Boat Building Courses – Work in Australia

Boat Building and Repairer is presently on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List and taking this course can be very fruitful for your career in Australia. Marine Craft Construction course teaches you to get ready for a wide scope of assignments related to the boat building industry. Along with the technical details, we will be able to understand the dynamics of this industry through this course.


You will be prepared in various fields in the boat building industry, for example considering plans and details, and planning layouts and scale plans for creation and cutting of body segments, gathering shells of boats and raising structure segments of the boat, introducing poles, outlines, decking, fittings, machines, shafts and security hardware. Along with that, you can also learn about your target markets, its trends and culture.


Graduates of this course will be qualified for different tasks and projects in the marine construction or boat building industry:

  • Requirements
  • Outcomes
  • Educational Pathways
  • Faqs


  • Must have qualified IELTS with minimum 5.5 marks
  • 360 hours of practical training required for this course
  • Must have graduated year 10 in home country



A few of these outcomes after becoming a Boat Builder in Australia are given below:

  • Graduates will be trained in numerous parts of the boat building industry and will also learn about the market and trends of this industry so that they can understand the demand of the related market
  • Fitting out inner and outside parts of marine speciality.
  • Fixing wooden, fibreglass and composite vessels.
  • Introducing motor drive frameworks.
  • Wellbeing and Safety of the project.
  • Utilizing force and hand apparatuses
  • Boat builders have high 87% of getting hired in Australia
  • Mostly boat builders work for high profile companies
  • An average pay of boat builders is approximately $1602.00 per week


This course can give to a complete technical insight of boat building and you can become a certified tradesperson in boat building occupation. Australia is the largest island in the world as a very significant marine construction industry. You can be a part of too by undertaking this course.


Educational Pathways of Boat Building

  • The international students can get the course of Boat Building from Gold Coast, Queensland
  • The Boat Builder and Repair (399111) course comes under the Skilled Occupations List
  • Fill the form for Boat Building Course on our website to get registered and avail further information
  • You don’t need sponsorship from any employer if you qualify this course and take part in the job ready program
  • You have to qualify the Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction course to get the Positive Skills Assessment as a Boat Builder
  • Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) delivers complete courses of Skills Assessment for Boat Building
  • You have to work as a qualified Boat Builder for at least 12 months


Study a course or package of courses that goes for at least 2 years and includes the ‘Particular course’


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for Boat Building courses?

Courses for boat building cost $9,300 per year.

Does Boat Building have any scope in Australia??

Boat Builders can easily get high profile jobs in Australia if they complete the courses. It’s on the top of Australia’s Medium and Long Term Skills Shortage List.

Where can I study to be a Boat Builder in Australia?

The international students can get the course of Boat Building from Gold Coast, Queensland to work in Australia.

How much is a total salary of a Boat Builder?

Normally, boat builders earn up to $1,602 per week.