Parent Visa Australia

Parent Visa Australia: Easy Step-by-Step Guide 2023

A large number of Australian residents, especially those of Asian and Indian origin, feel the void of not having their parents with them. Their biggest dream is to bring their parents to Australia and give them a chance to live a wholesome life in this abundantly beautiful country. However, the difficulty of the parent visa Australia application process can sometimes hinder their resolve. 

There are a number of top Australian visas that allow you to come live in this beautiful country; the parent visa is one such way. It is worth noting that the The Department of Home Affairs is often less welcoming towards older citizens, however, with the right application, you can get anything done. To know more about the parent visa Australia application process, read ahead. 

1. Pre-Application Process

Before you start the parent visa Australia application process, check the passport of your parents and check its validity. Make sure that you have a valid passport too. If you need help filling out the application, a registered migration agent can assist you. 

2. Gather your Documents

You have to attach your own and your parent’s documents with your parent’s visa application form. You have to attach your sponsor documents. This ensures the Australian authorities that you can take care of your parent. 

You will not have to attach a lot of documents if you have a subclass 173 visa. Here are all the documents you need to provide for the parent visa Australia application. 

  • Proof of Identity
  • Documents for Sponsorship
  • Assurance of Support Documents
  • Health and Character Documents
  • Photographs
  • Balance of Payment Documents

3. Apply for The Parent Visa Australia Application

To apply for this visa, you must use a paper application. You can apply from within Australia, except in immigration clearance areas or from outside Australia when submitting your application. 

If you’re applying as a retiree, you must be in Australia (but not in immigration clearance) when you submit your application. You can be in or outside Australia when the decision is made. Please note that you cannot apply for this visa if you’ve already applied for or hold a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (subclass 870) visa.

4. Post-Application Process

Conditions Information Details
Conditions on Current Visa Holders If your parent was in Australia and they were granted a bridging visa at the time of their application, they can apply for this visa. If they held a temporary subclass 173 visa. 

If they had a tourist visa or visitor visa. 

Travel Restrictions Your parent can travel outside Australia if they have a valid bridging visa that allows for their return to Australia.  Some bridging visas allow you to travel outside Australia and then return

5. Visa Outcome ​

If your parent has retired or has a contributory parent visa (subclass 173), you can be in or outside Australia when your visa outcome is announced. Similarly, parents having a substituted visitor visa (subclass 600) can also be anywhere in the world when their visa outcome comes. 

If you are outside Australia, we will inform you of your visa outcome through email. If we grant you the visa, you will informed of your visa grant number, the date of your visa, and any conditions you have to abide by. 

If we refuse your visa, we will inform you why we refused your visa. We will also inform you if you have the right to review your decision. Please note that regardless of the response on your parent visa Australia application, we will not refund your application fee. 

The Migration: Bringing Families Together Since Decades!

A house can often feel empty without one’s parents. We understand that you have been trying to bring your parents to Australia for some time and are failing in your quest. However, things are about to change for you. 

With this easy step-by-step guide to Parent Visa Australia Application, you can bring your loved ones close to you in no time. We, at The Migration, tailor our approach and prioritize your parent visa Australia application. For us, your parent’s dreams are not ordinary. They matter. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Parent Visa Australia Application

Q1: What are Parent Visas in Australia?

A1: Parent visas in Australia are visas that allow parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to live in Australia on a permanent basis.

Q2: What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Parent Visa?

A: Eligibility criteria include having a child who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, meeting health and character requirements, and meeting the balance of family test.

Q3: What is the Balance of Family Test for Parent Visas?

The balance of family test requires that more of your children live in Australia permanently than in any other country. If not that, at least half of all your children should be living in Australia permanently. 

Q4: Can I apply for an Aged Parent Visa if I meet the Age Requirement?

A: Yes, if you meet the age requirement and other eligibility criteria, you can apply for an aged parent visa, which provides additional options for parents to join their children in Australia.