485 Visa Extension List

Your Complete Guide to 485 Visa Extension List for 2024

The 485 visa is a temporary graduate visa for international students who have finished their studies and now want to either pursue further education in Australia or get professional experience. However, sometimes you are unable to chase your dreams because the visa comes with a time limit. If you are wondering on what is included in the 485 Visa Extension List and apply for it, here is a complete guide for you. 

In this guide, we will be discussing what a 485 visa is, how to extend the visa and how to make the most out of your experience. So if you are an international student looking to extend your stay in Australia, continue reading the blog. 

What is a 485 Visa?

The 485 visa is for international graduates of Australian schools. It allows you to work, study more, or simply enjoy life in Australia for a limited time. There are two types: the Graduate Work Stream for gaining practical experience in your field, and the Post-Study Work Stream for further studies or exploring the country.

What is a 485 Visa Extension List?

A 485 visa extension means you can stay in Australia longer than your initial Temporary Graduate visa permits. Extending your visa is essential if you want to continue working, studying, or living in Australia legally. To get an extension, you must meet specific requirements and show a real need to stay in Australia.

How to Extend your 485 Visa?

1. Check Your Eligibility

To start the process of extending your 485 visa, it’s crucial to assess whether you meet the criteria. Eligibility requirements vary based on the particular 485 visa stream you’re applying for. 

For instance, if you’re in the Graduate Work Stream, you must confirm that you possess a relevant qualification that qualifies you for this category. Similarly, if you’re in the Post-Study Work Stream, make sure you meet the required qualifications.

2. Gather Required Documents:

Collecting the necessary paperwork is a fundamental step. These documents might encompass:

Documents Details
Academic Qualifications Ensure you have copies of your academic records and degree certificates, indicating the successful completion of your Australian qualification.
Proof of Health Insurance Depending on your situation, you may need to provide proof of sufficient health insurance coverage. This ensures access to healthcare services during your extended stay in Australia.
English Language Proficiency If it’s applicable to your visa stream, you might be required to demonstrate your English language proficiency. This is typically shown through standardized English language test results such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

3. Submit Your Application

You’ll be required to fill out the visa application form online via the official Department of Home Affairs website. It’s crucial to provide precise and current information and upload the necessary documents as indicated in the application form.

4. Health and Character Checks

Depending on your unique circumstances, you might undergo health assessments and furnish police clearance certificates. These evaluations are conducted to ascertain that you meet the health and character criteria for the visa extension.

5. Wait for a Response

Following the submission of your application, the Department of Home Affairs will scrutinize your case. Expect a waiting period that can extend over several months. Processing times can fluctuate, so maintaining patience during this phase is vital.

6. Adhere to Instructions

During the processing of your application, you may receive requests for supplementary information or interviews from immigration authorities. It’s imperative to respond to these requests promptly and furnish any requisite information or attend interviews as instructed.

Important information to keep in mind regarding 485 Visa Extension List

Keep in mind that the process of extending your 485 visa can be intricate. It’s advisable to carefully review the precise requirements and directives provided by the Department of Home Affairs. 

The Migration will help you complete 485 Visa Extension List

Seeking guidance from experienced migration agents can also be advantageous in effectively navigating the process and ensuring compliance with all necessary extension criteria. Moreover, If you find the 485 visa extension process confusing, consider getting help from a reliable migration company. Experienced agents can guide you, increasing your chances of success.


Extending your 485 visa is essential for continuing your journey in Australia after your studies. By understanding the process and meeting all the requirements, you can follow the extension process with confidence. Whether you plan to work, study, or explore Australia, the 485 visa extension can make your stay more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions on 485 Visa Extension List

Here is a complete 485 Visa Extension List FAQs for you.

Q1. Can I apply for a 485 visa extension if I initially held a Temporary Graduate visa?

A1. Yes, you can apply for a 485 visa extension under the Post-Study Work Stream if you plan to continue your studies in Australia. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria for the Post-Study Work Stream. This requires holding a specific type of Australian qualification.

Q2. Is it possible to work while waiting for a decision on my 485 visa extension application?

A2. Yes, you can usually continue to work in Australia while your 485 visa extension application is being processed, as long as you held a valid 485 visa at the time of application. It’s essential to follow any conditions attached to your current visa and await the decision.

Q3. Are health and character checks mandatory for a 485 visa extension?

A3. Health and character checks may be necessary for a 485 visa extension, depending on your individual circumstances. These checks are conducted to ensure that you meet the health and character requirements. Moreover, you might be requested to undergo medical examinations and provide police clearance certificates again, even if you submitted them during your initial application.

Q4. Is it possible to expedite the processing of a 485 visa extension application if I have urgent reasons to stay in Australia?

A4. While there is no guaranteed way to expedite the processing of a 485 visa extension, you can contact the Department of Home Affairs to inquire about the status of your application if you have exceptional or compelling circumstances. However, the processing time may still vary, and patience is advised.