6 Popular Draftsman Courses in Australia in 2023!

6 Popular Draftsman Courses in Australia in 2023!

Are you intrigued to know about Draftsman courses in Australia? As an international student, you must have lots of questions regarding your studies, field of interest, and place to live and study. If you are worried about knowing about the draftsman courses this article will lead you to all the information you need to know about draftsman course.

Australia is the best option to opt for a draftsman course because the Australian government always encouraged overseas students to study in Australia offering different scholarships.

Read this complete article and get enroll in your desired draftsman course depending on your eligibility.

Who is a Draftsman? Untitled design 86

A draftsman is a person who is often known as a drafter is an expert who can generate computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) drawings.


There are further specializations of draftsmen that include Architectural drafting, Civil drafting, Mechanical drafting, and Electrical drafting. Check all the details about civil engineering draftsperson here.


These are the different drafting courses mentioned below.

Introduction to Draftsman Course

The first course that comes in draftsman courses is this introduction to draftsman course in which students learn the basics of becoming a draftsman in this course.

After gaining basic knowledge of drafting, students start developing multiple drawing skills and learn the different project methods. Different kinds of sketching, construction, and projection methods and techniques are covered in this course.

Computer Aided Drafting Course

CAD involves using computers to create engineering drawings and technical documents in a similar way to drafting. Formatting drawings, saving and retrieving files, rotating, positioning, and scaling objects are all part of the CAD course.

Students have many career options after completing the course in different fields of business because it is something needed in every department in the world.

Architectural Drafting course

In this course, students learn to develop skills to make architectural drawings for architectural applications structures, and buildings. There are many requirements for architectural drawings, which make drawing technical drawings challenging.

In many cases, architectural draftsmen prepare several concept drawings before approving the final design.

Construction drawings are typically very detailed because a lot of technical details have to be added to those technical drawings. As an architectural draftsman, you often work with the AutoCAD drawing program.

Mechanical Drafting Course

Mechanical drafting is the process of making drawings that show how something can be built. It is a method of displaying a 3D object on a 2-dimensional piece of paper, and it depicts how the model or part would appear from each direction.

In this course, mechanical drawing challenges, such as gear and cam representation, perspectives, and isometric projections are focused on. It also deals with electrical drafting, which involves designing electronic circuit boards, logic, and embedded systems.

Electrical Drafting Course

The electrical designing and drafting course includes designing, constructing, evaluating, or monitoring the electrical equipment installation and construction, such as lighting, control systems, power distribution, fire and life protection systems, electronic components, and voice and data communications systems.

Students learn to control writing diagrams, arrangements of diagrams, and diagrams of power risers showcasing panel boards.

Residential Drafting Course

This course provides students with an overview of regularly used residential building materials, equipment, and processes. They evaluate pick and chose suitable elements for various construction projects.

Residential drafters collaborate with architects and building designers to generate concepts, plans, drawings, and elevations for housing and construction projects.

Universities/Colleges Offering Draftsman Courses

Draftsman courses are really popular courses and now you are already aware of their specializations. You must be wandering to apply at a good institution. In addition to making it easier for you to choose. Following is a list of some of the best institutions in Australia offering draftsman courses.


Engineering Institute of Technology

EIT is an internationally recognized institute for engineering. It is offering a graduate diploma in CAD. Their next intake is going to start on 26 June 2023.


TAFE Queensland

TAFE is a well-known institute in Australia that offers quality education for both national and international students. They are offering certificate IV in engineering drafting with a duration of 2 years.


Griffith University

Griffith University ranks as one of the most popular universities in Australia popular among international students. They are offering a master of drafting and designing technology course.


Draftsman Courses- Closing Point!

Doing draftsman courses will enhance your drafting skills in your particular field of drafting. As Australia is the country that offers scholarships for international students it will be easy for you to pursue your career in drafting by studying in Australia.

To learn more, book a consultation with us to get our experts’ advice. If you want to check your eligibility criteria for the course or any other courses you can also download our StudyWise App and talk to our student advisor live.

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