Exclusive Report Reveals High-Demand Occupations waiting for Visa Grant in 2023!

Exclusive Report Reveals High-Demand Occupations waiting for Visa Grant in 2023!”

On February 28th, 2023, many skilled workers are still waiting for their visas to be granted so they can work in Australia. The top 7 occupations waiting for visa GRANT are chefs, accountants, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, registered nurses, software engineers, and aged care nurses; showing there is a growing need for skilled workers across various fields in Australia. Here are the occupations with the most applicants awaiting a visa:


Chef Profession is one of the Occupations Waiting for Visa GRANT

Chef is one of the occupations waiting for visa GRANT. This is because Australia’s hospitality industry is facing a shortage of skilled chefs, so qualified and experienced individuals are needed to fill these vacancies quickly.


Accountants Are in Demand!

accountant is one of the occupations waiting for visa GRANT Accountants are in high demand in Australia, where they play an essential role in maintaining financial stability and growth for organizations. being one of the occupations waiting for visa GRANT, there is a growing need for qualified accountants to fill countless vacancies across Australia. General accountants come in second with 1,615 applicants awaiting their visas.


Mechanical Engineering is one of the Occupations Waiting for a Visa GRANT

Mechanical Engineers are the occupations waiting for visa GRANT  across Australia’s manufacturing, construction, and mining industries. Their abilities to design, create and test mechanical devices and systems make them indispensable in many fields. Mechanical engineers follow, with 1,432 waiting for a visa


More Civil Engineers Needed

Civil Engineers are professionals responsible for designing and building infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings. As more Australians move into cities, we need more Civil Engineers to help construct and maintain these essential features. Civil engineering is one of the occupations waiting for visa GRANT and takes fourth place with 1,293 waiting applicants for their visa.


Nursing is one of the Occupations Waiting for Visa GRANT

Registered Nurses play an invaluable role in Australia’s hospitals and health centers. Their job requires them to care for people when they’re ill or injured, making their job even more crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Registered nurses come in fifth with 1,096  applicants awaiting their visas.


Software Engineers Are Crucially Important

Software Engineers are essential in Australia’s rapidly developing technology sector and are occupations waiting for visa GRANT. These individuals create software programs and applications used across a variety of industries. software engineers come in sixth 994 applicants awaiting their visas.



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Komal Shahzadi    Skilled Migration Lead

Some piece of advice from our Experts:

When applying for a visa, make sure you choose the right category. You should consider your career goals, occupation, and circumstances when choosing a visa category. Your decision can significantly impact your chances of obtaining permanent residency in Australia.


Aged Care Nurses in Demand!

Exclusive Report Reveals High-Demand Occupations waiting for Visa Grant in 2023 Registered Nurses (Aged Care) provide care and support to elderly individuals living in residential care facilities and this profession is one of the occupations waiting for visa GRANT. With Australia’s growing elderly population, the need for aged care nurses has grown. Aged care nurses occupy the seventh place with 924 applications awaiting a visa.


Expert Advice for Study and Work Visa Holders and Australian Applicants

After learning of the backlog of skilled workers awaiting visas in Australia, those on study visas or other types of visas and those considering moving to Australia for work or study should assess their options and the current job market. It is essential that they consider specific requirements and demands for their profession before making a final decision.


One of the most beneficial steps a skilled worker can do is complete their visa application as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Doing this will make processing faster when your occupation is next in line for processing. Moreover, employer-sponsored visas offer a faster pathway toward permanent residency. It’s essential to remember that visa processing times may change, so always plan for the worst-case scenario and have a backup strategy ready in case an issue arises during processing.


Current Visa Holders

If you are currently on a study or work visa in Australia, take the time to explore your options for applying for a Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 or any other relevant visa


For Those Thinking About Studying or Working in Australia

If you are considering studying or working in Australia, research the occupations that are in demand and assess your eligibility for a visa. Consider how the pandemic has impacted job markets across Australia and how future disruptions could impact them. 


In conclusion, Australia’s backlog of skilled worker visas emphasizes the need for careful planning and expert advice when applying for a visa. If you are currently holding or thinking of moving to Australia for work or study, research the job market thoroughly and determine your eligibility for a visa. Obtaining professional advice from registered migration experts and planning ahead for potential issues are all essential steps that should be taken.


If you require any more information or help with your application process, don’t hesitate to reach out – our team of specialists is ready to guide you through it so you can reach your goals of working in Australia! get professional advice from registered migration agents to explore all available options and requirements for applying for a visa.

FAQs Related to Exclusive Report on High-Demand Occupations

The following are the most commonly Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I use this report to plan my career or migration strategy?
A1. Yes, the report can be a valuable resource for planning your career or migration strategy based on the high-demand occupations identified.

Q2. How frequently is the report updated?
A2. The report’s update frequency varies. It’s recommended to check for the latest versions or updated reports to stay informed about changing demands.

Q3. Can I use the report to predict future job trends?
A3. The report can offer an indication of current job trends but may not necessarily predict future trends accurately.

Q4. Can I rely solely on this report for making career decisions?
A4. While the report provides valuable insights, it’s important to consider additional factors such as personal aptitude, job market research, and long-term career prospects.


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