Skill shortages in key industries announcement by Anthony Norman Albanese

Australia’s Albanese Government Announces Plan to Address Skill Shortages in Key Industries

The Albanese Government of Australia has released a plan to deal skill shortages in key industries by giving international students the right to work after they finish their studies. After the COVID-19 pandemic, this project will help businesses and rebuild the international education sector.

Skill Shortages in key Industries and Expension in Post-Study Work Rights for International Students

Skills in fields like health, teaching, engineering, and agriculture will be looked at and updated every year based on how the job market is changing. Then, a list of jobs and qualifications that qualify for the new work rights will be made public. The new rights will start on July 1, 2023.

Targeted Skills and Eligible Occupations and Qualifications

By extending work rights, eligible graduates will have more work options, from two to four years for some Bachelor’s degrees, three to five years for some Master’s degrees, and four to six years for all Doctoral degrees. Also, things will stay the same in regional and remote parts of Australia.

Skill Shortages in key Industries and Extention in Work Rights for Eligible Graduates

The two-year extension will be given to students who have a valid Temporary Graduate Visa on July 1, 2023, or who apply for one after that date. Graduates whose visas will run out before July 1, 2023, can also request to keep working

Increased Allowable Work Hours

As of July 1, 2023, the Australian government has also raised the maximum number of work hours from 40 per two weeks to 48 per week. This will give students a steady income while they are studying, give them valuable work experience, and help Australia meet its needs for workers at the same time.

Benefits of Allowing Students to Contribute to the Economy

Skill shortages in key industries for students The Minister for Education, Jason Clare, said that businesses need skilled workers right away, especially in regional Australia, and that extending work rights will help fill Skill shortages in key industries.

Minister Clare O’Neil said that letting students contribute to the economy is good for everyone. Because of this, the government is working to get these migrants jobs by improving training programs and making temporary visa policies for both workers and students more improved.

What are the Thoughts of Immigration Agents on this News?

Australia’s Albanese Government has come up with a plan for the Skill shortages in key industries. From July 1, 2023, international students who study health, teaching, engineering, or agriculture will be able to work after they graduate. Graduates can work for up to four to six years, depending on the level of their degree. Also, the number of hours that can be worked has gone up from 40 per two weeks to 48 per week.
This is good news for immigration agents because it will likely bring more international students to Australia. This will help fill Skill shortages in key industries. Students in Australia can work while they are in school to get valuable work experience and help the economy. Also, this policy could make more foreigners apply for temporary graduate visas. In the end, this policy is good for both Australian businesses and international students.

Skill Shortages in key Industries: What Should Students Do After This News?

If you are an international student studying in Australia, good news! The Australian government recently announced they will grant post-study work rights to foreign students to address the Skill shortages in key industries. Eligible graduates now have more job options and extended work rights, providing invaluable work experience and students will be able to bear their expenses on their own.

Graduates with valid Temporary Graduate Visas on or after July 1st, 2023 can be considered for the two-year extension. Furthermore, graduates whose visa expire before that date can also request an extension of their work rights. This is an excellent chance for students to gain work experience and contribute to Australia’s economy.


The plan by the Australian government to give international students the right to work after they finish their studies is a step towards rebuilding Australia’s economy after COVID-19. By doing skills assessments every year and keeping the list of eligible jobs and qualifications up to date, they are being proactive and making sure businesses have access to the skilled workers they need.

By giving eligible graduates more time to work and letting them work more hours, they will be able to pay for their studies and help Australia meet its workforce needs. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about these projects.

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