General Skilled Migration Australia

General Skilled Migration Visa Eligibility Criteria 2023

Australia: home to so many amazing people and exquisite landscapes, is looking for skilled individuals from all around the world to come and join its labor force. According to some reports, Australia is facing a labor shortage and is actively seeking good employees to join its workforce. If you are willing to pursue this opportunity, apply for the visa, but first, know what the General Skilled Migration Australia visa eligibility is for 2023.

In this blog, we will highlight what the General Skilled Migration Australia is and who is eligible to apply for it. So let’s untangle the mystery together. 

General Skilled Migration Australia Visa Eligibility: Am I eligible?

Did I submit an expression of interest?

Was I invited by the Australian Government to apply?

Do I have the right skills assessment?

Am I below 45 years of age?

Do I have competent English skills?

Is my occupation included in the skilled occupation list?

Do I fulfill the health and character requirements?

Was my Visa rejected previously?

Do I owe any money to the Australian Government?

General Skilled Migration Australia Visa Eligibility: Top Conditions

1. The Australian Government has invited you to apply

Potential without wisdom is seldom useful. You can be the most qualified person on this planet, but unless you get up and actively seek opportunities, you will never reach your goal. To fulfil the General Skilled Migration Australia visa eligibility, you need to submit an expression of interest. Only then will the Australian authorities know that you are seeking work in their country. 

You can go to the SkillSelect and apply from there. Here is everything you need to know about the application process for General Skilled Migration Australia Visa.

2. Get the Nomination from Australian Home Authorities

The second criterion for the General Skilled Migration Australia Visa eligibility is that you have to be nominated by the Australian government to apply for the visa. This will be done by either a state or a territory that finds you suitable to fill out a vacant position. Please note that all states and territories have their own criteria for nominating individuals. 

If the state or territory agency that nominates you withdraws your nomination after you have applied, your application becomes invalid.

3. Have a suitable skills assessment

To ensure the validity of your application and to fulfil the General Skilled Migration Australia Visa eligibility, it’s essential to declare that you possess an appropriate skills assessment at the time of receiving an invitation. The Minister’s delegates have adopted a new approach, allowing a skills assessment obtained within the 60-day invitation period to be considered for an applicant’s nominated skilled occupation. 

This change aligns with the Thapa v Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs [2021] FCCA 686 (Thapa) decision. You’ll be required to furnish a copy of this skills assessment along with your application. Medical and legal practitioners can provide alternative proof, such as full medical registration, conditional specialist registration, or legal practice admission. 

Your skills assessment should be from within the last three years, or the specified validity period if shorter, counting from the date of your invitation. If your assessment is based on an Australian qualification acquired while holding a student visa, it must be from a CRICOS-registered course. We’re here to help make your application process as smooth as possible!

4. Be this age

You can not fulfil the General Skilled Migration Australia Visa eligibility if you are above 45 years of age. Although Australia wants skilled labor to join its workforce, it certainly does not want to put a strain on its economy. Having older people, even if they are skilled, can lead to issues like post-retirement benefits and healthcare needs. 

So if you are below 45 years old and have a skill that is part of the skilled occupation list, get ready to create a wonderful life in Australia. 

5. Be able to score 65 points or more

The General Skilled Migration Australia visa operates on a points-based system. After submitting your Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect, you’ll receive an initial points score based on the information you’ve provided. It’s crucial to note that if your score falls below 65 points, you won’t receive an invitation to apply for this visa. 

If you are invited, your invitation will specify the required points for your application assessment, which may exceed 65 based on your EOI claims. When applying, you must furnish supporting evidence for your claims. To understand how points are allocated, consult the points calculator. 

6. Have this level of English language

When you apply for the Subclass 190 Visa, you need to have competent English skills. There are a couple of tests that you can give, including IELTS and PTE. Here are more details on the tests you can give. 

Type of Test Score/Grade Requirement Booking Details
IELTS (General Training or Academic) You need to score at least 6 points for each component. Register for the IELTS test here
TOEFL Test (please check the Department of Home Affairs website for date validity) You need at least 21 in Writing, 13 for reaching, 18 for speaking, and 12 for listening Register for the TOEFL test here
Pearson Test for English Academic (PTE Academic) You need at least 50 points in each of the 4 components Register for the PTE test here.
Occupational (OET test) You need to score at least a B in all 4 components Register for the OET test here.
Cambridge C1 Advanced Test You need at least 169 in each of the four 4 components Register for the Cambridge C1 Advanced Test here. 

Here is more information on which exam you should take for Subclass 190 Visa

Additional General Skilled Migration Australia Visa Eligibility criteria for you!

  • Your occupation should be part of the skilled occupation list. 
  • You (and any other family member of yours) should meet the health and character requirements.
  • You must have paid back your Australian debt to the government.
  • You have to sign the Australian values statement and promise to comply with Australian laws.
  • You should not have had a visa canceled or refused in previous years. 

The Migration: Your roadmap to fulfilling the General Skilled Migration Australia Visa Eligibility Guideline

Are you ready to embark on your journey to Australia with the General Skilled Migration Australia visa? Let our expert team at The Migration be your guiding light. We specialize in navigating the complexities of the visa application process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience. 

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Q1. How do I obtain a state or territory government nomination for a General Skilled Migration Australia Visa? 

A1. Generally, you must express your interest through their respective online systems, meet their eligibility criteria, and wait for an invitation to apply. 

Q2. Can I include family members in my Subclass 190 Visa application? 

A2. Yes, you can include your family members, such as your spouse and dependent children, in your Subclass 190 Visa application.

Q3. What is the processing time for the Subclass 190 Visa? 

A3. Processing times for the Subclass 190 Visa can vary depending on several factors, including the completeness of your application, the state or territory’s nomination processing times, and the current caseload of the Department of Home Affairs.