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How many visas got canceled in the last 10 years? What grounds led to their cancellation? Generally, these are character cancellations, on character grounds. What were the offenses that led to their cancellation? How many countries had their visas canceled? Especially how many student visas were canceled onshore and offshore?
So this data covers the past 10 years for student visas as well as other visas. It’s very interesting data. You need to understand why the Department of Home Affairs has published this data, and which mistakes, as I make videos on this, to avoid to prevent visa cancelation. So today, I’ll be talking about this.
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My name is Nasir Nawaz and I’m a registered migration agent in Australia. Today I’m talking about visa cancellations. So this data is very interesting. Visa which got canceled or refused on a character base, I’ll talk about that.
The Department of Home Affairs has published this data and I’ll explain that. You’ll notice very dramatic changes in this data. Firstly, in 2012 or 2013 fiscal year, 139 visas got canceled while 65 visas got refused. Same as it is if we look at 2014 or 2015, those 139 visa cancellations jumped to 579.
Most of the visa cancelations on the character grounds were 1278. It happened in 2016/2017. Likewise, data for 2021/2022 shows very few cancelations means there’re only 390 cancelations. But there might be a chance that applications were few due to Covid-19.
So, what kind of crimes, look character cancellation is when someone is found guilty of an offense, so what type of crimes fall under this domain? It includes drug offenses, child sex offenses, domestic violence, assault, theft, rape, robbery, or driving offenses. People often ask about that so this data has also been published that visas got canceled due to driving offenses as well.
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Fraud, deception, white-collar, murder, manslaughter, use threat intent weapon. These were the offenses that led to visa cancellations in the last 10 years. If you see visa cancelations state-wise, New South Wales has canceled most of the visas. New South Wales canceled 142 visas. Tasmania, ACT and NT canceled the least visas as fewer people went there.
Likewise, which top 10 nationalities featured in character ground cancellations? Always remember that character ground cancelations were on the basis of a section of Migration Act 501. On the top of the list includes, New Zealand, secondly United Kingdom, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Afghanistan, Sudan, India, Iran, South Africa and all other nationalities. So they discuss these top 10 nationalities.
How many revocations have there been? Look when your visa gets canceled, you can request to review it. So, if we talk about revocations, there’re 228 visas that have not been revoked, whereas 16 have been revoked.
Regarding Student Visas, there’s very interesting data from 2012 to December 2021 for students. If we look at the stats, onshore and offshore visas got canceled. It’s very interesting data and if you see, there were lots of cancelations in the last 2/3 years.
For example, in 2012-13 fiscal year, onshore cancelations were 3,204 and offshore were 5,648. Likewise, in 2013-14, onshore cancellations decreased to 3,007 while offshore were 4,898. A rapid change occurred in 2015-16, onshore cancelations were 2,494 and offshore cancelations were dramatically increased to 17,191.
Similarly, in 2016-17, there were 5,125 onshore and 12,722 offshore cancelations. If we look at the last 10 years of data, most of the cancelations were in the 2019-20 fiscal year. Onshore cancelations were only 1,778, that’s it. Offshore were dramatically 20,904. There were almost 21,000 cancelations.
Keep it in mind that when your offshore visa gets canceled, you don’t have the right to appeal. But you can request the department to revoke you in certain grounds. Likewise, in 2020-21, there were 13,071 offshore and just 368 onshore cancelations.
Similarly, in 2021 to December, there were 8,270 cancellations. This is the data for the Student Visa. It’s interesting data as it has never happened before. The Department of Home Affairs is now carrying out different things. The Department of Home Affairs reviews how you submit your files. It was recently reported, I’ll tell you the reason for cancelations, especially for Student Visas.
07:03 – 08:31 - Chapter 4
For example, someone provided an amended document and he got the visa. Now he thinks that the Department may not notice it but it does. The department reviews again and when that person travels offshore/outside Australia, his visa gets canceled.
Also, if he applied for any other course but did not receive the COE, and went offshore without the COE, the visa got canceled. If he didn’t maintain his enrolment, the visa got canceled. Same as it is, there're other compliances. There's a chance that he was working full-time, went offshore, and had his visa canceled.
If you comply with the things substantially, for example, if there’re 6 conditions and you comply with even 5 of them, it’s possible to have a contest on the 6th condition. You can inform the department that you substantially fulfilled the requirements. But if you give up on all things, visas will get canceled.
It was recently reported that a lot of visas have been canceled, especially Student Visas. So, it’s very interesting yet terrible data. It also comes with a warning about what not to do. I’ll try to make videos on the reasons for visa cancelations.
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Audio Podcast about Australia Immigration Facts: Visa Cancellation Onshore & Offshore

In the last ten years, how many Australian visas have been cancelled or refused? The number of visa cancellations on character grounds increased significantly between the fiscal years 2013-14 and 2021-22. How many student visas were cancelled?


This Audio Podcast about Australia Immigration Facts: Visa Cancellation Onshore & Offshore will provide you with some interesting facts and figures about visa cancellation and refusal in Australia due to character checks.


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