CoE Cancellation in Australia

What Happens after CoE Cancellation in Australia?


So, there you have it? a letter of CoE cancellation in Australia.

Undoubtedly, finding out that your Australian Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) has been canceled is the most disturbing and annoying thing for students. Now, you must be worried about how it will affect your academic journey and what steps you should take after CoE cancellation in Australia. You just don’t need to worry about it.

Here is the good news for you.

You still have the chance to sort out your CoE cancellation in Australia. What you have to do is understand the process of CoE cancellation, what the reasons for cancellation are, what happens if CoE is canceled in Australia, and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

The Department of Home Affairs offers a 28-day grace period to students so that they can sort out things in the provided time period. You can depart from the country after getting a new CoE from your institution, or you can apply for another visa. However, make the appropriate choice as soon as possible, and don’t allow that deadline to pass you by.

Before making any decision, you must have complete knowledge of CoE cancellation in Australia to avoid any confusion. Let’s check the CoE cancellation procedure and what will happen next during this uncertain time.

What is a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)?

Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) is a formal document that Australian education providers give to international students who want to study there. So, if you want to study in Australia, you must first submit an application to your chosen study provider. Once you have submitted a legitimate application and accepted the offer from the Australian educational institute, the education provider will give you a CoE.

Importance of CoE

“Your student visa application may be rejected or delayed if you don’t have a CoE.”

CoE consists of essential details about your enrollment, including your identity, health insurance plan, course name, start and end dates, and the name of the education provider. It is one of the essential documents while applying for a student visa in Australia. Moreover, you are required to maintain continuous enrollment while you are studying in Australia, which is proved by a valid CoE submitted to Immigration. So, if you ask me, what’s the proof that you are studying in Australia? It’s definitely a valid CoE.

How Can I Obtain a Confirmation of Enrollment?

Several actions must be taken in order to get a Confirmation of Enrollment (COE), which guarantees that you will receive the paperwork you need to continue your studies. Let’s have a look on the general guidance of obtaining a COE:

1. Accept the Proposal

The first thing you must do is accept the admissions offer from the institution where you have been admitted to study. This normally entails sending in the required documents or formally expressing your acceptance via an online portal.

2. Provide the Necessary Documents

In order to complete your COE, the institution may need you to provide extra paperwork. This might include identity documentation, academic transcripts, the results of an English language proficiency exam, and any additional documents specified by the institute.

3. Pay Tuition Fee

In order to obtain a COE, you will normally need to pay the necessary tuition fees. Observe the guidelines the organization provides regarding deadlines and payment options.

4. Health insurance

International students studying in Australia are often obliged to acquire Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC) for the duration of their studies. Make sure you set up the required health insurance and provide the evidence of your payment to the institution.

5. Wait for CoE Issuance

The educational institution will handle your CoE application once you have accepted the offer, sent in the necessary paperwork, paid the costs, and shown proof of health insurance. You will receive the COE as soon as all requirements are satisfied.

6. Visa Application

After getting the COE, you can proceed to submit an application via the proper channels for a student visa. The Department of Home Affairs requires the Certificate of Enrollment (COE) as a crucial document for the visa application procedure.

It is important to review the precise guidelines provided by your educational institution. Throughout the COE application process, get in touch with the admissions or international student office of the university if you need any extra help.

What Happens if CoE is Canceled in Australia?

“CoE cancellation may impact your student visa.”

If your CoE is canceled in Australia, and assume you fail to either leave the country or get a new CoE in 28 days, your Student Visa (Subclass 500) will be revoked by the Department of Immigration, making you an illegal citizen. Usually, the department sends a Notice of Intention to Consider cancellation and an opportunity to comment. You will have 28 days from the date of notification to do one of the following; 

1. Leave Australia

If your CoE is canceled in Australia, you have the option to leave Australia within the allotted period and then terminate your student visa after arriving in your home country.

“Canceling your student visa is important.”

You can offer a statement describing the grounds for your request to cancel with the required documentation (including canceled CoE) rather than having it canceled by Immigration without any explanations from your side, especially if you plan to make more visa applications in the future.

2. Request for COE reinstatement

“Even after receiving a cancellation of your CoE in Australia, you still have hope for achieving your ambition of studying there.”

You can accomplish this by obtaining a fresh offer letter from either a different or the same university. After that, in order to accept your new letter of offer and obtain a new CoE, you might require a release letter from your prior educational institution.

It is your responsibility to ensure that everything is completed within the terms of your student visa and on schedule. It might not be as simple as it looks to obtain a new CoE in Australia if your prior CoE is revoked since you will need to submit an extra statement.

Your additional statement must state the points why a new provider should approve your visa application and guarantee that the CoE cancellation won’t occur again. You must get professional advice from an expert in this area.

3. Apply for a different visa

If you don’t fit the requirements for one particular visa category, you may also apply for another visa.

The Department of Home Affairs has the right to revoke your student visa at any time after the 28-day window has passed. It is important that you follow the specified schedule, get in touch with the relevant authorities to guarantee compliance with visa laws, and address any concerns regarding your CoE.

Reasons for CoE Cancellation in Australia

There are a number of reasons for your CoE cancellation in Australia. Here is the list of reasons that might cause your CoE cancellation in Australia.

1. Not enrolling or paying the fees

Your COE may be canceled if you don’t enroll in any classes or don’t pay the tuition as specified by the institution.

2. Poor academic performance

In accordance with the University’s Unsatisfactory Academic Progress, if you don’t perform well in your academic research and studies your CoE may be canceled. 

3. Postponement or withdrawal

If you choose to transfer to another educational institution, postpone your education to a later time, or withdraw from your studies at the university can result in CoE cancelation in Australia.

4. Early study completion

If you complete your studies sooner than anticipated, your CoE may be canceled after assessing you’ve met all the necessary conditions.

Tips to Avoid CoE Cancellation in Australia

It is a noteworthy accomplishment to get an Australian student visa, and in order to keep your Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from being revoked, you must follow specific guidelines, especially those related to visa condition 8202 in the Student Visa subclass 500

The following are important tips to avoid CoE cancellation in Australia;

1. Enrollment in a Registered Course

Stay enrolled in a registered course. If you are receiving funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Defense, or a secondary exchange program, ensure that you are enrolled full-time in your studies or training.

“Remember that a course is considered registered if it is included on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).”

2. Maintain AQF level

You need to be enrolled in a registered course at the same or higher Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level for which your student visa was granted unless you decide to drop from AQF level 10 to level 9. 

3. Maintain Attendance

Maintain the appropriate attendance and progress in your course throughout each study session that your education provider requires.

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What to do after getting a new CoE?

You must apply for a new student visa with the Department of Home Affairs as soon as you get your new CoE.

What is the validity period of a CoE?

It depends upon the length of your course or program. It usually includes the time you spend studying, including breaks and vacations.

Is it possible for me to have two CoE in Australia?

You will obtain a Certificate of Enrollment (CoE) for each course you apply if you have been granted more than one course. However, you need to submit all CoEs to the Department of Home Affairs.

Can I reapply for a visa in Australia after cancellation or rejection?

Yes, under certain circumstances, you can reapply for an Australian visa after canceling. However, you need to appeal the visa canceling order to a tribunal, or you can apply for a revocation application if your visa was rejected under mandatory cancellation terms. 

Can I switch programs or courses with an existing CoE?

Yes, you can change or switch courses within the same university without changing the CoE. However, it is better to get advice from the university’s foreign student office to comprehend the particular protocols and prerequisites for making such modifications.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to study in Australia, a Confirmation of Enrolment is an important document in this regard. Without it, you will not be able to continue your studies in the country. So, you must take action immediately after the CoE cancellation in Australia. Utilize the 28-day grace period wisely. Examine your choices, including requesting a new visa, getting a new CoE, or leaving the nation. Whatever your choice is, remember time is the key here and taking help from professional experts would be a great choice. 

I, Samavia Shahid, am providing guidance to aspiring Australian migrants through my blogs. I share comprehensive information regarding complex visa pathways that will guide you towards the right course of action to acquire your immigration goals.