Audio Podcast about Significant Immigration Policy Changes Expected in Australia 2022

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What policy changes are expected to be made in Australian immigration by the new labor government? What kind of positive aspects can be experienced in the future under this government? So, today I’ll talk about how the processing can be improved, how the new government is going to implement (its visa policies) and what can we expect from this government.

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Hello everyone, my name is Nasir Nawaz and I’m a registered migration agent in Australia. Today I’m talking about those policies which were not being implemented by the Liberal Government and we can expect that Labor Government can introduce those policies.

I’ll now discuss a few points regarding this matter. The number one point is that it’s expected that Labor Govt. will bring a streamlined process to switch from Temporary Visa to Permanent Visa. For example, 457 visas were once available in the past for which there was no requirement of work experience for employers to sponsor. Likewise, there was also a 187 visa available in the past.

So I’m not saying that those programs will be brought back but I’m trying to say that we can expect that Labor Government might introduce different programs that can streamline those applicants, prospects, or skilled workers who face hindrances or challenges. It’s expected that the labor govt. will give relaxation in work experience and formula education for regional areas.

Temporary visa holders may expect that if they stay in Australia, it’ll provide them a pathway to permanent residency. For example, if we talk about the current short-term list of 482 Visa, it doesn’t lead to PR. So why would any skilled worker come to Australia and not expect to get permanent residency after staying for 2 to 4 years in Australia? So, we can expect from the labor govt. to reform such programs.

02:44 – 04:57 - Chapter 3
I’d like to discuss the second point which is about the regional visas. It’s expected from the labor govt. that for regional visas, there’ll be more employment opportunities within the regions so that there could be more economic activities. Moreover, there should be a facility for employers to provide permanent residency if employees approach them or they should be granted visas on a fast-track basis.

I’ve already discussed this several times. For example, if we talk about the 489 visa subclass, it has been abolished officially. However, those people who still have applied for a visa 489, haven’t been granted this visa. Especially those people who’re stranded offshore, they’ve applied for their visas but haven’t been received yet. So, we can expect that the labor govt. will start focusing on them.
Look, any applicant who applied for a visa, you scrutinize him, he met the requirements with satisfactory points, he has received an invitation, so why has he not been granted a visa? People have applied for their visas for 30 months or 3 years but they don’t have any idea if they’ll stay offshore or if Australia will grant them a visa.
Thus, it may be a ray of hope for people who have applied for regional visas in Australia. Similarly, if we talk about subclass 491, it’s also a regional visa and its processing could be a priority. For instance, there’re different skills and Liberal Govt. has already announced if we talk about (PMSOL), but things weren’t understood that way.
Even so, we do have a lot of clients whose visa processing wasn't so fast. We expect that the labor Govt. will bring these changes such as switching from a temporary visa to a permanent visa and secondly transitioning to regionals visas.

04:58 – 05:33 - Chapter 4
On the third point, it can be expected that Australia will be widely open to offshore applicants. If we look practically, the Australian borders have remained closed for almost 2 years. Even those people who held temporary visas, couldn’t enter Australia. So they must have been somewhere else, or even if they arrived, there was a huge gap.
Similarly, a huge gap emerged in the industry, as well as in Australia’s market. So, it can be expected from the labor govt. that it should introduce such programs.
05:34 – 06:30 - Chapter 5
Another point is, if international workers come to Australia and their labor salaries or wages aren’t equal to local employees, the labor Govt. will ensure that any individual or skilled worker coming to Australia isn’t being disadvantaged just because of his visa issues. As an example, if he holds a temporary visa and is not a permanent resident so we can expect from the labor govt. to reform these policies.
However, there’re many such policies in Australia. Labor govt. must ensure that no one should be disadvantaged in wages just because he’s an international worker, has visa issues, and is a temporary resident.
06:31 – 06:56 - Chapter 6
So, we’ll bring updates about the day-to-day developments as the Department of Home Affairs and Immigration Ministers have been appointed. As I’ve already discussed that Immigration Minister has started taking so many steps. I've also made a video describing how the Immigration Minister has ordered the Department to speed up visa processing.
06:57 – 07:07 - Chapter 7
Hence, we expect from the labor govt that a lot of things will be improved in the coming days, especially regarding the immigration. Subscribe to our channel to support us.
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Audio Podcast about Significant Immigration Policy Changes Expected in Australia 2022

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