Regional areas for PR in Australia

Discover the Top 10 Regional Areas for PR in Australia


Imagine living in a country that offers a high-quality lifestyle, excellent academic institutions, a multitude of job opportunities, a robust economy, and advanced healthcare facilities. On top of that, unique biodiversity, breathtaking scenery, and a pollution-free environment are the things that everyone wishes for. Australia offers everything from a natural, clean environment to an advanced lifestyle. So, you must be dreaming of getting permanent residency in Australia.


Australia allows a large number of people to study, live, or work in the country either temporarily or permanently. The Australian Bureau of Data (ABS) suggests that more than fifty-five percent of Australia’s three million permanent visa holders, who migrated to Australia from 1 January 2000 to 10 August 2021, are now permanent residents. Of these residents, the great majority (56%) chose to live in Sydney or Melbourne, 5.6% in Adelaide, 9.7% in Brisbane, and 12.1% in Perth, contributing to the growth of regional Australia by 1.2%.


If you are planning to migrate to Australia, choosing regional areas for PR in Australia would be a wise decision. These regions offer a relaxed lifestyle as well as better education and healthcare facilities. Moreover, the cost of living in these regions is low as compared to other major cities. So, you must choose regional areas for PR in Australia.


Regional Areas for PR in Australia

The Department of Home Affairs of Australia states that all of the regions outside of the capital territory of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) are considered regional Australia. If you are thinking of traveling to Australia, you must be aware of the features and specialties of these regions to select a region that suits you best. Here, I’ve shortlisted the top 10 regional areas for PR in Australia. Let’s discuss them in detail for better understanding.


1. Perth- Western Australia

Perth is one of the most attractive regional areas for PR in Australia since it provides access to excellent employment opportunities and a lavish lifestyle. Approximately three-fourths of the population of Western Australia live in this metropolitan area, making it the fourth biggest in Australia. It is the epitome of a relaxed living environment, offering a wide range of outdoor activities, a diverse food culture, and a vibrant arts scenario. 

Perth offers more than 13,000 job prospects in various sectors, making it the best regional area for permanent residency in Australia. It attracts skilled professionals by providing opportunities in various sectors, including business, mining, energy production, healthcare, technology, and finance. The cost of living in Perth is AUD$ 1,845 for one person and almost AUD$ 6,495 for one family, excluding accommodation. Look at this table to gain insights into various employment opportunities and the top universities in this area.


Top Universities University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology, Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, University of Notre Dame Australia.
Job Opportunities Business, Petroleum refineries, Food-processing plants, Mining, Technology, Manufacturing industry including cement, rubber, tractors, steel, aluminum, and nickel


2. Adelaide

Adelaide, a city in South Australia, is ranked as the best regional area for PR in Australia due to its robust economy, elevated living standards, and relaxed lifestyle. Adelaide is famous for its diverse labor industry and growing business startup culture. The cost of living for one person is AUD$ 1,999, and for a family of four members, it is almost AU$ 6,975, excluding rent or accommodation expenses. It means that families can enjoy a quality lifestyle at an affordable price without worrying about the money, leaving additional resources for outdoor activities. 

Moreover, with the fast public transportation system, it’s simple to go around with the children. Adelaide is home to some of Australia’s top colleges and schools, offering top-notch instruction to students of all ages. The following table provides an overview of various universities and job opportunities offered by Adelaide;


Top Universities University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and Flinders University.
Job Opportunities Healthcare, education, manufacturing, production sectors


3. Canberra

The capital city of Australia is Canberra and is packed with Government departments and organizations. It is an important region for public relations professionals. Canberra offers a peaceful and harmonious way of life with a focus on community, well-being, and an abundance of recreational opportunities. The cost of living for a single individual in Canberra is AUD$ 2,026, and for a family of four members, it is approximately AUD$ 7,194. 

It offers access to important government decision-makers and serves as the center of gravity for operations associated with media relations and communication strategy. Its close proximity to major media sources and diversified network of politicians make it an ideal place for PR agencies and professionals to conduct business. Moreover, the city offers more than ten thousand employment opportunities. Let’s have a brief analysis of various universities and employment options offered in Canberra.


Top Universities Australian National University, University of Canberra, University of New South Wales-Canberra, Australian Catholic University, Charles Sturt University.
Job Opportunities Defense, Space, Cyber Security, Agri-technology, Renewable Energy,ICT & E-Government, Innovation & Tertiary Education

Health & Sports Sciences.


4. Gold Coast

The list of best regional areas for PR in Australia will be considered incomplete without Gold Coast. The city offers a relaxed seaside lifestyle with sun, surf, and recreational activities in a multicultural, reasonably priced setting, along with a lively nightlife. It is the epitome of having a well-rounded life. Gold Coast features an effective school system, a booming healthcare industry, and an enjoyable seaside culture, all of which combine to make it an excellent destination for families to call home. 

The cost of living excluding accommodation and rent expenses in Gold Coast is AUD$ 1,440 for one person and approximately AUD$ 5,174 for a family of four individuals. The city offers approximately more than eight thousand career opportunities in various sectors. Let’s delve together to find the career options and best universities located in the city of Gold Coast;


Top Universities Griffith University, Bond University, Southern Cross University
Job Opportunities Food and Beverage Industry, Health and Medical, Residential and Office Cleaning Industry, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Education.


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5. Wollongong

Wollongong lies in the Illawarra area of New South Wales. It is an excellent spot to live permanently in Australia. The best thing about this city is the easy access to recreational spots since it is only an hour’s drive from south of Sydney, so you can take advantage of attending school and living in a larger metropolis with accessible adventurous spots. 

Wollongong is the greatest regional area for PR in Australia because of its strong dedication to environmental sustainability and varied and inclusive community. Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic location for anybody seeking to live in an eco-friendly location. Let’s explore the best educational institutes and job prospects in Wollongong;


Top Universities University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School,UOW College, Illawarra Institute.
Job Opportunities Mining, Manufacturing, Food processing, Chemical synthesis, Machinery, Metallurgical operations.


6. Newcastle

Newcastle, in New South Wales, is among the top regional areas for PR in Australia. It is a dynamic city with a wide variety of cultures. Its economy is robust and expanding, propelled by sectors including tourism, health, education, and renewable energy. Newcastle offers access to a wide range of services and amenities, a good level of life, and a variety of work possibilities.

 So, this is a good place for those who want to explore Australia. Furthermore, the living cost for one person in Newcastle is AUD$ 1,512 and AUD$ 5,472 for a family of four members, making it an inexpensive city to live permanently. To gain further insights on different universities and industrial sectors, have a look at this table;


Top Universities University of Newcastle, Newcastle School of Theology for Ministry, Newcastle Business School.
Job Opportunities Metallurgy, engineering, shipbuilding, mineral sands mining and major textiles


7. Darwin

Darwin is among the top regional areas for PR in Australia. It is often regarded as a business and travel hub. This city provides a relaxed tropical lifestyle with opportunities for outdoor activities, cultural encounters, and a strong sense of belonging. It is a welcoming location because of its distinctive fusion of culture and nature. 

Darwin has a booming economy that is supported by sectors like tourism, agriculture, and mining. Darwin’s location, economics, and culture all work together to make it the best destination for anyone looking to move permanently to Australia. The following table provides an overview of Darwin’s universities and job prospects.


Top Universities Charles Darwin University (CDU), Menzies School of Health Research, Nungliya College.
Job Opportunities Healthcare and Medical, Mining, Engineering, Tourism, Education and Hospitality.


8. Hobart

Hobart is a remarkable place for PR professionals since it provides a distinctive historical and cultural backdrop. It offers a peaceful way of life that emphasizes the outdoors, natural beauty, and a tight-knit, welcoming community. Hobart is a lovely and hospitable location to live.Since its founding in 1804, Hobart has played a significant role in international trade and business. 

It is considered to be Australia’s second-oldest capital. It also offers a wide range of attractions, such as breathtaking mountains and beautiful beaches. Tourism is the major contributor to the local economy of this city. It offers the most cost-effective and excellent academic schooling to the international students. The job opportunities are wide, making it one of the best regional areas for PR in Australia.


Top Universities University of Tasmania, TasTAFE (Tasmanian Institute of TAFE)
Job Opportunities Agribusiness, aquaculture, marine manufacturing, health,medical research, resources and Antarctic research.


9. Bundaberg

Bundaberg offers its citizens access to lovely beaches, outdoor leisure opportunities, and a warm, sunny environment. It has a robust economy fueled by sectors including manufacturing, fishing, and agriculture, offering locals a wide range of job options. Bundaberg is a peaceful coastal town and is renowned for its sugarcane plantations, stunning beaches, and closeness to the Great Barrier Reef. Along with its rich cultural heritage, the city is home to the well-known Bundaberg Botanic Gardens and Bundaberg Rum Distillery.


Top Universities CQUniversity
Job Opportunities Dairying, sawmilling, shipbuilding, manufacturing, farm machinery. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining.


10. Cairns

Cairns is situated in the tropical areas of Queensland. The city features a number of characteristics that make it an excellent travel destination and one of the best regional areas for PR in Australia. It is renowned for its strong arts and culture scene, which includes the Cairns Performing Arts Centre and the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.  Outdoor enthusiasts will love its tropical paradise lifestyle, which includes easy access to the Great Barrier Reef and lush rainforests. 

It’s a place that combines breathtaking scenery with adventure. Moreover, the community is friendly and welcoming. It has a booming tourism industry that offers Australian residents with a lot of job opportunities. Check out the table below that provides insights on best educational institutes and job prospects in Cairns.


Top Universities James Cook University, CQUniversity, Cairns Clinical School
Job Opportunities Aviation, marine, healthcare and social assistance, tourism,

construction, education and Training, Arts and Culture.

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What is the fastest PR visa in Australia?

The Global Talent visa Subclass 858 is the fastest visa to obtain permanent residency in Australia. It is a permanent visa that is designated for highly talented and skilled applicants who can contribute to the Australian economy in future. 

Which subclass offers a direct pathway to PR in Australia?

Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 is the best option to get permanent residency in Australia. It is a points based permanent visa and you need to gain at least 65 points in the immigration points test system to secure this visa.

Which is the easiest state to get permanent residency in Australia?

Tasmania holds the top position as the easiest state to get PR in Australia. It is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenery, unique biodiversity and advanced lifestyle.


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it- a complete picture of top 10 regional areas for PR in Australia. Each area is unique for having a wide range of top educational institutions and job opportunities in various sectors. Choose an area according to your individual circumstances and preferences. Moreover, you can contact us at the Migration to get solutions according to your educational background and personal circumstances.


I, Samavia Shahid, am providing guidance to aspiring Australian migrants through my blogs. I share comprehensive information regarding complex visa pathways that will guide you towards the right course of action to acquire your immigration goals.