post nomination process for subclass 190 visa

Post Nomination Process for Subclass 190 Visa 2023


Australian visa application can bring out the competitive side of you. Every year, around 10,000 skilled workers try their luck, but only a handful pass the test. If you have received your nomination for a subclass 190 visa, you are one of the lucky ones. And it is time to test the waters. Knowledge about the post-nomination process for subclass 190 visas can help you a great deal. 

In this guide, we will explore the post nomination process for Subclass 190 visa, providing you with a roadmap to ensure a smooth and successful application. From document preparation to health assessments and visa lodgment, we’ve got you covered.

Overview of the Subclass 190 Visa

Before we delve into the post nomination process for subclass , let’s recap what the Subclass 190 visa entails. This visa is a pathway to Australian permanent residency for skilled workers and professionals who have received a nomination from an Australian state or territory government. 

It allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia and enjoy the benefits of permanent residency, such as access to healthcare, education, and social services.

Post Nomination Process for Subclass 190 Visa: Important Steps to follow

Once you have received your nomination from a state or territory, it is important to prepare yourself for the post nomination process for subclass 190 visa. And you are surely in for a ride. Here is everything you need to do. 

1. Prepare all your relevant Documents

When submitting your expression of interest, you must have made certain claims; now is the time to prove those claims. Make sure all your documents are authentic and up to date. Ensure your skills assessment aligns with your nominated occupation.

Moreover, provide evidence of your English language proficiency through recognized tests. Additionally, gather essential documents, including educational certificates, work experience records, and identity documents.

2. Undergo a Health Assessment

You can not enter Australia if you have not undergone a health assessment. Before you go through the post nomination process for subclass 190 visa, you will have to sit through a panel checkup. Remember that the panel of physicians has to be approved by the Department of Home Affairs. Make sure to complete your health assessments promptly to avoid delays in your application.

3. Undergo a character checkup

Undergoing a health checkup, sounds weird, doesn’t it? If you thought character checkups were old news, gear up to go through the process again. To clear this, you have to obtain police clearance certificates from all countries you have lived in for a cumulative period of 12 months or more over the past ten years.

4. Update your Expression of Interest

You submit your EOI before you undergo the post nomination process for subclass 190 visa. However, should your circumstances or conditions change, remember to update your EOI in the skillselect system. You can add things like an improved English proficiency test score or relevant work experience. 

5. Visa Application Lodgment:

Submit your Subclass 190 visa application online through the Department of Home Affairs’ ImmiAccount portal. But this process can be daunting. We recommend you get help from a registered Migration Agent who knows the ins and outs of the game. 

6. Pay the relevant Fees

Whether you are applying through ImmiAccount or increasing your chances by applying through a registered agency, paying the fees is an important part of the post nomination process for a subclass 190 visa. 

7. Await Invitation to Apply:

After lodging your visa application, await an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs to continue the process. This invitation will outline the documents and information you need to provide to support your application.

8. Submit any Additional Information

Even when you submit everything and follow the post nomination process for subclass 190 visa to its core, you may still be required to provide additional documents. When you receive a request from the Department of Home Affairs, make sure to respond to it quickly. 

9. Biometrics Collection (if applicable):

Depending on your circumstances, you may be required to provide biometrics (fingerprints and facial photographs) at a specified location. Applicants from specific conditions are exempted from this requirement. 

10. Wait for your Visa Grant:

If you are in luck, you will soon get your visa. Review the visa grant notification carefully for details on visa conditions, entry dates, and validity.

11. Visa Activation

Make your initial entry to Australia before the specified date on your visa grant notification. This entry will activate your complete your post nomination process for a Subclass 190 visa.

Follow a seamless application process with The Migration

The post nomination process for subclass 190 visa is a critical phase on your journey to Australian permanent residency. Risks or any mistakes are off the table. There are many steps involved in the post nomination process for subclass 190 visa. You need an excellent migration agency to help speed up the process for you. 

Luckily for you, we have the best team to help lower your burden. From helping you get all the necessary documents, to helping you keep your EOI updated, we guide you through the entire post nomination process for subclass 190 visa. 

Common FAQs About the Post Nomination Process for Subclass 190 Visa

Q1. How long is the post nomination process for subclass 190 visa?

A1. There is no fixed time as processing time is dependent on several conditions. These include the current load of the Department of Home Affairs and your points. It is hence important to always be patient and keep your EOI as updated as possible. 

Q2. Can I migrate with my family through the Subclass 190 visa?

A2. Yes, you can include your family members in your subclass 190 visa application process. Eligible family members include your children, spouse, and any other dependent family relative you have. Make sure all your family members comply with the health and character requirements to become eligible. 

Q3. What to do if your circumstances change after you have been nominated by the government?

A3. Should that happen, you can always change or update your EOI in the skillselect system. This should reflect any significant changes, such as new English language test results, additional work experience, or changes in your personal details.

Q4. How long will my health assessment take?

A4. The duration of the health assessment process can vary depending on factors such as your location and the specific health examinations required. It’s advisable to initiate the health assessments as soon as possible to avoid delays.