your immigration goals.