Bridging Visa A

Bridging Visa A (Subclass 010): Process, Eligibility and Requirements

For individuals and family members looking to extend their stay in Australia, a Bridging visa A (BVA) is necessary. It is a non-permanent visa type and is granted to individuals who forgot to apply for their substantive visa. They are in their waiting period now and need a valid permit in the form of a BVA. 

While your substantive visa is being processed, the application for BVA is also processed automatically by the Department of Home Affairs. However, in some cases, you may need to apply for BVA yourself, but more on that later. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of BVA, discuss its benefits, its eligibility criteria, and any important disclaimers that you should consider. Let us untangle the mystery.

When Do You Apply Separately for a Bridging Visa A?

Apply for a BVA separately when: 

  • Your substantive visa was not accompanied by an application for BVA
  • You had a BVA or BVB, but the latter’s validity has ended and you are eligible for BVA.
  • You need a BVA that offers a work permit
  • Your judicial review is in process.

What Are the Benefits of Bridging Visa A?

BVA is essential because it offers the following benefits:

  • Remain lawfully in Australia during the processing of your substantive visa. 
  • Stay in Australia lawfully during your judicial review.
  • Become eligible for Medicare (in some cases)
  • Allows you to travel within the premises of Australia

When Does a Bridging Visa a Come Into Effect?

The BVA is activated when: 

  • Your substantive visa’s validity ceases and you are waiting for the next visa to be granted
  • When you are granted a BVA automatically
  • If another bridging visa’s (relatively more useful than BVA) validity ends

What are Bridging Visa A Requirements?

Before you apply for a BVA, here is everything you require:

  • Personal documents of proof of identity
  • Proof of hardship signifying any financial or physical difficulty
  • Any supporting documents proving you have a good moral and ethical character

Working with Bridging Visa A?

Having a BVA does not automatically make you eligible to work in Australia. If your current BVA does not allow work, you can apply for another one that does. However, remember that whether you are given permission also depends on the conditions of your substantive visa. 

Moreover, you may be allowed to work if you can offer some proof of financial hardship. Please note that you can not apply for a new BVA that allows work if your previous BVA restricts it. 

Bridging Visa A and Judicial Review Proceedings

You can get a BVA if you have applied for a judicial review on your substantive visa. However, you have to abide by the law during these proceedings. Applying for a BVA will make your stay legal while you await the decision on your judicial review. Limitations to the BVA: 

When Does Bridging Visa A Cease?

BVA is a temporary visa with conditions. It ceases to apply if

  • You leave the premises of Australia before your substantive visa is granted. 
  • The department approves your application for BVA
  • You get another bridging visa (like BVB or BVC)
  • You break any of the conditions that apply to BVA

How to Apply for a Bridging Visa A?

Here is a step-by-step process for applying for BVA. 

Steps  Process
Step 1 Most people have BVA when they apply for their substantive visa. Check whether you need to apply separately. See if you have BVA with VEVO.
Step 2 Compile all relevant documents like the identity of proof and proof of hardship and any other moral/character documents. 
Step 3 Apply for the visa on ImmiAccount. Remember, if you applied for a judicial review on your last substantive visa, you have to send your BVA application on the web form. Make sure you are in Australia when you apply for BVA.
Step 4 You will be notified once and then you have to await the decision. The department does not offer any updates in between. Ensure you remain lawful and do not travel outside Australia when your BVA is being processed. 
Step 5 The department will inform you of their decision. You will be provided with a visa grant number and visa conditions in written form. Keep a copy of this document while you stay in Australia. 

What is the Cost and Processing Time for BVA?

Bridging Visa A
  • The cost of the BVA is 0/nil.
  • There is no fixed processing time. Most applications take days. However, this can change depending on the complexity of your case or if you have filled out any part incorrectly.

Important Disclaimers for Bridging Visa A

After you have been granted BVA:

  • Check to see how long the BVA is valid
  • Remember, you can not extend this visa. You will need a substantive visa to extend your stay in Australia. 

How to Proceed Further with BVA application?

Having a legitimate visa can ease your trouble and free you of any anxiety. BVA is important for anyone who needs to stay in Australia lawfully. 

If you need help with your visa application and you are confused about the conditions or requirements, do not worry, we are here to help. 

The Migration is a registered company functioning in Australia with offices in many countries. It has a dedicated team of experts known for helping individuals with the most complex of applications. Contact us to know more. 


Here are some important questions related to BVA:

Q1. Can I Include My Family Members in My BVA Application?

A1. Yes, but only if your family members were part of your substantive visa application. You can check if your family members have BVA by going to VEVO.

Q2. Can I Study with Bridging Visa A in Australia?

A2. With a BVA, you can study, however, you will have limited options and you can only study in places specified by your BVA. These limitations are affected by your previous visa conditions. 

Q3. Do I Become Eligible for Centrelink with my BVA?

A3. Yes, but only if your substantive visa gave you access to Centrelink. Sometimes the conditions can vary and you can have access to limited Centrelink service with your BVA (even if your substantive visa did not offer it)

Q4. Can I apply for substantive visa while on bridging visa A?

A4. Yes, you can apply for any substantive visa (except for tourist visa) while you are on a bridging visa. This will allow you to remain lawfully in Australia. Here are all the visas for which you can apply for while you are on a bridging visa.

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