Parent Visa

Parent Visa (Subclass103): Eligibility & Application Process

Thousands of people transform their lives by applying for the Australian Parent Visa (subclass 103), but what exactly is that? Anyone with a single or multiple children residing in Australia is eligible to apply for this visa. They can also move permanently to Australia. 

To be eligible for the subclass 103 visa, you need a child or stepchild who is a permanent Australian citizen. This child must be permanently residing in Australia, or settled in New Zealand. The visa allows you to migrate to Australia permanently and reside with your children. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the eligibility criteria for parent visa 103 and the perks and benefits of the visa. Additionally, we will highlight any certifications and tests you need to pass before the visa is granted. To know more, continue reading ahead. 

Eligibility Assessment for Parent Visa 103

Your eligibility will be assessed on these criteria

  • Status of your children’s residence
  • Your eligibility for meeting the health and character criteria
  • Meeting the balance of family test
  • Number of months/years the sponsored child/children lived in Australia

Parent Visa 103 Benefits

When granted, a Parent Visa allows you, your partner, and even your dependent family, to live permanently in Australia. Not just that, it opens you up to other wonderful opportunities like

  • Permission to work or study in Australia
  • Access to Subsidized Healthcare, Medicare (granted by the government)
  • The privilege of sponsoring your family and helping them become permanent Australian citizens
  • Access to social security (includes a waiting period)

Eligibility Criteria for a Parent Visa 103

Here are the eligibility criteria for the applicant (parent) and the child (sponsor)

Criteria for Applicant (Parent/Parents)

If you are applying for a visa, you should have a child/stepchild that meets these criteria

  • Permanent Australian citizen
  • Permanent resident of Australia
  • New Zealand citizen

Criteria for the Sponsor

The following people can sponsor your Parent Visa 103:

  • Your child
  • The partner of your child
  • Your child’s legal guardian/family member
  • Your partner’s child’s legal guardian
  • Any community organization

Additional Requirements for a Parent Visa 103

1. Health and character certificate

All applicants, their partners, and accompanying family members must get a proper health checkup done.

2. Balance of the Family Test

The test determines how linked you are to Australia. You have to pass this test before receiving a visa. Note that this condition cannot be waived, even if there is a genuine exception. You should have

  • At least 50% of your children are permanent Australian residents
  • More children are Australian residents than other countries

Note that your children are not considered when they have

  • Passed away
  • Removed from parents’ legal custody
  • Undergone legal adoption
  • They stay in camps, or they are refugees (according to UNHCR)
  • People who live in a war-torn country are subject to human rights abuses and cannot join their family in another country. 

Pending Debts to the Australian Government

If you have any debts to the Australian government, these need to be paid before you get this visa. If you cannot afford this, you may need to arrange a repayment mechanism beforehand. 

Limitations to the Parent Visa 103

These limitations apply to you if you are currently inside Australia and these cases apply to you

  • If you are barred from getting a substantive visa during your stay in the country. There is a possibility that your previous visa could have been impacted by an underlying condition. 
  • The government rejected your visa the last time you applied
  • You do not possess a substantive visa
  • You are undergoing immigration detention
  • You have a current sponsored visitor visa to Australia

Parent-Child Relationship Assessment for Parent Visa 103

Parent Visa

Additionally, the nature of your relationship with your children is not considered for a Parent Visa 103. Here is everything you need to know. 

  • If you are unaware of your children’s whereabouts, it is assumed that they are in the country they lived in last. 
  • To be counted as ‘usually living in Australia’, the children or stepchildren must be Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, or eligible citizens of New Zealand. They usually live in Australia. 
  • Children with Australian student visas are not considered ‘usually living in Australia’.

Who is Considered your Stepchild for a Parent Visa 103?

  • Your current partner’s child
  • Your former partner’s child
  • A child (less than 18) under the legal care of your partner or you
  • Your former partner or your current partner’s child

Note that the Australian government does not recognize step children born from polygamous or concurrent relationships. Such children are not considered for the test. 

Important Disclaimers

Before applying for a parent visa, remember that

  • A long waiting period of 30 years may follow
  • Anyone in Australia on a current temporary visa cannot apply for a parent visa to extend their stay in Australia. 
  • You can only apply for visa 103 if you are outside Visa during the final stages of your application.

What to do next?

Setting up in Australia opens you to many exciting opportunities. If you have a child or children living there, you can migrate to them and enjoy benefits like sponsoring other family members for migration. 

But like all visas processes, this one is also tiresome. There are a lot of conditions and requirements you have to fulfill. Luckily for you, The Migration can help take that burden off your shoulders. 

With efficient and qualified migrant agents at your disposal, you can now rely on professionals to help you through the process. We understand your urgency and we will make sure to not leave your visa grant to chance. Contact us for more information. 


Q1. What is Assurance of Support?

A1. AOS is a legal undertaking of the sponsor/assurer. Their role is to assist the applicant and ensure that he or she can settle in Australia easily, without any assistance from the government. Additionally, the assurer has to repay some payments to the government within a fixed time period. 

Q2. Can Parents Stay in Australia when Applying for a Parent Visa?

A2. Parents can live inside or outside Australia during application processing. However, they need to live in a different country when the final visa decision is made. 

Q3. What is the Waiting time for a Parent Visa 103?

A3. The wait is usually between 13 and 30 years. However, once granted, a parent visa allows you to move to Australia permanently.