Bridging Visa B

Bridging Visa B: Apply for BVB using ImmiAccount in 2023

Bridging Visa B or BVB, a temporary visa that allows individuals to travel to and from Australia within a specific timeframe. You normally require a BVB if your last BVB has expired and you need to travel outside Australia. 

Some individuals do not need a separate BVB because they have already been given a BVB by the Visa Entitlement Verification Online System or VEVO, but more on that later. 

What is Bridging Visa B?

BVB is a temporary visa that allows single or multiple travel opportunities to people living in Australia. Its validity is around 35 days and you need to apply for a new BVB if the validity on your last BVB is insufficient. 

What Is The Purpose of BVB?

With a Bridging Visa B, you

  • Are allowed to stay within the premises of Australia until the department has taken a final decision on your substantive visa. 
  • Reside in Australia until your judicial review application is processed. 
  • Exit Australia and then return to it within a time limit.
  • Can work if your BVB allows it. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Bridging Visa B

Bridging Visa B

You can submit an application for BVB only if:

  • You already possess a substantive visa. Your application for the same is with the department.
  • You should have a bridging visa (BVB or BVA)
  • You have applied for a judicial review within the required time limit
  • Document of explanation regarding your reason for travel to and from Australia
  • Meet character requirements

What Are The Conditions for Bridging Visa B

Here are the conditions for BVB. 

  • You need to be within the premises of Australia when you apply
  • When the visa is granted, you have to be within Australia’s premises. 

What is the Cost and Processing Time for Bridging Visa B?

The cost of the bridging Visa B is AUD165.00. The processing time is not mentioned on the department of Australian Home Affairs website. Please note that depending upon the number of family members who apply for this visa, the cost and processing time may vary. 

How can you Apply for Bridging Visa B

The application process for Bridging Visa B is quite simple. Here are the details. 

Steps Details
Step 1 Before you apply, make sure you have a BVA or BVB. Also, make sure you apply for your BVB at least 2 weeks before the day of your travel. 
Step 2 Gather all your documents (like identity or proof, character certification e.t.c.)
Step 3 Apply for this visa through ImmiAccount if you applied for your substantive visa or judicial review through ImmiAccount. 
Step 4 The department notifies you once after receiving your application but does not give updates on the application. You have to wait for a final decision
Step 5 The final outcome of your visa comes and you will be notified of the reason for acceptance or rejection of your BVB application. 

How Long can You Stay with Bridging Visa B?

Your Bridging Visa B ceases when

  • The application for your substantive visa is rejected/refused
  • Your application for judicial review is determined. 
  • You withdraw your bridging Visa form.
  • 35 days have passed since your BVB was granted. 

What to do Next?

There is no fixed time for an emergency to strike you. If you need to travel to and from Australia and you do not have the right Bridging Visa, having BVB can help solve your problem. 

But like all visas processed, this one is also tiresome. There are a lot of conditions and requirements you have to fulfill. Luckily for you, The Migration can help take that burden off your shoulders. 

With efficient and qualified migrant agents at your disposal, you can now rely on professionals to help you through the process. We understand your urgency and we will make sure to not leave your visa grant to chance. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Bridging Visa B

Q1. Can I work in Australia with a bridging Visa B?

A1. Yes, but only if your bridging Visa B allows it. Your grant letter will mention if you are restricted to work. 

Q2. Am I Permitted to add My Family in my BVB Application?

A2. Yes, you can, but only if you and your family members filled out the application for the substantive visa together. 

Q3. Can I Return To Australia If The Validity Of My BVB Ends?

A3. If your BVB ends before you re-enter Australia, you can not return to the country. You will need a new substantive visa for that.

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