Difference between eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600

What is the Difference between eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600?


Australia stands out as a top-notch destination for tourists from all over the world. It is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, favorable weather, and unique biodiversity. The Red Sea, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and Sydney Opera House are just a few of the stunning places in the country, making it the perfect destination for tourists. Every year, the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, receives thousands of applications for visitor visas. The stats show that approximately 9.3 million foreign visitors came to Australia in 2019, and more are expected to join in the coming years.

So, if you’re also planning to travel to Australia, you’ll need to apply for the relevant tourist visa for Australia. There are various types of visitor visas available, depending on the intended purpose of your visit. However, two options are the most common, which are eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600. Understanding the difference between these two is important before organizing your trip to Australia.

Confused about the difference between eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600 for Australia? It might sound a bit confusing at first but don’t worry. This blog post has covered all your questions and confusion related to eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600. Let’s dive into the details together!


Introduction to Australian eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600

Evisitor visa is an electronic visa that allows residents of specific nations to travel to Australia for business or tourism purposes for up to a time period of 12 months. Visitor offers a simple and straightforward online pathway for visa applications with no hard copy work requirements.

Visitor visa 600 allows you to travel to Australia for business purposes and tourism. Under this visa, you can stay in Australia for almost twelve months. It is similar to subclass 651, with the key distinction being that it is applicable to those candidates who are not eligible for the e-Visitor visa.


Eligibility Requirements for eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600

You must be outside of Australia while submitting an application for e-Visitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600. Moreover, it is important to understand the eligibility requirements of these visas for a smooth application process. Each visa has unique qualities that meet the demands of travelers in different ways. Let’s have a look at the eligibility requirements for Evisitor 651 visa and visitor visa 600:

1. Nationality

Electronic visa 651 is applicable to citizens of certain European countries. You cannot apply for this stream if your passport is a British National Overseas, British Dependent Territories Citizen, or British Subject passport. Therefore, you must have a valid passport from one of these eligible nations:

Electronic visa 651 eligibile countries However, in order to be eligible for the visitor visa (600), you must be a citizen of one of the countries that are not eligible for an e-Visitor visa.

2. Financial Stability

You need to show financial stability while you stay in Australia. You must possess sufficient funds to cover your expenses and to buy a return ticket at the end of your stay.

3. Health Insurance

It’s essential to have your own health insurance to apply for e-Visitor 651 and visitor visa 600 as the Australian National Health scheme will not provide coverage for you.

4. Purpose of Tour

If you are applying for e-Visitor 651 and visitor visa 600, keep in mind that your trip should be for tourism or business-related purposes. This visa does not allow long-term employment or permanent stays in the country where you intend to visit  as a visitor. 

5. Stay Duration

eVisitor 651 Visa allows short stays of up to 3 months per visit within a time period of one year. However, in the case of visitor visa 600, the duration varies based on personal circumstances and the intended purpose of the visit, allowing for extended stays if required.

6. Health and Character Requirements

You need to meet certain health and character requirements before submitting an application for eVisitor 651 and visitor visa 600. This implies that you must be free from major medical conditions and possess a spotless criminal history.


Required Documentation for an eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600

If you fulfill these requirements, apply online for an eVisitor visa using the ImmiAccount website. The application procedure is simple, and the following records and information must be submitted:

  • Personal information, such as your name, birthdate, and passport information.
  • Include the phone number and email address in your contact details.
  • Information about your intended stay in Australia.

For an eVisitor visa application, physical documentation is not required to be submitted. However, for a visitor visa application, you must submit additional documents like an invitation letter from your host in Australia.


Processing Time for eVisitor 651 and Visitor Visa 600

The processing time for the eVisitor 651 visa and visitor visa 600 are different depending upon several factors. Usually, the Evisitor 651 visa offers streamlined processing, especially for citizens of eligible European countries. Its processing time is less than one day, making it a top choice for individuals to avail. One of the biggest advantages of the Evisitor 651 visa is that almost ninety percent of the total applications are granted within a day.

The processing time for a visitor visa 600 depends upon application type and individual circumstances. Processing periods for the tourist stream might range from 4 to 35 days.


Fee and Costs for eVisitor 651 Visa and Visitor Visa 600

It is important for individuals who are organizing a trip to Australia to understand the fees and expenses associated with the eVisitor 651 visa and visitor visa 600. The standard application fee for a Visitor visa ranges from $140 to $1,020, depending upon a number of factors, including the purpose of the visit, period of stay, and any other particular needs. However, the Department will not impose any fees on you if you are visiting Australia under an Evisitor. This charge exemption increases the allure of the Evisitor 651 Visa and offers a reasonably priced option for people arranging trips for travel or business.


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it- the difference between the eVisitor 651 visa and visitor visa 600. Both visas have their own distinct properties, eligibility requirements, application costs and duration time. It is, therefore, essential for you to understand the distinctions between these two before lodging your application. 

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Can I work in Australia under visitor visa 600?

No, you are not allowed to work in the country under a visitor visa. However, if you are on a business tourist visa, you can engage only in non-work activities, including;

  • Reviewing a business contract
  • Attending conferences, trade shows, or seminars
  • Conducting official government-to-government visits 
  • Making general inquiries about employment or business 

Which visa is best for tourism in Australia?

Visitor visa (Subclass 600) is the best tourist visa for those who are planning to travel to Australia for tourism, business or family purposes. Under this visa, you can stay in the country for up to three, six, or twelve months. This visa is more flexible and is applicable to all nationalities as compared to an eVisitor visa.

What is the required minimum bank balance for a visitor visa to Australia?

You must provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your lodging and your journey to and from Australia to apply for an Australia Visitor Visa. Generally speaking, bank statements from the previous three months with a closing amount of at least AUD 5,000 per applicant must be included.


Is it possible for me to include my family members on my application?

No, you cannot include your family members on the same application to apply for a visa in Australia. Every member of your family, including children under the age of 18 listed on your passport, must submit a separate application.


How often can I visit Australia on an eVisitor visa 651?

You can visit Australia as often as you want within the validity period of an eVisitor 651 visa. But there’s a rule – you must leave Australia at least every 3 months. So, if you want to make the most of your one-year visa, plan on departing from Australia at least three times. This way, you can fully utilize the benefits of your visa and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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