Bridging Visa D

Bridging Visa D: Uses, Conditions and Validity for 2023


Bridging Visa D is for people who want to stay in Australia while their status in the country is unlawful. If you are not a citizen of the country and have an unlawful status, remember that the BVD will not allow you to return to Australia once you leave the country, but more on that later. 

If you want to know about BVD, its eligibility criteria, its conditions, and benefits, read ahead. 

What is Bridging Visa D?

You can apply for the BVD if your substantive visa has expired and you are looking forward to another visa grant or looking to leave the country. The BVD will allow you to remain within the country for a short while. During this duration, you should either be waiting for your grant, another substantive visa, or making arrangements to leave the country. 

What Are The Conditions For Bridging Visa D

Bridging Visa includes two subclasses of visa: Subclass 040 and Subclass 041. Here are all the uses of this bridging Visa.

  1. You can stay within the premises of Australia with this visa
  2. You are not allowed to work while you are on a bridging Visa D
  3. You are not allowed to exit Australia and then return to the country on the same BVD

What Makes You Eligible For Bridging Visa D

Here is the eligibility criteria for someone who wants to apply for Bridging Visa D:

  • You need to be within the premises of Australia when you apply for the visa.
  • You should not be in possession of any substantive visa
  • There is no authentic and authorized officer who can interview within the deadline.
  • You filled out the wrong application for a substantive visa
  • If you have a substantive visa, it should expire within three days of your application for BVD. 

What is the validity of Bridging Visa D?

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A Bridging Visa D is only valid for 5 working days. The number of days is counted from the day the visa is granted and not from the day it was applied for. To know more about the validity of the Bridging Visa D, contact the best MARA agents in your country. 

What is the cost and Processing time for Bridging Visa D?

The Bridging Visa D application is free and there are no hidden charges involved. Like all other Bridging visas Australia, the processing time varies depending on how complex your individual case is.

What To Do Next

Having a legitimate visa can ease your trouble and free you of any anxiety. BVD is important for anyone who needs to stay in Australia while they make arrangements for another substantive visa or make preparations for leaving. 

If you need help with your visa application and you are confused about the conditions or requirements, do not worry, we are here to help. 

The Migration is a registered company functioning in Australia with offices in many countries. It has a dedicated team of experts known for helping individuals with the most complex of applications. Contact us to know more. 

Frequently Asked Questions About BVD

Q1. Can I travel Outside Australia on a BVD?

A1. No. You can not travel outside Australia on your BVD. If you exit Australia on the BVD, you can not come back to the country on the bridging visa. 

Q2. When does BVD Cease to be Valid?

A2. BVD ceases to be valid the minute you leave the country. This is irrespective of whether your substantive visa was granted beforehand or is still in processing. 

Q3. Does BVD allow Working Rights?

A3. No. Bridging Visa D does not allow you to work in Australia. Similarly, students can not study on their BVD. they need to apply for a substantive visa. To know more about student working rights, click here. 

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