Cheapest Cities to Live in Australia in 2024

Explore Cheapest Cities to Live in Australia in 2024


Have you ever imagined getting a high-quality education or living as a permanent resident in Australia? If so, this blog post is for you to answer your questions and concerns.

As you know,  Australia stands as a top destination with its cultural diversity, robust economy and cultural landscape for international students and skilled workers. Many students and skilled workers want to live in Australia to enjoy a high-standard lifestyle and better facilities.

However, due to the lack of proper information, they end up choosing expensive cities, thus putting a strain on their financial stability. Therefore, it is important to make sure which city you choose before moving to Australia. Look no further, as in this blog, I will help you to explore the cheapest cities to live in Australia in 2024. I have carefully selected the most affordable cities to live in Australia, providing insights into top universities, living expenses and job prospects.

What are the Cheapest Cities to Live in Australia in 2024?

6 Cheapest Places to Live in Australia in 2024

Even though Australia is renowned for its diverse landscape and high-powered economy, it’s important to keep in mind that living expenses may differ greatly around the country. Different regions of Australia exhibit different costs of living due to various factors. Therefore it is necessary for individuals and families to carefully assess their priorities and financial limits before moving to the country. Here is the list of cheapest cities in the Australia:

  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Canberra
  • Hobart
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast

Let’s explore each of the above cities in detail.

1. Adelaide

Adelaide ranks among the most affordable cities in Australia for overseas students to reside in, despite being the country’s fifth-most populous city. Adelaide is famous as the “city of festivals.” It is a fantastic place for students who enjoy having fun while studying. The historic coastal district of Glenelg is a well-liked destination in Adelaide. Other popular family-friendly suburbs are Aberfoyle Park, Belair, and Banksia Park. The estimated living cost in Adelaide is AUD$2100 per month.


Major Industries

The economy of Adelaide is thriving, with principal sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, education, training, retail, and public administration. There are several universities and research institutes in the education industry, which offer a variety of academic and research opportunities for students and skilled workers. Moreover, the health and medical research sector offer a multitude of job vacancies in healthcare centers.


Top Universities

Flinders University: Finders University offers programs like education, sociology, and nursing in Adelaide. The annual fee charges are AUD$30–39K.

University of South Australia: If you want to get a high-quality education in architecture, nursing, and environmental studies, Adelaide is the best option for you. The University of South Australia is the top institution, with an annual fee of AUD 28,000–40,000.

2. Perth

Perth is known as the “Education City of Australia” due to its high student population from all over the world. Students love this city because of its excellent transport system, low cost of living, and high standard of education. With a thriving music scene, numerous theatres, and galleries, the city is a prominent hub for the arts and culture. The cost of living in Perth is AUD$ 2200 per month, making it the cheapest city to live in.


Major Industries

Perth offers a diverse job market in industries including mining, construction, education, healthcare, information technology, and tourism. One notable business that offers chances for engineers, geologists, and workers is mining, which makes a considerable contribution to Perth’s economy. Moreover, Perth has one of the best medical hospitals and healthcare systems in Australia, providing a foundation for careers in this sector.


Top Universities

Edith Cowan University: For those who want to study information technology, cyber technology, business, and performing arts, this university is the best choice. The annual tuition fee of this university is AUD$ 30-34K.

Murdoch University Agriculture: If you want to study social sciences or environmental studies at affordable prices, choose Murdoch University. Its annual fee is AUD$ 26–33K.

3. Canberra

Canberra is the national capital of Australia, with a 23% population of international students. As a student, it is your go-to choice because, in the QS ranking, it has been ranked in the world’s 23rd best student city. The cost of living in this city is AUD$1383, about 25% less than in Sydney, and housing and utilities here can save you up to 50%. Canberra offers a wide range of employment opportunities in industries including, information technology, government services, healthcare, and education. Moreover, it has the lowest crime rates as compared to other cities.


Top Universities

Charles Sturt University: It offers the best education in the fields like agriculture and environmental science at a very low price (AUD$ 25–31K per month).

Australian Catholic University: If you are interested in courses like education, psychology, and nursing, choose Australian Catholic University in Canberra. The tuition fee at this university is AUD$23-31K.

4. Hobart

The air quality in this part of Australia is exceptionally pure. It’s interesting to note that it’s the most reliable and secure city in Australia. It is regarded as one of the greatest and most affordable locations for overseas students to live in Australia.

Hobart is a flourishing, historically significant port city with a strong arts and cultural scene. The island’s popularity is growing due to the opening of high-standard restaurants, modern cafes, and local beer houses. Hobart features housing prices that are about 25% cheaper than the national average. Moreover, you can buy real estate for 60% less than in other cities. The average cost of living in Hobart is AUD$1663 per month.


University of Tasmania

No other university can beat the quality of education in environmental science and agriculture other than the University of Tasmania. The annual fee charges are AUD$ 33-75K.

5. Brisbane

Brisbane is renowned for having a warm and inviting community that makes living there enjoyable. With excellent living and educational standards, this is the third-cheapest location. The city is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive place to live because it provides excellent education at a reasonable cost. Residents can enjoy the warm weather without breaking the bank, thanks to the city’s outdoor activities, which are frequently free or inexpensive.


Top Universities

James Cook University Brisbane Hospitality: This university is famous for providing quality education in courses like information technology and business with annual fees of AUD$ 30-33K.

Queensland University of Technology: Brisbane is a leading center of information technology. It also offers other programs, including nursing and sports-related subjects. The annual tuition fee is AUD$31–48K.

6. Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is among the most affordable areas to live. It is renowned for its affordable living, academic excellence, and high standards of education. With its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, the Gold Coast offers international students the ideal balance of social life and academic pursuits. The city, being a popular travel destination, depends on tourism-related activities, which generate employment opportunities in hospitality, restaurants, and event management.


Top Universities

Griffith University: Griffith University is well known for offering quality education in a wide range of subjects. It is frequently ranked among the top universities, both nationally and internationally. If you want to pursue higher education in hospitality, management, nursing, and pharmacy, this is your go-to place.

Southern Cross University: Southern Cross University promotes a creative and progressive learning environment that makes use of modern teaching methods and technology. It offers various programs, including information technology, nursing, psychological science, and midwifery. The average annual fee of this university is AUD$ 26–33,000.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, relocating to Australia will allow you to take advantage of Australia’s robust economy and excellent standards of living. With the country’s many advantages – including safety, stability, and significant pension benefits for its workers – you would definitely want to apply. Now, after reading this blog post, you have learned what the cheapest cities are to live in Australia in 2024.

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Which Australian city has the highest rent?

Sydney has the most expensive rent in all of Australia. The average weekly rent for a two-bedroom residence apartment is $650 in Sydney.

Which region of Australia has the most affordable cost of living?

There are a few places in Australia, such as Hobart, Adelaide, and Perth, with the lowest cost of living. In comparison to some of the more expensive cities, like Sydney or Melbourne, these cities typically feature more affordable housing expenses and a less hectic lifestyle.

When is the best time to travel to Australia?

The winter season, which runs from June to September, is the most affordable time to travel to Australia. The low season brings lower temperatures and fewer tourists, which means that travel and lodging costs will be lower. Nonetheless, it’s still a fantastic time to take advantage of the mild but dry winters in Cairns, Tasmania’s snowfall, or even skiing at one of the nation’s ski areas.


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