Changes in the job ready program

The Job Ready Program: Unveiling Key Changes In 2023

Do you want to avail the opportunity to work in Australia and improve your skills as an international student? Job ready program is the perfect solution to your query. You can get practical work experience in your domain through this program.

It is a skill assessment program to assess how graduates can perform in their workplace. This program does not only provide experience to international students but also helps them to develop the relevant skills that may be required in their work setting.

You can master skills and comprehend your field practically in more depth with this program. In this blog post, we will explore important changes in the job-ready program and how these modifications can help those international students who are interested to get this opportunity.  

What Is Job Ready Program?

This skill assessment program assists graduates to gain experience by working in their related fields. Those graduates can apply who have acquired their qualification from a Registered training organization (RTO) which is registered by CRICOS.

The program consists of three different steps : 

Job Ready Employment (JRE):  You need to have a valid Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) to join this step. This step will help you in getting experience in Australia.
Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA):  A workplace assessor will visit you at your workplace and observe your performance. These steps assure that whether you may have practical skills to perform well in your job or not.
Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA):  In this step, you prove that you are ready to work as a skilled worker in Australia. A skills assessor will review your work evidence and decide if you meet the standards for your occupation. If you pass, you will get a positive skills assessment, which can help you apply for a skilled visa.


The candidate is evaluated by the assigned assessor at each step. The eligibility criteria for each step also vary. 

Top Changes In the Job Ready Program In 2023: 

The Australian government announced important modifications in a job-ready program that took place from 1st July 2023:

  • Introduction Of Provisional Skill Assessment: 

Applicants were required to go through the four steps in job-ready program before. However, the Australian Department of home affairs has taken a further step by mitigating the need for the first step which was Job Ready Program Registration and Eligibility (JRPRE) .

The Australian government has replaced JRPRE with provisional skill assessment (PSA). It is important to know that PSA is necessary to make you eligible for the first step of JRP. However, PSA is not officially the first step of PSA. Furthermore, the government has done these changes:


  1. International students are required to provide evidence of their Australian Qualifications.
  2. The Australian government has introduced the expiry date for PSA. It will be valid for a duration of only 3 years. After the expiry date, the applicant will have to do a new provisional skill assessment to apply for the first step of JRE. 
  3. Applicants were eligible for (JRPRE) only if they had work experience of 360 hours. The government has abolished this hour-basis work experience need. Now, students can apply if they have completed a qualification in Australia without the requirement of work experience. 
  4. The Department of home affairs has also eliminated this condition that students must be on their study visa in order to apply for Provisional skill assessment. Students who are no longer on their study visa, are eligible to apply for PSA now.


  • Changes In Job Ready Employment (JRE):

The Australian authorities also brought changes in JRE which is now the first step of Job ready program. This step provides you with valuable experience in Australia. Changes have been made to the eligibility requirements and process.


  • The first change is that Applicants need to ensure that their PSA is not expired to apply for JRE.
  • Secondly, the Applicants were to complete the 1725 hour basis requirement within a year. After the amendments, the applicant will have to work full-time or equivalent only for 6 months. They also abolished the requirement of hours.  


  • Removal Of Hour Basis Requirement In JRWA and JRFA:

The Australian government has also eliminated the work hour needed for other steps of the job ready programme. Previously, you were required to complete 863 working hours during six months to become eligible to apply for job ready workspace assessment (JRWA). The requirement of completing 1725 work hours to be eligible for the Job-Ready Final Assessment (JRFA) has also been abolished.

  • Status Of Part-time Work:

Applicants who have done part-time paid work are also eligible to apply for all the steps of the Job ready program. For instance, applicants who have done part-time work for 2 years can apply for JRFA. 

How These Changes Are Favourable For Applicants?

Students can apply for provisional skill assessment right away after finishing their studies. As they will not have to wait to acquire work experience of 360 hours. Acceptability of part-time work is also a favourable change for applicants. This change will allow more people to do the Job-ready program, making more applicants eligible for permanent residency.

What To Do Next?

Job ready program provides applicants to begin enhancing their skills and take a step in their professional growth. This can also be a pathway to permanent residency for applicants. Changes in job-ready programs make it more favourable for many people. 

Without professional assistance, you can face many obstacles in each step of Job ready programme. Our experienced and registered consultants at the migration can guide you through each step. We ensure that you achieve your objective successfully.

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Q1: Do I have to apply for the PSA again if I have already applied for the JRPRE step?

No, You don’t need to worry about your JRPRE application. It is still being processed and you will get a letter with your PSA assessment outcome when it is done. This letter will tell you if you are eligible to move on to the next step of the Job Ready Program.

Q2: Is it possible to do the PSA before finishing my studies?

No, Applicants are eligible to apply only after completing their studies. 

Q3: Will I receive pay during Job ready programme?

Yes, the employer will give you a market-competitive salary.

Q4: Is it possible to complete the JRP in less than a year?

No, the minimum duration for the JRP is twelve (12) calendar months which cannot be shortened.  

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