News on Australian December Invitation Round 2023-2024

Latest News on Australia Invitation Round December 2023-2024


December has arrived, so expect the unexpected! With the year coming to an end, excitement for the Australian December invitation round 2023-2024 is increasing rapidly. The Department of Home Affairs is ready to release new invitations rounds for the 189, 190, and 491 visa categories.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned traveler aiming for an 189 visa or seeking government support for a 190, this round may be your key to an amazing Australian adventure. Don’t know where to start or what to do to avail of the Australian December invitation round 2023-2024 opportunity? Worries no more! You’ve come to the right place. I have covered all the latest news and updates on the latest invitation rounds for visa subclasses 189, 190 & 491 by the Australian Government.

What is an Invitation Round?

It refers to the method that the Australian Government uses to find and choose skilled immigrants who meet the country’s present labor market needs. It is, therefore, a crucial component of Australia’s skilled migration scheme.

What are the Types of Invitation Round?

There are two types of invitation rounds which are;

  • State Nomination invitation Rounds
  • SkillSelect Invitation Rounds

1. SkillSelect Invitation Rounds

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) runs skillset invitation rounds. Depending on the volume of applications the DHA receives and processes, invitations are often sent out on a quarterly schedule. Invitations are sent based on points scored in the point-based test system.

The score is usually determined by the candidate’s age, education, employment history, and English proficiency. The DHA directly extends invites to the chosen applicants in accordance with their employment demands and scored points. This round is available to all skilled candidates for these visas:

2. State/Territory Nomination Invitation Rounds

The governments of individual states or territories run these invitation rounds. Nominations from state and territorial governments take place separately from the DHA invitation rounds. However, the Australian Government determines how many nominations a state and territory government can accept. The number of invitation rounds for each state or territory may differ. These rounds might occur more irregularly, with invitations being sent out randomly. Visas for state nomination invitation rounds are;

Latest News and Updates on Australian Invitation Round December 2023-24



Let’s find out what are the updates on Australian immigration for visa subclasses 189 190 & 491.

1. Canberra State Invitation Round 2024 Update

The ACT invitation round has issued invitations to Canberra citizens for nominating small company owners, 457/482 visa holders, critical skill professions, and international candidates for critical skill occupations.

2. New South Wales Invitation Round 2024 Update

Improved and transparent nomination procedure in 2024. The New South Wales Government has initiated more streamlined and transparent pathways for Skilled Work Regional visa nominations, which are:

  • Direct application (pathway 1)
  • Invitation by Investment NSW (pathway 2)

The Government is planning to start accepting applications for Pathway 2 and is aiming to begin taking direct applications for Pathway 1.

3. Western Australia Invitation Round 2024 Update

The Western Australia state nomination organized an auction for visa subclasses 491 and 190 invitations. Here is the table for these invitations:

Visa Subclass Visa Subclass 190 Visa Subclass 491
General stream WASMOL Schedule 1 300 invitations No invitation
General stream WASMOL Schedule 2 140 invitations 460 invitations
Graduate steam higher education 103 invitations 122 invitations
Graduate-stream vocational education and training 75 invitations No invitation

4. Northern Territory Invitation Round 2024 Update

“NT DAMA has added 11 new professions.”

Northern Territory Designated Area Migration II Agreement has been extended by one year and will be effective till December 2024. NT DAMA II has increased the number of eligible occupations to 135 by adding 11 new occupations. After two years of full-time employment in the Northern Territory, foreign workers may be nominated for permanent subclass 186 visas. Moreover, the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold for certain occupations has lowered to $55,000.

5. Tasmania Invitation Round 2024 Update

The selection procedure for Migration Tasmania is based on registrations of interest. Thirty invitations are sent out weekly, and only the most compelling ones are selected for nomination. The new schedule calls for responding to applications within ten days. Of the 600 slots available for the skilled nomination visa, 286 nominations have been used, while 206 nominations have been used for the skilled regional work visa.

How Does Australian Invitation Rounds Work?

The process of the invitation round is quite simple and straightforward. Let’s check what are the key steps that the invitation round process follows:

  • Create an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Submit your EOI on the SkillSelect website.
  • The Department of Home Affairs will calculate the point score by assessing your EOI.
  • Point score varies depending on your relevant field and visa subclass.
  • Then, DHA sent invitations to the highest-ranked applicants.
  • After being invited, they’re given a deadline for submitting their visa applications.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it—all about the Australian December invitation round 2023-2024. The next step is towards practicality. So, whether you are searching for a reliable source to create the best EOIs for you or need any visa-related professional help, The Migration team is here to help you. We have certified MARA agents who provide you with authentic and hassle-free services. Start your adventure with just a simple call. Book your consultation now.

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Can Expression of Interest get rejected?

If you cannot justify your claims or have calculated your points score incorrectly, your Australia visa application may get rejected. Therefore, it is essential that you upload all supporting documentation to validate the information you presented in your EOI.

What is the required point score for EOI Australia?

The required point score for EOI Australia is 65 points to apply for an Australian visa. You will be asked questions concerning your personal, career, and educational history when you complete your EOI. This information affects your score.

Can I get an Australian skilled migration visa without receiving an invitation?

No, to acquire an Australian skilled migration visa  you must have an invitation first.  All applicants for skilled visas under the SkillSelect system and state/territory nomination rounds must receive invitations. An invitation is a first indication that you are eligible for the visa subclass and industry you have selected, provided that you match the essential requirements.

Which documents are needed to apply to EOI Australia?

The skills assessment date, the assessing authority’s name, and the reference number must be included in your EOI. You must complete an English language proficiency test. You will be given extra points for excellent or fluent English.

How can I determine whether I’m in line for an invitation round?

To be qualified for a round of invitations, you have to:

  • Make an Expression of interest (EOI)
  • Fulfill the requirements related to your visa.
  • Possess a positive skills assessment for your relevant field.
  • Complete the most recent invitation round with a good point score related to your field.

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