485 Visa New Rules 2024

Discover 485 Visa New Rules 2024 for International Students


If you’re planning to pursue quality education in Australia, you must know about 485 visa new rules 2024 to avoid any confusion. The Australian Government has released a new migration strategy on 11 December 2023, which outlines eight key actions with an emphasis on the education sector and temporary skilled migration. The New Migration Strategy, which is 99 pages, covers a number of topics including current commitments, areas that will undergo changes in 2024, or disciplines that will be the subject of future reform consultations. 

In this blog post, I’ll discuss one of the eight key actions highlighted in the new strategy, i.e., major 485 visa new rules 2024. Understanding these rules is essential for international students to make informed decisions about their educational journey in Australia. Let’s discover how Visa 485 new rules 2024 will impact international students.

485 Visa New Rules 2024

Key Action 3 in New Migration Strategy 2024 states as “Strengthening the integrity and quality of international education”. Under this agreement, several integrity measures will be implemented to improve the bar for international students and ensure that foreign graduates will contribute to filling the skill shortage in the country.

The Government is aiming to replace the “Genuine Temporary Entrant” eligibility requirement with the new ‘Genuine Student Test.’ This test aims to increase compliance standards for education providers and reduce the exploitation of international student visa programs. Here are the highlights of visa 485 new rules 2024;

  • The quantity of student visa applications that are processed will be strictly regulated.
  • Requirements for English language test scores will rise.
  • The list of approved courses will be reduced, and limitations will be applied to course swapping.

Here is the detail of key 485 visa new rules 2024. Before applying, you must meet the updated eligibility criteria to ensure a successful application process.

1. 485 Visa English requirement in 2024

The Government has increased the demand for English Language proficiency for international students. From early 2024, 485 visa English language requirements will be;

  • The required test score for a Temporary Graduate visa will increase from an IELTS score (or equivalent) of 6 to 6.5.
  • For English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), you must have an IELTS 5.0 or equivalent score. 
  • For students applying for student visas to enroll in foundation programs with recognized English language instruction, IELTS 5.5 or above will be required.

Keep in mind that the validity period of English Language Proficiency test for subclass 485 has been reduced from 3 years to 1 year. Moreover, the Government has replaced the Genuine Temporary Requirement (GTE) with Genuine Student Test (GST). 

You should also watch this video for better understanding about the 485 visa requirements.


2. New Age Limit for 485 Visa in 2024

The department has lowered the age limit requirement from 50 to 35 years to apply for a Graduate visa 2024. This step is taken to reposition the temporary graduate visa as a ticket for emerging professionals who will contribute to the Australian economy for a longer period.

3. Reduced Length of Stay for International Graduates

Length of stay for international graduates will be reduced

Qualification Period of Stay
Bachelor degree  Two years
Masters by coursework Three years
Masters by research Three years
PhD Three years

4. Post Study Work Extension

In the old strategy, former students were allowed to spend eight years under a Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) due to generous post-study job rights, which increases their likelihood of classifying as “permanently temporary.” However, the new migration strategy for 2024 outlines that the duration of an initial Temporary Graduate Visa will be shorter.

“There will be no further opportunities for the extension of post-study work rights.”

Extension will only be granted to applicants who have completed their education in a regional area. To apply for a second Temporary Graduate Visa, students must have completed 1-2 years of studies in the regional area.

5. Temporary Graduate Visa Streams 2024

Earlier, the Temporary Graduate Visa had two streams, the Graduate Work stream and the Post Study Work stream, each with its own requirements. The ambiguity in names and different eligibility criteria frequently resulted in applicants mistakenly choosing the wrong stream. In the new migration strategy, these streams will be re-named as 

  • Post-higher Education Work
  • Post-Vocational Education Work

There will be an end to the Temporary Graduate Visa’s “Replacement Stream” and the subclass 476 visa.  

6. 485 Visa Processing Time in 2024

The delayed processing of Temporary Graduate Visa in the past has caused several graduates to switch to Bridging visas before graduating, adversely affecting their chances of finding skilled employment. The department has announced that a 21-day service standard processing time will be enough for the “Post-Higher Education Work Stream” to ensure a smooth transition to post-study work options.

7. Clear Pathway to Permanent Residency

The 485 visa new rules 2024 provide a clear pathway to permanent residency. The requirement for a Temporary Graduate visa has changed to provide visa holders with greater opportunities to transition to skilled visas. Furthermore, graduates in skilled occupations will have quicker access to permanent residency due to proposed changes to the points test system.

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Final Thoughts

These reforms and upcoming changes to the points system and other skilled visa parameters would make it easier for students working in skilled jobs to get permanent residency. These adjustments aim to strengthen Australia’s immigration system, simplifying every step of the migration strategy.

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What are the latest changes regarding the Australian student visa?

The new migration strategy states that international students must now score higher in English language exams, and that a student’s second visa application for extension will be scrutinized more closely.


Is health insurance required in order to apply for a 485 visa?

Yes, obtaining health insurance is a must for a 485 visa. You must have sufficient health insurance throughout your time in Australia. By complying with this criterion, you guarantee that you don’t burden the Australian healthcare system and that you have access to necessary healthcare services.

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