Visa Extension Australia

Step-by-Step Process for Visa Extension Australia in 2023

Thousands of students worry because the validity of their visa ends and they lack knowledge of the Student Visa Extension Australia process. If your substantive student visa expires before you have completed your studies, you can get an extension by applying for a new visa. 

Your visa may expire before your course ends. This is because of failed subjects extending the course of your duration or your interest in a new study opportunity that requires an extended stay. 

If you want more information on visa extension Australia for students, here is everything juxtaposed in one document. 

What Is Student Visa Extension Australia?

To stay in Australia after your visa expires, you can not apply for an extension; you will need to submit a new visa application. You should ideally submit it to the Department of Home Affairs a couple of months in advance so you do not have to face any legal hurdles during your stay in Australia. 

When Do You Need A Student Visa Extension?

You will need to apply for a new visa when

  • You are undergoing an extended study/research
  • Taking up a new course
  • You have submitted your thesis, but await completion of your degree
  • The duration of your study increased due to some unforeseen circumstances

Requirements For Student Visa Extension Australia

While applying for an extension, you will mostly require the same documents you needed when applying for your initial student visa application. Here are the most important ones.

  • Enrollment Confirmation from your school/college/degree
  • Certificate proving you fulfill English language requirements for the course
  • OSHC certification/proof (This ensures your health expenses are covered during your stay)
  • Medical and Financial records (as per requirement)
  • Additional documents (Depending on your country of origin)

Student Visa Extension Scenarios

Whether you are residing/staying in Australia or outside, you will have to apply for a new visa in both cases. 

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ScenariosVisa GrantedInside Australia while applying for the visaYou will be given a Bridging Visa A thus allowing you to stay in Australia permanently till you get your substantive visa.Outside Australia while applying for the visaYou will have to wait for your substantive visa (Student visa) application to be processed and for a decision to be made. 

Finding College Before Your Student Visa Extension

Before you apply for an extension, make sure to find the right college to enroll in. Conduct thorough research, look at programs, and then finalize an option based on your preferences. Here are some things to consider/remember:

  • If you are choosing a relatively shorter course for your extended stay, make sure it is registered with CRICOS provider and thus conforms to your extended visa application. 
  • If your degree is three years, make sure to mention in the visa application form that you will need a fourth year to take up a research project/internship.
  • Get the enrollment certificate from your university before you fill out a visa application. 

Document Requirements for Student Visa Extension Australia

visa extension australia
visa extension Australia

Attach these documents/certificates to your ImmiAccount

  • Identity of proof and other personal documents like CNIC copy, driver’s license, and passport
  • Birth/Marriage certificates
  • OSHC documents
  • Financial documents and evidence of your financial capacity
  • Proof of admission to the mentioned university
  • A Locally certified copy of your CV

Disclaimers for Student Visa Extension Australia

Here are some additional disclaimers for you.

  • Make sure to attach your confirmation of enrollment with your visa application. This should signify how long you will be studying the course. 
  • You may be eligible for a bridging visa if your previous visa expires.

Health Examinations & OSHC Requirements For Visa Extension

When applying for a student visa extension, you need to provide documentation of Health. The Australian government emphasizes that every student should be covered by health insurance. Here is what you need to know. 

  • Renew your insurance if the previous one’s validity expires
  • Get your health checked. Attach these certificates to your application
  • You can go to ‘Health Assessment’ to see which health examinations are applicable to you
  • Use your unique HAP ID to see which panel doctors or clinics can check you.
  • Your referral letter tells your doctor of all the health assessments you need for your visa application

Financial Proof Documents For Visa Extension Australia

Depending on the type of your substantive student visa and country of origin, you may have to attach financial documents with your application. 

Evidence of yearly/monthly funds

You need to attach evidence that you can cover your tuition fee, and living expenses for at least 12 months. The total amount will base on standard expenses of utilities in Australia such as a total of $20,000 Australian dollars for living and $1200 on average for travel back home. The cost of your tuition needs to be covered too. 

Evidence of your annual income

You may need to attach documents for your annual income. If there is a parent, spouse, or partner sponsoring you, the documents for their annual income need to be attached. 

Step-by-Step Application Process for Student Visa Extension Australia

Step 1:  Select a University/course and get proof of enrollment and Health Assessment Certificates
Step 2 Collect Additional documents like identity proof and driver’s license and passport. This also includes financial documents
Step 3 Submit your student visa extension application on ImmiAccount. This will cost you around $650. 
Step 4 You may be asked for biometric verification after your application. You have to do this within 14 days
Step 5 Medical Examinations (sometimes) to check if you are in perfect health
Step 6 You may receive BVA at this stage. Make sure you do not exit Australia on your BVA. you can apply for another bridging visa if you want to exit Australia and return again. 
Step 7 Wait for an outcome on your application and abide by all Australian laws during the time

Need Help getting a Study Visa Extension?

Students feel extremely stressed when their visa validity is ending and they have no clue about the next steps. This can affect their mental and physical health; it can also hinder their growth in studies. We certainly do not want that. 

iStudywise is a reliable, registered company that assists students in their visa applications. From helping them gather important documents to applying on their behalf, it has everything covered. 

Additionally, our dedicated agents fill out your forms in a fool-proof manner so there are no chances for errors and you can get guaranteed acceptance of your visas. To get in touch, contact us. 


Here are the most important questions related to visa extension Australia.

How Much Time Is Needed For Your Visa Extension Australia To Be Processed?

The processing time for visa extension Australia is anywhere between 3 to 4 months. It may take longer depending on the complexity of your case. 

Can I Apply For Visa Extension If My Course Is Not Completed?

Yes, apply for your substantive study visa if your last visa has run its course and is no longer applicable.

Can My Application Be Rejected/Denied for Visa Extension Australia?

Yes, but this is mostly when your application is missing some important documents. You can submit an S56 request in this case.

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