What is the Average Salary in Australia in 2023?

What is the Average Salary in Australia in 2023?

Did you know that the average salary in Australia has increased by 3.5% in the last year alone? Are you earning enough? Australia is a country with a high quality of life, and one of the key indicators of this is the average salary earned by its citizens.

With the cost of living rising each year, understanding the average salary in Australia is more important than ever. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of where you stand compared to the average salary in Australia. We’ll help you find the average salary for your industry, so you can make the right decision about your career.

Don’t miss out on this crucial information that could impact your earning potential for years to come.


What is the Average Salary in Australia?

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The average annual salary in Australia is $68,900 and $35.30 per hour.

It is just the average salary for basic workers but skilled and experienced workers also earn around $108,980 annually.

The average salary also varies depending on the field of work and the job role of workers. Also, it depends on the years of experience and qualification of workers, inflation, job ranks, and location. Here are the average salaries of different fields of professionals below.


Nurse Salary Australia

There are several levels of nursing jobs, each with different levels of responsibility, qualifications, and corresponding salaries.

Enrolled Nurse AUD55,000 to 65,000
Registered Nurse AUD65,000 to 90,000
Nurse Practitioners AUD110,000 to 130,000
Clinical Nurse Specialist AUD85,000 to 110,000

Chef Salary Australia

Chefs’ salaries can vary greatly depending on their level of experience, their job role, and the location and type of establishment they work in. Here is a breakdown of typical job levels and their associated salaries.

Apprentice Chef AUD43,000 to 45,000
Commis Chef AUD35,000 to 50,000
Chef De Partie AUD50,000 to 70,000
Head Chef AUD80,000 to 150,000

Engineer Salary Australia

The job levels and salaries for engineers in Australia can vary depending on the specific field of engineering and years of experience. However, here are some general guidelines for engineering job levels and salaries in Australia.

Software Engineer AUD104,660
Electrical Engineer AUD101,910
Mechanical Engineer AUD115,950
Design Engineer AUD93,628
Project Engineer AUD123,410

Teacher Salary Australia

The salaries for teachers vary depending on their level of experience, qualifications, and the state or territory they work in. Generally, teachers in Australia are classified into three levels

Primary School Teacher AUD85,000 to 100,000
Secondary School Teacher AUD90,000 to 100,000
Professors AUD162,760

Marketer Salary Australia

Marketing is a diverse field with a variety of job levels, each with its own set of responsibilities and salary expectations. Here are some examples of marketing job levels and their typical salaries in Australia:

Marketing Coordinator AUD45,000 to 65,000
Marketing Manager AUD95,000 to 115,000
Marketing Director AUD120,000 to 200,000
Chief Marketing Officer AUD200,000 to 400,000


Average Salary in Australia in 2023

Job Roles Average Annual Salaries
Nurses $80,905
Pharmacists $99,337
Doctors $156,000
Teachers $85,188
Lawyers $116,891
Accountants $65,000 to $85,000
Chefs $65,000 to $75,000
Electricians $85,000 to $105,000
Marketers $87,540
Engineers $95,000 to $115,000


How to move Forward with Jobs in Australia?

As Australia is an excellent choice to make a shining career due to its high salaries as compared to many other popular countries, knowing the average salary in Australia can help you negotiate a better wage or decide if you’re being paid fairly. Whether you are planning to study or work in Australia you can check out the average salary Australia related to your field of choice here.

If you are still wondering or confused about your career choice in a specific field or you want to apply for a work visa you can book a consultation with The Migration. Our consultants will help you out in your journey to Australia.

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Related FAQs

Q1- What is the biggest influence on salary?

A1– The biggest influence on salary can vary depending on the specific job and industry, but generally, factors such as experience, education, skills, and the demand for the job are among the most significant influences on salary.

Q2- Why the average salary in Australia is so high?

A2– The average salary in Australia is relatively high compared to many other countries due to their strong economy, high cost of living, and labor laws.

Q3- How much is hourly pay in Australia?

A3– The national minimum wage in Australia is currently AUD $20.33 per hour, which applies to all employees who are not secured by an award or contract.

Q4- How do salaries work in Australia?

A4– In Australia, salaries are usually negotiated between the employer and employee and are typically paid on a fortnightly or monthly basis. In addition to basic salary, employees may be entitled to other benefits such as bonuses, overtime pay, and allowances for things like working weekends, public holidays, or challenging conditions.



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