The Migration – About Us

The Migration is a registered migration firm. We are working completely under the legal boundaries of Australian law. Our team has one of the best MARA certified migration agents in Australia.


Our Vision

“To be a world class Consultant Firm across the globe dedicated to excellence, and to surpass the highest expectations of our esteemed customers and all other stakeholders.”


“A corporate culture and environment that  recognized us employer of the choice. We aim to attract, foster and empower the top-tier talent, while inspiring customer trust, promote innovative utilization of technology to serve customers efficiently.”


Our Core Values

In our relentless pursuit of these morals, we must remember that our culture is a living, breathing entity that thrives on our collective efforts. By consistently aligning with our mission, vision, and values, we not only strengthen our foundation but also increase our potential to unprecedented heights. Let us remain committed to cultivating a culture that not only defines our identity but also propels us to remarkable accomplishments as we move forward.

honesty integrity 2

Honesty & Integrity

We promote integrity and fairness in all our actions

  • Strive for open communication with honesty
  • Demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness
  • Owning up to mistakes
  • Take extreme care of confidential information.

Humility & Mutual Respect

We respect each other’s feelings  and perspectives

  • Promote Good Manners
  • Listen before expressing opinions.
  • Build strong relationship based on trust
  • Honoring knowledge – sharing enhances
mutual respect
team work

Team Work & Collaboration

We believe on cooperative team and work together to create synergies

  • Together everyone achieves more
  • Understanding, supporting, trusting and respecting each other and our roles
  • Demonstrating leadership by example
  • An open, consultative communication process

Learning, Innovation, and New approaches

We are committed to challenging ourselves and others to develop new and better approaches to achieving our development goals.

  • Always striving for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Fostering objective research and its application to problem solving
  • Encouraging people to change in a positive way by removing barriers and limitation to change
  • Listen to employees and give them opportunity to grow
  • Self-driven, strive to raise the standards and motivate yourself for continuous learning and improvement.
customer satisfaction2

Customer Focus

We are because of our customers and our success lies in their satisfaction.

  • Customer value first, business value second and supervisor value third
  • Able to identify the customer fundamental needs, and continue to provide outstanding services and excellent customer experience
  • Seek and promote customer feedback

What make us Special?

Registered MARA agent by (OMARA)

Highly Qualified and Professional

Online Consultation One-on-One

Member of MIA

Our Partners

Nasir Nawaz - Migration Agent Australia
CEO’s Message

Nasir Nawaz

Are you planning a visit to Australia in 2022? The Migration’s experienced and professional team can help you accomplish your dream. This is a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) for our happy client.

Due to its natural beauty and climate, Australia is a fantastic place to visit. It offers some of the most stunning beaches and cities in the world. So what are you waiting for?