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4 Best Study Apps in Australia for Immigration!

Are you looking for the best study apps in Australia for immigration? Your search is over because this article is all about the apps you must download for a better understanding of your eligibility for the courses you want to study in Australia.

Australian immigration is the dream of many international students and Australia makes their dream come true by facilitating them as much as it can. Australia comes among the best countries to study abroad.

Study Apps in Australia

Here are some of the best study apps in Australia for immigration that can help you in your journey. You can download them on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

logo 01 1 Copy1- StudyWise App

The StudWise app is an Australian government-approved Artificial Intelligence driven application for international students who want to study at the best institutions in Australia. It is one of the best study apps to download and get clarity about their case for a study visa.

What’s interesting is that you can get all the suggestions free of cost.


Following are the features of the StudyWise App that students can avail to study abroad:

Find Multiple Courses

You can find multiple courses where you can compare and contrast depending on your field of study and interest. You just have to answer a few questions related to your education. As you can access lots of courses you can easily choose the course of your choice.


Find a Wide Range of Educational Providers

It provides you with 100+ education providers so that you can choose the right place to begin your studies journey. The step-by-step process of the app makes it easier for you to choose the right course and institution.


Check Eligibility

It can help you check if you are eligible for your desired course or not. You can also get enlightened about the student visa requirements and make you understand what documents you will require in order to lodge an application.


Accommodation Options

It is one of the best study apps that provides information about student residential options in Australia, such as hostels and homestays so that they do not face difficulty once they leave their hometown for studies.


2- IDP Live

IDP Live IDP Live comes in those study apps that blend data and human intelligence to assist you to search, receiving personalized suggestions, and verifying the entry conditions for your ideal course.


Following are the features of IDP Live

Shortlist Courses from Different Education Providers

This app has hundreds of courses and educational providers. You can also see the details of those universities or colleges through images and videos.


Check Eligibility

After choosing a course you can also check your eligibility for that particular course by providing information about your academic results and educational background.


Submit Documentation

You just simply have to submit your documents, and their study experts will verify all your documents and give answers to all your questions you have regarding your case.

occusearch 2 3- OccuSearch

OccuSearch is one of those study apps that provides information about visa options, eligibility criteria, skills assessments, and EOI statistics.

Following are the features of OccuSearch

Search Occupation

You can search for your appropriate pathways with a specific ANZSCO code. Once selecting that you can find out visa types regarding that, state nomination, eligibility, and other pathways.


PR Points Calculator

App’s built-in point tester assists you in calculating the required points as well as providing information on your eligibility status.


Visa Fees Estimator

By visa fees estimator feature, you are able to calculate the expenses for specific visas. It can help you to determine and manage your finances.


images 4

4- Australia Visa & Immigration

Austalia Visa & Immigration is one of those study apps that help students check their EOI, eligibility by providing the details they ask for.

Following are the features of Australia Visa & Immigration

Pay Invoice

As visa envoy is an immigration agency that owns this app they have also introduced this feature that allows their clients to pay invoices through the app.


Vivo Check Order

This feature is designed to check visa status. It will help you track the visa process. You just have to add details like your name, email, contact number, bank details, etc.


EOI Checking Service

There is a particular benefit to this feature for those who have received invitations for 189, 190, and 491 visas. They just have to fill out the form and do the payment their migration agent will assist them further.

What App Should Students Go For?

Finding the ideal study app in Australia depends on each individual’s needs and preferences. StudyWise app is an Artificial intelligence-backed app through which students explore various courses and institutions, while IDP Live offers personalized suggestions and helps with documentation. OccuSearch helps locate occupation pathways, and calculate PR points and visa fees, while Australia Visa & Immigration handles EOI checking and visa status tracking. Ultimately, students should evaluate their priorities before selecting a study app that meets their requirements. Finding the ideal study app in Australia depends on each individual’s needs and preferences.

Study Apps- Closing Point!

Here is everything you needed to know about study apps that can lead you to Australian immigration and study. Study apps make student’s life easier and when you have this opportunity you can use technology so never miss it.

To get guidance on your particular Australian visa immigration case you can book a consultation with The Migration.

FAQs Related to 4 Best Study Apps in Australia for Immigration

Following are the Questions and answers that are being frequently asked by the students:

Q1: How can study apps benefit students?
A1: Study apps make it easier for students to explore courses, and institutions, check eligibility, find accommodation options, calculate PR points, estimate visa fees, and track visa status.

Q2: Can study apps help with Australian immigration?
A2: Yes, study apps provide valuable information and guidance regarding Australian immigration, eligibility requirements, and visa processes.

Q3: How can the StudyWise app help students in their study visa journey?
A3: The StudyWise app helps students find suitable courses, compare educational providers, and check eligibility, all of which are essential for a study visa journey.

Q4: How can IDP Live assist students?
A4: IDP Live allows students to explore a wide range of courses, check their eligibility for specific courses, and receive personalized suggestions.



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