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Form 888 Partner Visa | How to Fill It Out?


The Department of Home Affairs Australia assesses the visa applications for a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa through Form 888 partner visa. This form aims to provide information on the social aspects of the applicant’s relationship with his partner.

A Form 888 partner visa is a form that friends or family of the couple fill out to discuss their experiences and opinions about the couple’s relationship. There is a defined format and set of questions on Form 888 for a partner visa. 

Form 888 for partner visa


Make sure that you correctly fill out Form 888 for a partner visa to demonstrate the essentials of your relationship. Undoubtedly, it is a complex and time-consuming process, but with the proper guidance and understanding, you can make a big difference.

Therefore, read this blog post to understand what a Form 888 is for a partner visa and how to fill it out correctly to avoid all these confusions and troubles. 


What is a Form 888 for a Partner Visa?

The Form 888 for a partner visa is intended for a person who has strong ties with the applicant as well as their partner or fiancé(e) and is well aware of their relationship background. The purpose of this form is to assess the applicant’s relationship with their partner. 

The person completing this form must:

  • Be at least eighteen years of his age.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the applicant’s relationship in detail.
  • The person must submit evidence of their identity documents, including personal details, Australian citizenship, or permanent residency status. 
  • The person must submit documents such as birth certificates, an Australian passport, or evidence of permanent residency.

Therefore, before choosing a friend or family member to sign this form, make sure that they understand and totally support your application, and truly know you and your partner. The Department can contact friends and family to verify the details and information provided on the form.


How to Fill Out Form 888 For Partner Visa?

Follow these instructions to fill out the partner visa form 888 correctly. 

  1. Download the Form 888 Partner Visa from the official website
  2. Carefully read the instructions mentioned in the Form 888 Partner Visa to comprehend the goals and objectives of the form. 
  3. Fill out this form (in English) by typing in the designated fields (online) or printing it out and filling it out using a pen and BLOCK LETTERS. 
  4. Start filling out the form by entering your name, residential address, phone number, postcode, and other contact details.

Form 888 partner visa. How to fill?


5. Give all the information required about the visa applicant and his partner or fiance. This information includes the applicant’s name (family names, given names), and answers the question, How long have you known this person?


Form 888 partner visa. How to fill?

6. Provide any further information or supporting paperwork, such as evidence of your connection to the application. 

7. Form 888 Partner Visa Question 3

Question: State how you know the applicant and the applicant’s partner or fiancé(e), and indicate how often you have been in contact with them.

Form 888 partner visa. How to fill?


How to Answer it?

The answer to this question is quite simple. You need to answer the following questions while filing this section:.

  • What is the applicant’s background? 
  • Are they married to your child, or did you work with them? 
  • When did you first meet them, and under what circumstances? 
  • When did you last communicate with the visa applicant? 
  • Do you meet in person, communicate over the phone, or email?


Have a look at the following sample answer of Question 3 of Form 888 Partner visa. If you need more assistance book your online consultation now.

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Form 888 Partner Visa, Question 3 Sample Answer

8. Form 888 Partner Visa Question 4

Question: State whether you believe the relationship of the applicant and their partner or fiancé(e) to be genuine and continuing, and give your reasons for your belief.

Form 888 partner visa. How to fill?


How to Answer it?

To answer this question, you must have answers to the following questions:

  • What have the visa applicant and their partner told you about their relationship?
  • What details of their relationship have they disclosed to you? 
  • What aspects of their relationship have you observed? 
  • What aspects of their relationship make you believe that it is sincere and will last? 
  • Have they told you about their plans for the future? 

Important Tip: It is advisable to use real-life examples to fill out this section.


Below is an example of Question 4 answer of Form 888 Partner visa;

Form 888 Partner visa Question 4 Sample Answer


9. Form 888 Partner Visa Question 5

Question: State any other matters you wish to add in support of the visa application.

Form 888 partner visa. How to fill?


How to Answer it?

This question is optional, and you can add anything you want to state in response to it. For example, you can describe:

  • How has the candidate been received by your family?  
  • How does the candidate fit into your friendship group?
  • Why do you think the application should be approved for a visa?

10. Providing misleading or incorrect information will be considered a serious offense. Therefore, make sure that you have provided all the information correctly by double checking it. 

11. Integrity Declaration

I am aware that making false claims in connection with a visa application is illegal under Section 234(1)(b) of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act), and I am sure that the claims in this form are accurate in every way.

12. Submit the form.

Before sending the paperwork to the relevant authority, sign and date it. Once you have completed the form, attach it to your partner visa application on the ImmiAccount website.


Important Information Related to Privacy

  • The Privacy Act 1988 provides 13 Australian Privacy Principles that regulate the way that the Department collects and processes private data.
  • Form 1442i Privacy Notice contains details on how the Department gathers, utilizes, and discloses personal information for its essential operations.
  • To find more details regarding the Department’s general information processing procedures, including handling Form 1442i, click here.

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What is a Form 888 for a partner visa?

Friends and family members of the couple are required to fill out Form 888 for the Partner Visa, which requires them to share their thoughts on the relationship and their experiences with the pair.

Is Form 888 mandatory for a partner visa?

It’s a common misconception that Form 888 must be included with applications for partner visas; however, this is not true. It is mandatory for certain types of Australian partner visa applications, especially when the applicant is in Australia and does not have any visa.

How to write a statutory declaration for a partner visa?

Important details to add to a Partner Visa Statutory Declaration include:

  • Development of the relationship between the applicant and the partner.
  • Financial commitments, including bank statements.
  • Nature of the household.
  • The social facets of the relationship.
  • Their dedication to one another.
How many forms 888 for a Partner visa do you need to submit?

You should submit at least two copies of the statutory declarations (updated) for the Form 888 partner visa. However, it is advisable to submit at least four copies of forms 888 in this manner:

  • One from the sponsor’s family.
  • One from the applicant’s family.
  • Two from the couple’s mutual friends.


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