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Australia's first cabinet meeting took place after the Labor Government was elected. The concerns about visas were raised in the meeting. Premiers and CMs of states and territories also attended the meeting. Today, in this video, I’ll talk about what the Premiers and CMs have said and what good news is coming.
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My name is Nasir Nawaz and I’m a registered migration agent in Australia. Clearing the visa backlog or solving the pending applications is our focus, said the Australian PM Anthony Albanese in his first National Cabinet Meeting. Premiers of states and territories also joined the meeting. What did the Prime Minister say?
News published regarding this.
I’ll read this news and discuss everything which is published regarding this. I’ll also give my analysis that what can we expect. So, what did the Prime Minister say about this:
“We need to work on clearing the backlog there from people who have visas that have been granted. Short-term migration will need to be a part of the solution.”
The prime minister said some visa applicants had been waiting 12 to 18 months before they were able to take their place in workplaces.
So the Prime Minister said they’ve the idea and the labor government has been talking about this before elections that these backlogs are so lethal. For example, the goal of skilled migration fails. For example, there’s a visa and a skilled migrant is needed. To bring a skilled migrant, when the processing time was 2 to 4 years so people will start shifting their priorities or looking for the second options.
Prime Minister has also mentioned that we know that visa processing has been pending for a long time. So it’s our focus to clear the pending applications. I’ll tell you more things discussed regarding this. Anthony Albanese said,
“We have put people from other duties into trying to clear the visa backlog.”
It means that people on other duties, like the Department of Home Affairs or Department of Immigration, not all people are case officers. There might be a chance that for people working in other sectors within the Department, case officer can help them with their visa application. Especially regarding skilled migration, employer-sponsored visas, or any other visa applications.
They haven't said it yet, but it seems like that. Look, to fill the gap in skilled migrants in the economy, it’s very important to process the applications as soon as possible. So, the Prime Minister has said that we will transfer people from other sectors within the Department to get the application process done.
So, has this matter been discussed? Anthony Albanese stated that:
“That clearly is something that’s required, is necessary and is the easiest way to make an immediate difference.”
Anthongy said that we did it so that immediate difference can be seen clearly.
Regarding this, MarkMcGowan said:
“Attracting new workers was one of the biggest issues in securing the state's ongoing economic growth. I appreciate what the prime minister has done to put more resources into dealing with the visa issues.”
The Australian premier appreciated that the steps Prime Minister took would be helpful to us. As a result, visa applications will be processed quickly and the issues being faced by the states will be resolved due to the absence of skilled migrants.
Apart from this, South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas also said:
“Clearly, there needs to be a reopening of skilled migration as a country. To the extent we could see visas processed at a quicker pace that would be a good thing.”
The premier of South Australia has also appreciated the Prime Minister that it’s needed and people should come quickly. Now is the time to consider it. Look, I’ve already made a video related to this topic that the Labor Government understands the issue. They know what happened during the pandemic and how to recover the post-pandemic, especially with regard to skilled migration.
So, processing the visa applications quickly is also a part of this. During the first national cabinet meeting of Australia’s Prime Minister, the purpose of discussing these matters is that they are very important. This is vital and they know they’re focused on it. You’ll soon see the applications getting processed in the coming days.
It includes almost all the subclasses. Gradually, you’ll start seeing the difference that how Australia is once again on that pace when visas used to be granted so quickly. For example, if I could remember, so in 2014-15 or before that, Student Visas used to be processed very fast within a month or 1.5 months or even earlier.
But after that, things got complicated. Now as you can see, applications are very slow, especially the other applications. As I always talk about this, a 489 visa has been officially abolished but still, there’re a lot of pending applications. We don’t understand why. If we talk about 491, 476 or many other applications are still pending.
When it comes to a 491 Training Visa, the purpose of discussing it in the national cabinet meeting is that it’s important.
We’ll keep you up-to-date if any information arrives regarding this. If you’ve any queries/questions, you can ask in the comment box. Subscribe to our channel to support us.
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Audio Podcast about Skilled Migration and Visa Backlog in focus

Skilled migration and visa backlog in focus at Anthony Albanese’s first National Cabinet meeting.


The National Cabinet, according to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has recognized the need to clear the backlog of visas that are delaying the arrival of migrants to help address skill shortages. On Friday, Mr. Albanese hosted his first National Cabinet meeting, at which state and territory leaders raised the issue of targeted migrant fast-tracking directly with him.


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