Audio Podcast about Fast Track of Visa Applications Processing is our Top priority. – Andrew Giles

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Clearing the backlog of pending applications in Australia is our absolute priority, said the new Immigration Minister, Andrew Giles. In regards to this, I'll discuss what he said.
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My name is Nasir Nawaz and I’m a registered migration agent in Australia. Today I’m talking about the pending applications in Australia. The processing time was too long, and it is still too long. But what is the newly government going to do about this? As I’ve been discussing before, the labor government is extremely concerned that why processing matters are too slow.
Besides this, there was a sigh of relief after the oath-taking of the newly appointed immigration minister or when he was nominated, he sparked many hopes. Because he has a law background and has been working in this field. He’s very determined and energetic. I’ve also made a video on this topic. But recently at a FECCA conference in 2022, he discussed things very openly and without rounding up anything.
He has straightforwardly given his statements that what they’re going to do. I’ll read his statements and interpret what his statements mean. And I’ll be talking about how he’s a ray of hope for many people.
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So in his first statement,
“An absolute priority for me is dealing with the neglect and gridlocking of the visa system and also citizenship processing that has been result of a long period of neglect of immigration functions of our nation under the Liberal government.”
He said that our absolute priority is that, we’re highly focused on the pending applications and visas for citizenship. People are suffering a lot. I’ll say it again that an application should be simple. For example, if we talk about Partner Visa, it takes a long time to process. I don’t why it takes so long to process.
When it comes to Student Visa, it’s taking 10 months, 6 months, 8 months, or even a year. Why it’s taking too long, we’ve no idea. It’s a simple application then why does it take so long to assess it? However, if the case is exceptional about a Student Visa application, its character check or integrity is to be verified, then it may take some time to process. But why each application takes too long to get processed is also a question mark!
Look if we talk about the UK, it gives you the result within 3 to 4 weeks in yes or no according to the circumstances. But in Australia, the time period is too long. Similarly, there’re a lot of other applications. In the case of subclass 476, I’ve already told you in my previous video that surprisingly, it takes 42 months to be processed which is published on the Department’s website. Why is it so? All these things are starting to come to their notice and they already have an idea about this before. So they’re very determined to work.
3:32 – 4:57 - Chapter 4
He further said,
“PM Albanese and I are focussed on first clearing the backlog and I have been in discussions regularly with departments and officials to make sure this is a priority.”
Look, a minister is a boss. Minister is a boss of the immigration department. He said that I and Prime Minister, (PM is obviously a chief executive) are very focused to clear the backlog or pending applications. I’ve also conveyed it to the Department and this is our absolute priority. We’re going to do this as a top priority.
Look, new applications will continue to be catering but the old applications due to which people are suffering, why is so? The immigration minister has given a ray of hope and clearly given his statements. He has ordered the Department to prioritize these applications.
If these applications are prioritized, not only will the processing run smoothly, but there’ll also be a reduction in processing time. People will once again place a high priority on Australia. Currently, what’s happening is that people are confused that whether they should go to Australia or not. But in all of this image-building process, the immigration minister is playing a vital role. He’s determined, energetic and carrying out different things.
4:58 – 7:05 - Chapter 5
Additionally, he stated:
“And I think we can’t overstate the importance of this with so many people who have been separated for so long by reason of the pandemic. Those human connections need to be restored.”
Look, this point has to be understood from a different angle that human connection needs to be restored, the immigration minister said. What does it mean? People got married, but the processing time is too long. What is the purpose behind it? There’re a lot of other visas. For example, if we talk about the General Skilled Migration, a person claims points while being single.
He has to maintain it at the time of decision. He got married. After marriage, he loses 10 points for being married. For instance, if their partner couldn’t score 10 points for them, their visa will be refused. But if you prolong the processing time such as for subclass 491, 190, or 189, what will happen?
What will happen is that people will not get married, or if they do, they’ll hide their marriage or their marriages will end. So you’re forcing people. You need to restore the human connection. Rather than prolonging the processing time, do it quickly. So that people could start living their life or married life or whatever plans they might have, they could start them.
People should at least know whether they’ll come to Australia or not, will live there or not. Consequently, when one thing is impacted, all of the other things get trickle-down or even collateral damages occur. So things are on that side.
But the amazing thing is that the immigration minister knows about this. What was happening, what we need to do. He’s very focused and clear. He’s very clear-headed and knows what he’s doing. He’s aware that many things are causing loss. So the immigration minister has given statements regarding this.
7:06 – 8:10 - Chapter 6
Further, he added:
“And the last point I will make is that too many Australians have waited too long to become citizens. That’s something that also needs to be addressed. The fact that too many people have waited for years, that’s just unacceptable.”
He talked about the Australian citizens as well. People who’re eligible and submitted their applications for citizenship. Now what was happening? The applications were taking 2 to 2.5 years for citizenship. He said that processing for citizenship should be done quickly. It’s unacceptable that you’re extending the processing time for too long.
It’s good news for people whose citizenship applications are pending. So, these are the things that the immigration minister, Andrew Giles has discussed. Whenever new information is available, we'll let you know.
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Audio Podcast about Fast Track of Visa Applications Processing is our Top priority. – Andrew Giles

‘Clearing pending visa applications our top priority’: Immigration Minister Andrew Giles

This video is a sigh of relief for those people whose visa applications were pending and were not being processed at all in 2022, . Andrew Giles, Australia’s new immigration minister, has issued a statement stating that “Fast Tracking of Visa Application Processing is their Top Priority.” We can only hope that our new immigration minister will make our lives easier.

Some of the highlights:

  • Visa and citizenship backlogs ‘absolute priority’ for government, says immigration minister.
  • Parent visa an important issue for my electorate’: Andrew Giles at FECCA conference.
  • Current backlog a result of pandemic, new government needs to act quickly’: former immigration minister Dan Tehan.


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