Australia vs UAE

Australia vs UAE: Which One is Better for Living?

No doubt, deciding where to fly can be a challenging task for you, especially when it comes to choosing between two excellent destinations for living, like Australia vs UAE. It is even more complicated when you know both countries have a lot to offer internationals in terms of high-quality living standards, better education, multitudes of employment opportunities, cultural experiences, stunning visiting places, and many more.

While selecting the perfect chapter for your next adventure, you must consider many significant factors between two distinct lifestyles. After some research, I can conduct a thorough comparison between the vast landscape of Australia and the futuristic allure of Dubai, which will help you make a wise decision about where to book your flight: Australia or the UAE.

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Before moving forward, let’s take a glance at life in both countries. That will help you gain insights into which one is better for living, especially for Asians.

Australia vs UAE: Life at a Glance

When you link two incredible countries, the United Arab Emirates and Australia, that possess the shortest distance via airline, at 10,159 kilometers or 6,313 miles, both offer a wide range of living standards that are unmatched by each other.

But you can compare two countries by measuring their material and non-material characteristics, including relationships, freedom, cost of living, education, employment opportunities, and nationals’ satisfaction as well.

Let’s delve together into a comparative exploration to know which has better life opportunities: Australia or UAE.

1. Landscape and Geographical Features

When it comes to the comparison of the two countries, their geographical location, landscape, and climate can’t be ignored. Australia, with its diverse landscape, is considered the land of kangaroos, a home of beautiful coastal regions that attract thousands of people around the world. On the other hand, the UAE, an Arabian peninsula with a fusion of modernity, is the owner of an ancient charm across its seven emirates. People are unable to stop themselves from visiting both sense-captivated countries.

2. Climate and Weather Conditions

The UAE can be your dream destination when it comes to luxury hotels, shopping, and year-round sunshine. But keep in mind that this is the place where heat may melt your ice cream faster. You can say that the UAE has a desert climate with extremely high temperatures, especially during the summer months. An estimated daytime temperature often exceeds 40°C (104°F) and may reach up to 50°C (122 °F).

Generally, Australia has a vast and diverse range of weather conditions that evolve in different climate zones, including tropical, subtropical, arid, and temperate regions. On the other hand, apart from stunning natural beauty and a relaxed lifestyle, Australia offers a strong coffee culture that can perfectly match any cosmopolitan country.

Daytime temperatures during the summer are recorded below:

Northern regions like Brisbane and Darwin are estimated at 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F). 

Southern regions like Sydney and Melbourne are recorded at 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F).

Uae vs australia Climate and Weather

3. Economic and Employment Opportunities

When it comes to the comparison of the economic and employment opportunities in Australia and the UAE, in various sectors such as technology, healthcare, engineering, and finance, skilled internationals are often in demand. Both nations actively seek to attract qualified and talented internationals to contribute to their economies and rapidly growing industries, bridging the skill shortage gap. 

The Government of Australia offers a vast range of opportunities for overseas skilled workers and invites them through the Skilled Migration program, including its three kinds of different visas, like:

While the UAE has a booming economy with multitudes of economic opportunities in various fields, including real estate, tourism, finance, and more, Though you can avail yourself of more industry-specific employment opportunities in the UAE.

4. Australia vs UAE Study Options

Education and healthcare are essential factors to consider when deciding where to live. Throughout the years, Australia has been ranking highly in terms of providing quality education, world-renowned universities, skilled vocational training programs, English language institutes, and many more. When you think about studying abroad, Australia is among the most sought-out destinations for international students, as it offers a wide range of programs of study to international students through study visas with the following subclasses:

On the other hand, the educational developments in the United Arab Emirates have witnessed and increased many academic opportunities in its various big cities, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and more. From kindergarten to university level, educational opportunities have flourished, with a notable emphasis on providing free education to its citizens, where internationals are exceptions.

5. Australia vs UAE Migration and PR Options

Apart from employment opportunities, Australia welcomes internationals across the world, specifically Asians. If you are a Pakistani, Indian, or Bangladeshi or have migrated to the UAE, there are numerous pathways available to migrate or even get PR in Australia.

The Skilled Nominated Visa, Subclass 190, is a definite way to obtain permanent residency in Australia. Moreover, you can apply for a PR visa for your family members. You can apply for immigration through various visa streams, including:

  • Partners visa Australia
  • Fiancé (e)/de facto Visa Australia
  • Children/Parents Australia 
  • Dependent relatives visa in Australia

In contrast, the UAE gives you the opportunity to get a residence visa only by meeting specific eligibility criteria, such as finding a job or investing in one of the emirates.

6. Australia vs UAE Cost of Living

No matter what a country gives out, it provides a luxurious lifestyle with modern infrastructure and amenities. But, when you make the decision to choose any country to live in permanently, there might be many other factors and motives that most immigrants must consider. Among the first and foremost is the cost of living, which can’t be ignored.

Both countries are top-rated as the best living places for Asians. Though Australia’s average cost of living ($2257) is 31% more expensive than in the United Arab Emirates, which is $1719, the after-tax average wage will be enough to cover living expenses for at least 1.6 months in Australia as compared to 2 months in the United Arab Emirates.

Here’s an approximate comparison of living expenses between Australia and the UAE.

Australia vs UAE Living Cost

Other Important and Comparative Figures of Australia vs. UAE

If you are confronted with such a decision, the following figures can help you make an informed decision regarding your living and studying. Working and getting PR in Australia or the UAE.

Quality of Life Comparison




Quality of Life The average life expectancy is 83 years (81 years for men and 85 years for women) as of 2022.


The average age is 80 years (78 years for men and 81 years for women) as of 2022.


Economy The Approximate GDP per capita of $48,700 as of 2020. The GDP per capita is $67,100 as of 2019.


Education Expenditure Estimated  5.1% of its total GDP on education as of 2018. Approximate spends 3.1% of total GDP on education as of 2019.


Health Care 9.9% of its total GDP spends on healthcare as of 2019. 4.3% of GDP allocated for health care as of 2019.


What do Quora users reveal about Australia vs UAE?

Apart from this, many virtual platforms also buzz with conversations regarding Australia vs the UAE. On various platform, hundred of individuals around the world share their insights, personal stories, experiences, and opinions  upon Australia vs UAE as a living place. 

Let’s dive into the insight of the Quora users as they compare these two distinct corners of the world. Australia vs UAE and see their ultimate choice of which one is better living place for you,
More specifically which one is suitable for your migration in 2024.

What do Quora users reveal about Australia vs UAE

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Is it better to live in Australia or the UAE?

Yes, it is better to live in Australia or the UAE. But the choice between living in Australia or the UAE will ultimately depend on individual preferences, priorities, and personal circumstances. Both countries offer a wide range of advantages that must be compared to make a final decision to opt for a specific period of time or permanent living.

What is the average salary in Australia and the UAE?

When considering the average salary after tax, the monthly average wage in Australia is $3499. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the monthly salary after tax is $3367.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at the above-mentioned geographical features, climate and weather conditions, economic and employment opportunities, study and migration options, and cost of living in Australia vs UAE. It presents a clear picture of the comparison between Australia and the UAE. The main purpose of carrying out this examination is to guide the internationals in making an informed decision regarding their choice of residence, education, and career development.

After delving into the details of both countries, it is obvious that Australia emerges as the superior choice, particularly for individuals coming from Asia seeking an international living experience. According to the above-calculated important facts and guesses, Australia wins here. Apart from greenery, nature, and peace, Australia, a home of safety and self-sustainability, offers a secure environment for you and your family. 

As an analyst, it is my considered opinion that Australia stands as a supreme choice for internationals, especially those from Asian countries who are seeking a life beyond borders. Based on the above calculated important facts and figures, Australia wins just like its victory in the 2023 World Cup.  By choosing Australia over the UAE, you can experience a better standard of living, a high-quality education, multitudes of economic opportunities, a wide range of study programs and visa options, and even a chance of getting permanent residency in Australia.

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