Bridging Visa E

How to Apply for Bridging Visa E (Subclass 050 & 051)

Bridging Visa E allows individuals the opportunity to remain in Australia legally while they prepare to exit the country. It also allows you to stay in the country lawfully until you process your immigration matter and await a decision on your application. 

Two different kinds of BVE exist BVE Subclass 050 and BVE Subclass 051. The former allows you to stay in Australia while you await a decision on your immigration whereas the latter allows you to stay in Australia when the application for your protection visa is processed. 

To know more about these types, their eligibility criteria, the requirements for the application, and the process of application continue reading ahead. 

What are the Types of Bridging Visa E Types?

Types Purpose
Bridging Visa E (Subclass 050) Subclass 050 of BVE applies to you if your current status is unlawful and you await a decision on your immigration. It also applies to you while you are making preparations to leave Australia.
Bridging Visa E (Subclass 051) Subclass 051 of BVE is applicable for non-citizens (eligible citizens that the department specifies) to live in Australia when their application for a processing visa is processed. 

What are the Uses of Bridging Visa E?

Bridging Visa E allows you to stay in Australia when

  • You are preparing to leave Australia
  • You are applying for your substantive visa 
  • Your judicial review application is processing and you are waiting on a response. 
  • You await ministerial intervention 

What are the Conditions for Bridging Visa E?

Here are all the common conditions for both subclass categories:

  1. Age: You should be 18 years. If you are younger, ensure a guardian assists you with your application.
  2. Character: Meet all ethical and moral character requirements
  3. Previous Visa Cancellation: Make sure your previous visa rejection does not affect your current application. Check here. 
  4. Family Inclusivity: if our family is included in your application, they should also fulfill these conditions.

What Makes You Eligible For Bridging Visa E?

BVE (Subclass 50) BVE (Subclass 051)
  • You are an unlawful person residing in Australia
  • You have a BVE 050 when you apply
  • You have a BVD 041 during your application time
  • You do not have immigration clearance
  • Department of Foreign Affairs was informed of your arrival within 45 days of your arrival
  • You await a decision on your protection visa
  • You have applied for a judicial review of your protection visa
  • You are under immigration detention

What are the Requirements for a Bridging Visa E?


Attach the following proofs/documents: 

  • Proof of identity and personal documents like passport and driver’s license. 
  • Documents of proof for moral character. 
  • Passport-sized photographs and biometrics (for some countries)
  • Form 956A if a migrant agent has helped you in your application
  • BVE Subclass 051

What is the Application Process for Bridging Visa E?

Steps Details
Step 1 Before you apply, make sure you are an unlawful citizen already. If your substantive visa is not expired yet, you can apply for other bridging visas. 
Step 2 Gather all relevant documents like passport, driver’s license, and proof of character.
Step 3 Apply for BVE through ImmiAccount or submit an application on paper. 
Step 4 Wait for the agency for confirmation. Make sure you abide by Australian laws during this time.
Step 5 You will be notified of your visa outcome. The department will also share why your visa was either accepted or rejected. 

What are Working Rights under Bridging Visa E?

Here are all the things you need about working rights under your bridging Visa E:

  • Your BVE grant letter will mention if you are permitted to work. 
  • If permission is not granted to you, your BVE application can be canceled. 
  • If you are not allowed to work, there may be some conditions like financial hardship where you can request for work permission. 
  • Different laws apply if you have submitted an application for judicial review or a protection visa. 

When Does BVE End?

BVE ends

  • If you exit Australia while BVE is valid
  • You get the substantive visa
  • Your BVE is canceled by the authorities

What is the Cost and Processing Time For Bridging Visa E Cost?

Cost Processing Time
Cost of BVE is 0 This varies according to the complexity of your case. The processing time becomes longer if you have not filled up your application properly. 

Bridging Visa made easy with The Migration

As an unlawful citizen living in Australia, you must be panicking. You may also be hearing all kinds of advice from all kinds of people. However, this ends today. 

With the help of The Migration, you can now relax and submit an application for Bridging Visa E easily. The registered and trained migrant agents at the company submit a foolproof application on your behalf. 

Additionally, you are facilitated if there are any anomalies in your application process or if you have submitted a judicial review application. For more information on the topic, contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Bridging Visa E

Q1. Can I Extend My BVE And Stay Longer In Australia?

A1. No, this visa can not be extended and you can not live in Australia for longer through BVE. You can apply for a new BVE if you are unable to exit Australia for some reason. 

Q2. Can I Study While I Am On BVE?

A2. Yes, but you can only study for three months if you are on your BVE. However, you may get an exception if you have a subclass 590 or 602 visa. 

Q3. Am I Allowed Free Traveling With BVE?

A3. No, Travelling or exiting Australia is prohibited under the Bridging Visa E. Your BVE is canceled as soon as you leave Australia. 

Q4. Can I include members of my family BVE?

A4. Yes, you can include your family members in your BVE application. 

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