International student data Report 2023

International student data Report 2023!

According to a recent report International student data, more than half a million international students are currently enrolled in Australia. The report provides details on their level of study, the field of education, nationality, and state/territory of enrolment.

Most international students attend higher education institutions with management and commerce being the most popular field. China and India are the top source countries for these international learners while New South Wales remains the top state for the

International Student Data, All Enrolments in Australia

This report provides International student data studying in Australia as of January 2023. It includes student enrolments by level, field of study, nationality, and state/territory.

International Student Enrolments by Level of Study

According to a report released on International student data, 567,947 international students are enrolled in Australia. 45.8% are studying at higher education level (HET), 24.2% VET, and 16.4% ELICOS courses for English language intensive learners from overseas (ELICOS).


International Student Enrolments by Field of Education

Management and commerce is the most popular field of study for international students in Australia, boasting 156,657 enrolments. Engineering follows closely behind with 65,283 enrolments, while information technology accounts for 47,402 enrolments.


International Student Enrolments by Nationality

China is the leading source country of international students in Australia, accounting for 40.5% of all enrolments. India follows closely behind with 16.1% of all international student enrolments.


International Student Enrolments by State/Territory

New South Wales is the most popular state for international students, boasting 264,009 enrolments. Victoria follows closely behind with 174,681 enrolments. for more information


Explanation of International Student Data Reporting System

  1. International student data is reported monthly and annually.
  2. Monthly data relies on snapshots to avoid variations caused by system updates.
  3. Year-to-date (YTD) information can be viewed in PDF summaries or table format, while full-year data utilizes December’s snapshot and remains unchanged throughout.
  4. Student numbers refer to individuals studying on a student visa.
  5. Enrolment numbers reflect each enrolment of a student in multiple courses during the reference period.
  6. For further details, please check the explanatory notes.


After this Report, Expert Advice for International Students Studying or Planning to Study in Australia 

International student data Report 2023 If you are an international student interested in studying in Australia, there are a few steps you can take now. First, research universities and courses that interest you to see if they offer places there; also check the admission requirements and application deadlines.

Secondly, apply for a student visa which is essential to study there, you’ll need to meet certain criteria so it’s wise to plan ahead and give yourself enough time for preparation. Lastly, reach out directly to universities or education agents within Australia for additional advice and information regarding studying abroad.


The report reveals Australia remains a popular destination for international students, with an abundance of enrolments in higher education VET, and ELICOS programs. China and India are the top source countries for these individuals in Australia; New South Wales ranks highest for this demographic.


This report emphasizes the significance of international students to Australia’s education sector. The International student data provided offers insight into which fields and states are popular among international students, providing valuable guidance throughout their decision-making process.


If you would like more information about studying in Australia as an international student, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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