Best IT Jobs in australia in 2024

What are the Best IT Jobs in Australia in 2024?


Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, standing as the 14th largest economy according to Gross Domestic Product 2023. What makes this Australian economy stand out from others is the rapid growth of its IT industry in recent years, which makes up approximately 8% of the national GDP.

The Australian Government has agreed to reach 1.2 million people in the tech industry by the end of 2030. Therefore, the Australian IT sector aims to hire 650,000 extra tech professionals at the end of the decade. And this is exciting news for you!

So, if you are also searching for the best IT jobs in Australia in 2024, look no further! In the following blog post, I have covered Australia’s highest-paying IT jobs. Let’s delve together into the world of information technology.

Best IT Jobs in Australia in 2024

I have shortlisted some of the best IT jobs in Australia in 2024 for you. From project management to cyber security, you can choose any field related to your personal taste and preferences. 

IT Jobs in australia in 2024

1. Cyber Security Specialist Jobs in Australia

With the advancement of technology, concerns related to the safety of confidential information are increasing rapidly. Cloud services can expose your company’s personal information to hackers and corporate spies. Therefore, organizations need to save their valuable data from unauthorized individuals. Cybersecurity architects adopt proactive approaches to ensure safety by creating and executing procedures to detect and block attacks.

It is anticipated that $7.6 billion would be spent on cyber security by 2024. According to a market survey, the most in-demand skill set is IT security, which contributes to the increasing need for IT security specialists.

Cybersecurity architects adopt proactive approaches to ensure safety by creating and executing procedures to detect and block attacks. The average salary of a cyber security architect in Australia is $275,000. However in Melbourne and Perth, you can earn up to $250,000. Other in demand IT jobs in cyber security are;

  • Cyber security managers in Brisbane (AUD$ 190,000)
  • Identity and Access Management Architects in Melbourne (AUD$ 190,000)

2. Software Developers Jobs in Australia

One of the most critical and highly-paid jobs in Australia is software development. The recent wave of digital transformation has forced enterprises to develop new software to meet operational demands. To meet these expectations, software development teams are working hard. However, there is still a high demand for skilled developers to enter the industry to fill the gap.

To meet these expectations, software development teams are working hard. According to a survey 40% respondents are searching for software developers in the next 12 months. According to SEEK, developers and programmers are among the top 20 most in-demand jobs in Australia, and they rank number 11 overall.

The average salary for software developers is $250K in Australia. In the software development field, solution architects are in high demand in Sydney and Melbourne earning up to $190,000K. However, technical leads in Sydney can earn up to $180,00K on average.

3. Multimedia Specialist Jobs in Australia

Multimedia specialists use various media and cutting-edge technologies to create digital assets. As a multimedia specialist, you produce and blend text with computer animation, audio, video, and images for presentations and websites. There is a higher chance that many industries, including the IT sector, publishing, and web design, will likely be interested in hiring you for this position.  The salary range for multimedia specialists in Australia is;

  • Entry-level multimedia specialists:  AUD$ 50K to 70K per year.
  • Mid-level multimedia specialists:  AUD$ 70K to 90K per year.
  • Experienced multimedia specialists:  AUD$ 90K to 20K annually.

4. Data Science and Business Analytics

Data Science and Business Analytics salary in australia

The success of a business heavily depends on deriving meaningful conclusions from a large amount of data. And who can do it better than a Data analyst? The need for data analysts is increasing as more businesses look to extract valuable business insights from their corporate data. A data analyst in Australia can earn up to $112,500.

The Australian Government’s Labour Market Insights, which rank the top fields and occupations through 2026, predict that the need for business analysts is growing exponentially. Based on the Government’s 2023 Recruitment & Retention Report, business analysis will be the third most sought-after IT position this year. So, this is the best option for those who have completed their masters in business analytics in Australia.

Other professionals including the data scientists in the analytics field are also securing large pay packages. Perth is the home of the highest paid data scientists in Australia, earning $190K on average, followed by Melbourne at $170K. Data engineers who build and maintain the data infrastructure are also earning higher salaries. The average salary of data engineers in Canberra is $165,000.

5. Key Responsibilities as a Multimedia Specialist

  • Coordinating with clients to create project plans.
  • Collaborating with animators, programmers, and artists to create multimedia designs.
  • Using a range of technologies to work with graphic design, typography, and multimedia development.
  • Testing media pieces for usability and ensuring their quality.

6. Cloud Engineers Jobs in Australia

Designing, constructing, and managing cloud computing infrastructure is the responsibility of a cloud engineer. They manage virtualization technologies, choose and configure cloud services, and optimize cloud resources for practical use. Cloud engineers work together with development teams to ensure that cloud environments run smoothly. This field has a lot of potential, with about 700 open positions nationwide. The average salary of a cloud engineer is AUD$ 112,000.

Other high cloud architect jobs in Australia include;

  • Sydney DevOps engineers ($170K) 
  • Site reliability engineers ($165K) 
  • Melbourne cloud engineers ($170).

7. Project Directors Jobs in Australia

Project directors are the best-paid specialists in the IT industry, with an average pay ranging from $200 K to $300K. As the ongoing demands of the digital revolution increase, organizations are searching for people with solid project management skills. Therefore, project directors have become essential in project and change management fields for successful planning and intricate digital transformations.

Other high demand roles in project management field in Australia are

  • Sydney-based project managers (AUD$ 210K)
  • Sydney-based senior project managers (AUD$ 200K).

These positions have played an important role in ensuring that digital transformation projects are completed on schedule and within the budget, enhancing company’s growth.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it- a preview of the best IT jobs in Australia in 2024 waiting for you. The possibilities are as varied as the landscape of Australia. Choose a job relevant to your qualifications and accomplishments to have an incredible future ahead of you. However, If you are looking for jobs other than Information Technology field, read this blog postthe best jobs for immigrants in Australia”

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Which Australian places have high demand for IT jobs in 2024?

There are higher demands for IT jobs in big cities like Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. However, as companies enhance their digital capabilities, regional locations are also experiencing an increase in opportunities.

What is the demand in Australia for entry-level cyber security jobs?

With a value estimated to reach US$5.8 billion by 2024, the cyber security market in Australia is expected to rise at a rapid pace. The local cyber market is also growing at a rate of over 8% per year, indicating a strong demand for entry-level and professional cyber security positions.

What are the essential requirements for IT jobs in Australia?

Depending on the role and nature of the job, the qualifications and requirements are different. However, in general, you must have a strong IT educational background, relevant certifications, and competency in language programming. 

Can someone apply for an IT job in Australia without relevant local work experience?

Yes, you can apply for IT jobs without having local experience in the relevant field. A lot of employers prefer international experience in addition to local work experience. However, remember that it is essential to highlight your accomplishments, skills, and adaptability.


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