173 Visa: Everything You Need To Know In 2023!

173 Visa: Everything You Need To Know In 2023!

Are you considering applying for the Australian Subclass 173 visa? This visa is a permanent resident visa designed for people who are sponsored by an eligible relative or have made a special resolution. If you are thinking of applying for this visa, there are several things that you need to know and keep in mind.

Check out everything about this visa below!

What is Subclass 173 Visa?

If you have been residing in Australia for at least two years on a Special Category visa. If you have an eligible Australian relative who is willing to sponsor you for permanent residence in Australia. In both scenario you may be eligible for a Subclass visa. The Long-Term Parent Visa is another name for this program.

  • With this visa, parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents can work and attend school in Australia forever.
  • It also allows holders to travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted.

Eligibility for 173 Visa

The requirements for the subclass visa are as follows:

  • It is not sufficient to be the parent of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.
  • You must be sponsored by your child, who must be over 18 years of age and meet the Australian government’s financial requirements.
  • The Australian government has strict character and health criteria to
  • There are no unpaid fines or taxes owed to the Australian government.
  • You must not have your Australian visa revoked or denied.
  • To sponsor a child, you must have a valid passport and proof that you are a relative to the child.
  • When applying for and receiving the visa, you must be physically located outside of Australia.

Benefits of the 173 Visa

The subclass visa offers a number of benefits for parents who wish to join their children in Australia. These include:

  • The ability to live and work in Australia for up to two years.
  • The ability to study in Australia.
  • The ability to travel in and out of Australia as often as you like while the visa is valid.
  • The ability to apply for permanent residency in Australia. You meet the eligibility criteria through the subclass 143 visa.
  • During your stay in Australia, you can access Australia’s healthcare and Medicare systems.

Applying for the 173 Visa

To apply for the subclass visa:

  • You must be sponsored by your child and lodge an application with the Australian government. You can apply for the visa online or by post.
  • You will need to provide evidence of your relationship to your sponsoring child.
  • As well as evidence of your financial situation and health.

Cost for the 173 Visa

The application fee for the subclass visa is currently AUD 5,315, and you will also need to pay for any additional costs associated with your application, such as health assessments and police checks.

Process time for a Subclass 173 visa

According to the Australian government department of home affairs, the duration of a Contributory Parent Visa – Subclass is 12 years. Your circumstances will determine the exact duration.

Reasons for subclass 173 visa Refusal

Before you apply for a Subclass visa, you may want to think about the following scenarios.

  • A valid Australian visa must not be held by the applicant.
  • A visa application must never have been denied or canceled.
  • Application for a visa is not disqualified.

How to Apply

If you’re considering migrating to Australia to join your child, the subclass visa may be a good option for you. It offers a temporary stay in Australia. However, it’s essential to carefully consider your financial situation and eligibility criteria before applying, as well as any other immigration options that may be available to you.

To apply for the visa, you must gather all the necessary documents and fulfill the other requirements. You must also have a valid passport and proof of health insurance. If you need any assistance regarding this visa process. Contact Us, For a free Assessment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. If I am a temporary parent sponsor, can I work?

A1. Yes. After receiving permission, you can stay in Australia for up to two years to work or attend school.

Q2. Does Medicare cover anyone with a visa?

A2. Yes. After successful application, you will join Medicare for the duration of your visa.

Q3. When my Subclass visa expires, can I renew it?

A3. Absolutely not. You can only stay in Australia for 2 years on this visa.

Q4. Can I go to Australia to apply for a visa?

A4. Both on- and offshore applications are welcome. However, the visa does not come with a bridging visa, so if you apply for one while in Australia, you will need to leave the country before your present visa expires.


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