Automotive Mechanic - Trade Courses in Australia 2022

The Automotive Mechanic course is for people who’re interested in working in the Automotive Industry in Australia. If you’re confident to work under the bonnet of a car, you must apply for a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Cert IV in Mechanical Diagnosis.


Through Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, students learn to work on a variety of tasks in the light automotive industry. Students can further develop their skills through a Certificate IV in Mechanical Diagnosis. It provides students with an advanced understanding and knowledge of mechanics.


In the Automotive Mechanic Course, you will learn the basic principles of motor mechanics. It includes how to detect malfunctions in light vehicle petrol engines, braking systems and electronic spark ignition engine management systems.


Automotive Mechanic Course Details

Cost: $15 000 – $20 000, $20 000 – $25 000 per year

Duration: 12-24 months

Intake: Monthly

Locations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney



If you want to apply for the Automotive Mechanic course in Australia, you must:

  • Have completed year 12 from your home country
  • Score at least 5.5 on the IELTS


Automotive Mechanic Course Outcomes

If you complete the Automotive Mechanic course, you’ll be a professional tradesperson in Australia’s automotive industry.

As a mechanic, you’ll be skilled at performing different tasks including

  • Restore steering systems
  • Workplace protection
  • Examine and fix large vehicle systems
  • Repairing for vehicle’s cooling system, brakes and fuel system
  • Installation of hydraulic systems
  • Restore and test the basic electrical systems
  • Operate and keep the equipment and machinery in the work area maintained
  • Maintaining the air-braking systems


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