7 Amazing Student Discounts Australia You Must Know!

7 Amazing Student Discounts Australia You Must Know!

Hello Students! Are you looking for Student Discounts Australia? Australia is among the best countries that take care of the needs of their immigrants be they, students or other visa holders.

Australia is offering discounts for students who want to study, live and work in Australia. You can avail plenty of discounts depending on your needs and interest.


The Australian government scholarships are fully funded in Australia. You can be the one availing of all the discounts offered by the Australian government. So, if you are eager to know about all the student discounts Australia you are reading the right article.

1- Australia Awards

There are Australian awards that cover all of your tuition fees, your airfare your living expenses, overseas student health cover, and any other associated course. Student visa holders can avail these Australia awards.


The Australian government’s premier scholarship is given to students from developing countries. The list of these countries changes over a period of time. You must check the list of the countries that are included in this scholarship. You can study any certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, or degree program under this scholarship.

For more details on this, you can also check the Australia awards website.


How to apply for Australia awards scholarship?

 To apply for the Austalia awards scholarship you need to consider the following steps:


  1. Apply Online

Upon registering online, you will receive a registration number and password.


  1. Apply Through Mail

If your online application does not get submitted due to any reason you can also apply through mail. Also, make sure to check the open and close dates for every country as it varies depending on the country.


  1. Provide Supporting Documents

Check out the supporting documents you need to provide for the awards scholarship. Submission of the documents is required before the deadline.



2-Research Training Program (RTP)

The research training program is one of the student discounts Australia which is specifically for research-based courses which include a Master’s by research or Ph.D. degree. It is not available for those courses which are done through coursework like undergraduate or postgraduate but just research-based courses.


This scholarship provides a full tuition fee offset overseas, overseas student health cover, living stipends, and any other course related to your research in Australia.


3-Discounts on International Student Identity Cards

You can get ISIC for only AUD 30 annually. Having an international student identity card can get you a lot of student discounts Australia for example, discounts on travel deals, online shopping, restaurants, and cafes. Apart from that, this globally recognized student ID grants you access to over 150,000 discounts worldwide.


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In terms of technology, you can avail of discounts on the following by using student ID cards:

  • Netflix
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Spotify


Students can also avail discounts on clothing, food, activities, and much more.



Student Discounts Australia also includes UNiDAYS which is designed for students who are enrolled in any college, university or institution in Australia. Those who are students can register for UNiDAYS for free and become a participant.

UNiDAYS makes it easy for students to do shopping without fear of wasting too much money and not saving anything because it offers multiple discounts on different brands.


5- Fast Food Restaurants

Being a student in Australia, you can avail discounts and membership cards in cafes and restaurants. By utilizing these discounts you can also save the money you earn while studying and working. Often restaurants have additional bonuses for students on special events or have deals like buy one get one free etc. Also, you can avail of more discounts just by bargaining. Sometimes this scheme also works for many restaurants and cafes.


Make sure you take advantage of the discount you have as a student in Australia whenever you go to a restaurant or cafe. When the government offers something it automatically becomes your right.


6- Travel Discounts

Student discounts Australia also include travel benefits. As it is mentioned above that international student ID offers multiple discount opportunities for students and one of them is traveling discounts.

Australian airlines that offer student travel discounts:

  • Qantas Airlines
  • Jester Airways
  • Alliance Airways
  • Link Airways
  • Eastern Australia Airlines

In addition to air travel discounts, student ID cards can also get you discounts on ferry trips, bus trips, and train rides.


7- Health and Fitness

While studying and working in Australia you must be concerned about your physical health and fitness. There is no need to worry about that anymore because you can avail of student discounts Australia on fitness places as well. Here are the names of some of the fitness places mentioned below that offer discounts for students.

  • Snap Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • 24 Hour fitness
  • Planet Fitness


Student Discounts Australia- Closing Point!

At the end of this article, you are now aware of all the important student discounts Australia you needed as an international student studying and earning in Australia. The Australian government has always cared for the needs of overseas students and hopefully will remain the same.


As a visa company, we handle all kinds of visas and resolve customer queries. You can also book a consultation with us if you think your case history or story is different from our migration agent. If you are confused about choosing a course to study in Australia you can also download our StudyWise App to check your eligibility for any course to study in Australia.


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