Benefits of Studying in Regional Australia

What are the Benefits of Studying in Regional Australia?


If you are planning to move to Australia for study purposes, you might be imagining yourself in major capital cities like Sydney or Brisbane, right? What if I tell you that there are several other options that are cost-effective for international students. I think it’s an exciting opportunity for students, as studying in Australia is quite expensive, and many international students suffer a lot during their stay in the country. So why choose expensive cities when you have better opportunities?

There are several benefits of studying in regional Australia, including a relaxed lifestyle, a personalized class environment, and better migration opportunities. Moreover, you can get five extra points on the Immigration Points Test that will help you to get permanent residency in the future. So, you must enjoy these benefits of studying in regional Australia.

Read this blog post to have a better understanding of the benefits of studying in regional Australia, scholarship opportunities, and better migration options for international students. Before moving to why you should choose regional areas to study in Australia, let’s first gain insight into the areas that fall under regional categories.


What are Regional Areas in Australia?

Any area that is located outside of the metropolitan area is referred to as a regional area in Australia. The Australian Government has simplified the definition of regional areas by stating that the entire country will be considered as regional Australia except for major cities Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The Department of Home Affairs has divided the country into three divisions for migration purposes. These parts include major cities, cities, regional centers, and regional areas. Here is the division of these categories that elaborates the areas that fall under regional Australia.

Major Cities Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane
Cities and Regional Centers Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Geelong, and Hobart
Regional Areas All other locations excluding major cities and regional centers


Benefits of Studying in Regional Areas of Australia

You must be searching for the answer to why you should choose regional Australia for studying. Undoubtedly, the benefits of studying in regional Australia are wide, and you must be aware of them before applying for a student visa. Read on to explore the advantages of studying in regional areas in Australia.


1. Post-Study Work Visa

The Department of Home Affairs has proposed a two-year extension of post-study job rights for overseas graduates with specific degrees in fields with a documented skills shortage. This extension in visa will allow the graduates of higher education courses to stay more years in the country to get experience in their relevant field.

Those who possess a Temporary Graduate Visa (TVG) and have completed their studies at a regional institution while residing in rural Australia can apply for a second visa. All they have to do is to spend the whole period of their visa in a regional area.

International students falling under category II are those who have studied in major cities and regional hubs, including Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. For these students, there is a one-year extension available. Students will have a great chance to extend their stay in Australia and obtain important job experience.


2. Specialized Programs Offers

Regional areas offer programs that are not only specific but are also related to the local professions, thus providing the students with practical knowledge. For example, institutions in coastal areas of South Wales offer degrees in Marine Biology, and well-known wine-producing areas of Adelaide provide specialized degree programs in winemaking. Similarly, dentistry has been a popular course option due to a shortage of dental professionals in regional areas. It allows the students to have practical experience in their relevant fields.

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3. Better Opportunities for Migration

One of the benefits of studying in regional Australia is having access to a smooth and streamlined migration process that would not have been possible if you had studied in major cities. Visa processing in regional Australia is fast, and you will have priority access to the Regional Occupational List. Consequently, regional students have more access to employment prospects as compared to non-regional students. The regional Government gives priority to students studying in regional areas during negotiating Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMAs).


4. Restricted Batch Size

Metropolitan institutions are typically packed, resulting in greater class numbers due to their popularity among both local and international students. This sometimes leads to a lack of individualized attention from instructors and tutors. Therefore, students enjoy smaller class sizes, allowing them to build a strong network with students and teaching staff. In addition to the more individualized settings, they will have the opportunity to ask more detailed questions regarding their studies and career opportunities.


5. Lower Cost of Living

Australia might be an expensive country to study due to the high cost of rent in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. However, the cost of living expenses, rent, and eating out are all significantly lesser in regional areas as compared to other major cities, making them the best regional areas to study in Australia. Tuition fee is affordable, and you can easily save money for the future in Australia. Moreover, the regional areas are less crowded, and you can also benefit from less expensive public transport.

At the University of New South Wales (main city: Sydney), on-campus living may run up to $750 per week. On the other hand, housing at the University of Wollongong, a significant regional area in New South Wales, can cost $500 per week. Thus, students can easily save more than $350 a week just on accommodation. The financial burden of students will be reduced while studying due to the low cost of living in regional Australia. 

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6. Multiple Scholarships Options

Universities in regional areas in Australia offer various scholarships, making them top choices for international students. The Government specifically grants almost 1,000 regional scholarships and a unique scholarship (Destination Australia) worth approximately AUD 15,000 to support foreign students. Destination Australia is a government program that enables local colleges to support international students who choose to pursue education in regional Australia. 

The Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships (RRES) is another program that offers up to AUD18,000 to talented students. However, these scholarships are applicable to those students who are enrolled in courses from certificate IV levels to doctorate levels in regional institutions.


7. Relaxed and Quality Lifestyle

Regional areas are far from the hustle of major cities and offer the advantage of a superior lifestyle. You can enjoy leisure activities, shopping, and dining out more comfortably as there is no traffic congestion and no need to wait in line to get where you need to be. The pace of life is rather slower than in big cities; regional areas are not backward. You can enjoy both entertainment and medical facilities there. Additionally, the population is smaller, which fosters a sense of community and provides you a chance to integrate and grow within a community.


8. Easy Pathway to Permanent Residence

Studying in regional Australia is an excellent option to gain permanent residency in Australia after completing your education. This is because the Australian government is planning to encourage people to move to regional regions in order to decongest large cities. Therefore, the Government has developed plans to draw students to these regions. 

The benefits of studying in regional Australia include getting an additional five points on the Immigration Point Test. It implies that after graduation, you can live and work for a maximum of four years in the country under a Post-Study Work visa. These five extra points can play a crucial role while applying for permanent residency in Australia.


9. Part-Time Job Opportunities

The majority of students have to work part-time jobs to pay for their education. While there may be more competition in larger cities, applying in a nearby suburb within a regional area may increase your chances of getting a part-time job. The job opportunities in regional Australia have increased up to 13% across a wide range of sectors. There is a high demand for international students in industries including dentistry, engineering, medicine, agriculture, business, accounting, and healthcare. So, you can enjoy financial freedom while studying in regional Australia.


10. Better Work-Life Balance

Studying, living, or working in the regional areas of Australia offers an improved balance between work and life. In major cities, you have limited access to recreational spots, and you cannot take pauses between job and study. However, you don’t need to schedule a holiday in regional Australia because everything you need is close at hand. Therefore, you can conveniently manage work and life and still take time for relaxation whenever you want. 


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Which Australian regional area is ideal for students?

The Gold Coast is the ideal choice for students to study in Australia. It is a dynamic city with great beaches, lively nightlife, low cost of living, and reasonably priced accommodation facilities as compared to other major cities, including Sydney or Melbourne.

Which city is more affordable to live in, Sydney or Melbourne?

Despite the fact that Sydney and Melbourne are cultural rivals, there is one significant difference between the two cities, and that is the cost of living. According to a report, living expenses in Sydney are 22% higher than those in Melbourne, making it one of the most expensive cities to live in Australia.

Which Australian region is ideal for PR?

In Australia, Darwin is regarded as the finest regional place for getting permanent residency. It boasts a thriving economy with a wide range of job possibilities in mining, agriculture, and tourism. It is considered a busy hub for both commerce and travel.

What are the best regional areas to study in Australia in 2024?

Following are the top regional areas for students to pursue studies in Australia in 2024;

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Tasmania-Hobart
  • Adelaide-South Australia
  • Perth-Western Australia
  • Gold Coast-Queensland
  • Sunshine Coast


Final Thoughts

There are numerous benefits of studying in regional Australia, including less cost of living, part-time employment opportunities, and improved work and life balance. So, you must consider these options wisely by exploring different universities and courses that these regional areas offer. Choose a regional area that suits you better and then consider taking professional help from recognized companies. It will save you from a lot of trouble.


I, Samavia Shahid, am providing guidance to aspiring Australian migrants through my blogs. I share comprehensive information regarding complex visa pathways that will guide you towards the right course of action to acquire your immigration goals.