How to Create ImmiAccount for Australian Visa Applications in 2023!

When you are bombarded with thousands of applications every day, how do you streamline services? How do you ensure that every application is dealt with smoothly? You digitise your services and ensure everything passes through a proper, online channel. ImmiAccount is an online, digital platform where Australian visa applications are submitted. 

There are two types of accounts:

  1. Individual
  2. Organization accounts

After creating an account, you simply submit your documents and use this online gateway to track your application. You can save your time and energy with this, but more on that later. 

This article delves deep into ImmiAccounts, their purpose and management. Find out how you can make, edit and change your Account here. 

What Is An ImmiAccount?

The Home Affairs Department in Australia has introduced an online, digital platform for visa applicants: ImmiAccount. 

ImmiAccount is a digital service offered by the Department of Home Affairs Australia. It lets you send, manage and track your visa applications in real-time. You can also make payments, submit additional documents and fix any errors through the account. 

When Should You Make An ImmiAccount?

You should make an account when you want to avail the following services

  • Applying for an Australian Visa
  • Applying for Australian citizenship
  • Editing an ongoing application
  • Importing a submitted paper application
  • Submitting supporting documents to an application
  • Accessing accurate information regarding policies
  • Accessing My Health Declaration service

What Can You Do With An ImmiAccount?

You can apply for Australian visas through your account. You can study, work and migrate there once you are granted a visa. Here is everything you can do with your account. 

  • Apply for a temporary visa or permanent citizenship

Whether you want to apply for a student visa or a citizenship visa, the account allows you to apply for all Australian visas. The only exception is the ETA, an electronic travel authority application that the account does not process. Once you apply, your visa application is received by the Department of Home Affairs and processed accordingly. 

  • Get access to authentic Visa information

The internet throws a lot of information at you, some of it accurate, most of it false. By signing up, you get access to precise, crisp, and accurate information regarding all visas. Additionally, you can connect with VEVO, and Visa finders and access your Health declaration. Moreover, opening Legendcom gives you access to policies and legislation regarding citizenship and migration. 

  • Manage and Track your Visa application

Have you ever filled out an entire application only to have it deleted accidentally? With ImmiAccount, you can continuously save your application and amend information as you please. Additionally, you can submit your documents and edit them as they come. Tracking visa applications is also easy with the account. You can receive updates and be notified of any changes to your application. This saves you all the hassle of keeping track manually. 

  • Pay for your visa application

The account saves you the trouble of having to pay any fees manually. Simply log onto your account and pay through your credit card. Remember, some applications offer you the chance to pay through PayPal and union pay too. 

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How To Create Your ImmiAccount?

Whether you are an individual looking to submit a visa application or an organisation or agency looking to submit applications for multiple clients, ImmiAccount is the right gateway. 

2 kinds of accounts exist: Individual Accounts and Organisational Accounts. 




Eligibility Criteria
  • You have to be an individual submitting one application only. 
  • A friend or family member filling or assisting someone in the application process
Application Process
  1. Log onto your account
  2. Fill in all relevant details like name, email and phone number
  3. Set up a password, answer any secret questions accurately
  4. Enter submit to create an account
  1. Log onto the account
  2. Select Organization from the options provided
  3. Tick the box for the services you require
  4. Enter the organisation user details
  5. Submit an application and wait for a confirmation from OAA

Creating ImmiAccount- A Step by Step Process for Individuals

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 Step 1: Opening the Homepage

Open the Department of Home Affairs official website, and click on ‘Create ImmiAccount’

 Step 2: Setting Account Details

On the next page, mention your username, set up a new password, and answer three security questions. Apart from helping you assess your account if you have forgotten the password, you can also make your account more secure with these questions. 

Step 3: Choosing a Relevant Category

Select the purpose of your application. For instance, a student applying for a visa would select the option ‘student’. There are multiple subcategories for each option. Make sure to select the most accurate one. 

How To Access Your ImmiAccount?

To access your account, go to the official website of the Department of Home Affairs. Write your username and password to open up the account. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the ‘Username’ or ‘Password’ links at the bottom right of the page.

To access your account, you may have to answer the ‘secret questions’. Remember, your account will automatically lock for an hour if you write an incorrect password or username five consecutive times. 

How to Manage your ImmiAccount?

Once you have created your account, you have a lot of options. Here is everything you can do with it:

  • Create a new visa application
  • Continue editing an already existing application
  • Importing a visa application
  • Sending and receiving an application from a different account
  • Removing visa applications that are no longer relevant
  • Receiving or sending an incomplete visa application from a different account

How to Edit your ImmiAccount?

Visa applications sometimes take a long time to process. This may require you to make some edits or changes to your account in order to keep it secure. Luckily for you, this Australian digital gateway helps you change your password multiple times with ease. It is normally recommended that you change your password every 6 months. Here is more on the subject

  • Changing password

To change your password, log in to your account, and go to Manage Account on the top right side of the page. Next, click on ‘Change my password’. Mention your current and new password and save the new information. Make sure to add upper case, lower case letters, digits, and special characters to create a strong password.

  • Changing your email

To change your email, first log into your ImmiAccount and select ‘Manage Account. Next, go to ‘Edit email address’. Add your email address. This address makes account management easy and accessible. Click save to edit the information. 

  • Updating your secret questions

Secret questions help make your account more secure. It also ensures that no one else can access your account, but you. To update these questions and answers, open your account. Next, go to ‘Manage Account’. Click on ‘change my secret questions’. Update your questions and click save to edit information. 

What are the Benefits of ImmiAccount?


Both for an individual and an agency, this account offers a plethora of benefits. It helps in managing and tracking applications. Furthermore, it helps reduce errors and allows you a safe channel to submit your information. Here is everything you enjoy with it:



  • It reduces human error and ensures your visa is not rejected because of unavoidable errors.
  • It helps categorize your applications and separate them in order of preference.
  • It ensures fast and efficient processing and ensures speedy deliverance.
  • It allows you to edit and fix any part of the application process and amend mistakes.
  • It gives you access to authentic and updated information regarding Australian laws.

How to Send Documents Through ImmiAccount?

Immi Account allows you to submit all relevant documents online. The kind of documents you submit depends on your visa application. For each visa application, a list of all documents will be highlighted on the relevant page. Additionally, your visa application will specify when you need to submit documents (before or after the submission of the application). Moreover, here are some things to remember

  • The department does not accept documents through email
  • You can send photos of your documents (given the photos reveal all important information and are clear)
  • You can not attach any documents to your finalised application
  • You can upload 60 documents per person and 100 documents for partner visa applications

How to Send Documents: Step by Step

  1. Select the client/individual you are attaching any documents for
  2. Mention the reason for attaching a particular document
  3. Chose the type of document from the list
  4. Browse document files from your computer/phone
  5. Upload photo/document. Wait for a green tick to appear

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What Happens After You Apply Through ImmiAccount?

Once you have finalised your application and sent it on the account, here are the steps that follow. 

  • You will receive notifications/messages from the Department of home affairs
  • You can edit any mistakes and fix them by informing the department
  • Update details should new information come to light
  • Check and track your application
  • Withdraw your application if you have changed your mind

What to do next?

Gone are the days when you had to wait multiple days to get notified about your visa application. With ImmiAccount, you can send, track and edit your application within minutes. 

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Situated in Australia, the company offers students, workers and migrants from all over Asia to get visas to Australia. We are a registered company abiding by the laws and regulations of Australia and can help kickstart your journey to studying, working or living in Australia. Contact us for more information. 

Related Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Following are the most commonly asked question related to ImmiAccount:

Q1. How do you know whether your application is received by the relevant department through ImmiAccount?

A1. Once you submit your application, you can track it here. When you submit documents, you get an automated notification message from the department. Please remember that the department does not offer any additional receipts of confirmation to you. 

Q2. How to submit documents on ImmiAccount?

A2. To attach documents, go to your account, and select the visa category/option you want to select. You can either upload photos of documents or scanned copies. Choose the latter to avoid any issues later. For more information on uploading documents, click here. 

Q3. How can I contact the department if I am facing issues with my ImmiAccount?

A3. When you face technical problems with your account, you can submit a technical complaint form here. You can also log into the Department of home affairs website and read the instructions for applying. Most problems you face will be because you are not following a particular instruction correctly. 

Q4. Can I visit Australia when my visa is being processed?

A4. Even when you tick all the boxes and fit the eligibility criteria, visa processing is an uncertain process and can take a lot of time. You should hence not book any flights or make commitments until your visa is granted by the relevant authorities. 


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