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Partner Visa 820: Eligibility, Requirements and Benefits for 2023

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To live and work with your partner in Australia, one needs to have a partner Visa 820. It enables you to reside in Australia for up to 2 years while your application for a permanent visa is processed. Since it is an onshore visa, you can fill out the application whilst you are still in Australia. 

After getting the temporary partner visa 820, you become eligible for the permanent visa 801 that allows you to live with your partner/spouse in Australia permanently.

To know more about Visa 820, its eligibility criteria, requirements, conditions and benefits, continue reading ahead. 

Eligibility Criteria for Partner Visa 820

Before applying for this Visa, you have to ensure that

  • The department did not previously cancel or refuse your visa
  • You do not possess any regional visa
  • Reside in Australia when you fill the form and during decision time
  • Have your partner sponsor you (for the temporary and, later: the permanent visa)
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Fulfil character and health requirements
  • You do not have any pending debts towards the Australian government

Perks and Benefits of Visa 820

When granted, this visa allows you to

  • Live in Australia until you get your permanent Partner Visa
  • You can work and study in Australia
  • Have no travel restrictions to and from Australia
  • Access the Adult Migrant English Program’s free language classes
  • Access Medicare (free public health system of Australia) 

Requirements for Visa 820

You require these documents during your application

  • Your valid and current passport
  • Birth certificate specifying your parents
  • A legal and binding marriage certificate (only if you are married)

Non-Marital Partners

You require these documents if you have a partner (not a spouse). These assess whether you are in a committed, exclusive and genuine relationship with your partner. 

  • Written statement highlighting your relationship timeline and its nature. Mention any plans for your future together. 
  • Documents proving you have some joint finances like lease or house mortgages. You have to submit your joint bank statements or your house bills.
  • Proof that you have children and have joint custody of them (if you have children)
  • Some written or visual proof that you have common friends and a public relationship. You can also submit documents of your travelling history together 

Mandatory Conditions For Visa 820

To become eligible for the visa, 

  • You and your partner need to be in an actual relationship, and you should have some proof of this engagement. 
  • Your partner needs to be either an Australian citizen, living permanently in Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand. 
  • Any and all family members who apply alongside you must be in Australia during application time

Processing Time for Visa 820

The processing time is 8 months on average, but it may vary if you have a complex case. Some applications may be processed in just 4 months. When applicants fulfil all mandatory requirements, their applications usually take less processing time. 

Criteria for Accompanying Family

Partner Visa 820

Your family members can apply for Visa 820 and accompany you. Your family includes your children or any children you have. However, these family members need to meet the following requirements like

  • Fulfil character and health requirements
  • Living in Australia during the application time


Having a partner Visa 820 allows you to stay with your partner while your application for a permanent visa is processed by the department. Get a chance to study in Australian universities or work in Australian companies with this Visa. To get more knowledge and help in getting the visa, contact us.


Q1. How long can you stay with a Temporary Partner Visa 820?

A1. You can live in Australia for up to 2 years, until you are granted the permanent visa 801. You can travel to and from Australia during the processing time. 

Q2. Does Partner Visa 820 allow me to study?

A2. The Visa 820 enables you to study in any Australian university. However, you will have to bear all educational costs yourself. The government of Australia will not provide you any assistance in this regard. 

Q3. Can you leave Australia while your Partner visa 820 is being processed?

A3. Although, the partner visa 820 requires you to be living in Australia when you fill the form, you can leave after you apply. You need to return to Australia only when the final decision regarding your application is made.

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