Partner Visa 801

Partner Visa 801: Eligibility, Requirements & Benefits for 2023

If your partner or spouse resides permanently in Australia or is an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you can apply for Partner Visa 801 and live in Australia permanently. Most people who were granted a temporary 820 partner visa choose to apply for the permanent partner visa, so they can live with their Australian partner indefinitely. 

Since the visa is part of a two-step process, you have to wait at least 2 years after you apply for the 820 visa to become eligible for 801. However, to become eligible for the latter, you have to prove that you and your partner/spouse are in an exclusive and committed relationship with each other, but more on that later. 

The article sheds light on the eligibility criteria, perks of the visa and any conditions one has to follow. Additionally, we will specify the conditions that need to be met before this visa is granted, so keep reading ahead. 

Eligibility criteria for Partner Visa 801

Criteria for Applicant

  • Your age should be 18 or more
  • You should be in a committed marital or non-marital relationship with your partner Should have a substantive or Visa 820
  • Should fulfill the health and character certification

Criteria for Sponsor

  • Should be at least 18 years old
  • Should be in a committed marital or non-marital relationship with the applicant
  • Must be an Australian or eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia
  • Character and behavior should align with Australian norms and values
  • Should possess police clearance and proof of this clearance

Requirements for Partner Visa 801

Your eligibility for 801 depends on your meeting the following requirements. 

  • Visa: you should have a partner visa 820 or a subclass 445 visa (for a child who is dependent on you).
  • Time duration: to be eligible for this visa, you need to wait at least 2 years since you applied for 801 visa
  • Relationship: you need to be in a committed and exclusive relationship with your partner or spouse (and continue to do so indefinitely)
  • Debts: you or any of your family members should not be in debt to the government of Australia. You need to either pay the money back before you apply or have some written repayment agreement with the Australian government

Nature of Relationship for Partner Visa 801

The following conditions apply for you to be granted this visa 

  • Your partner and you should be married to each other or be exclusive partners
  • You should not have any other ongoing relationship commitments or possess multiple partners
  • Should be in an ongoing and genuine relationship
  • Should be living together and have some proof of joint finances

Benefits of Partner Visa 801

Partner Visa

The 801 visa paves the way for a lot of exciting opportunities for you and your family. Take a look.

  • Enables you to reside permanently in Australia
  • Allows you to study in Australian universities
  • Allows you to work in Australian industries and companies
  • Opens up your access to Australia’s free public healthcare, Medicare
  • Allows you to sponsor the rest of your family’s visit/residency to Australia
  • Allows travel (to and back from Australia)
  • Enroll in the Migrant English Programs English courses
  • Allows you to become an eligible citizen of Australia (after some years)


The Australian Visa 801 is great for partners and spouses of Australian citizens or residents who wish to live in Australia permanently. It is part of a two-step process because normally, only holders of visa 820 (Temporary partner visa) are eligible for the 801.

The Migration is a registered company functioning in Australia with offices in many countries. It has a dedicated team of experts known for helping individuals with the most complex of applications.

For more information on either or any of these two visas, feel free to reach us. 

FAQs about Partner Visa 801

Q1. How Quickly is the Visa 801 granted?

A1. The application processing varies between 7 and 23 months. However, some people get the 820 and 801 visas together if they are in a long-term and committed relationship with their partner/spouse. Additionally, having a child/children together also helps speed up the process.

Q2. What Should I do after I get the 801 visa?

A2. After the grant of Visa, you get the chance to apply for permanent citizenship of Australia. However, you will be required to pass the citizenship test of Australia (unless your age is 60 or more). Additionally, you should have lived in Australia for a total of 3 years (during the last 4 years).

Q3. When Does the Partner Visa 801 expire?

A3. The visa is eligible for only 5 years, after which you can apply for citizenship. Please note that having this visa does not guarantee your right to live in Australia indefinitely. 

What Proof do I Need for the 801 Visas?

Apart from your passport, your visa 820 copy, and marriage certificates (if you are married), you also need to submit additional evidence proving you are in a long-term and committed relationship with your partner.

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