How Much Do Enrolled Nurses Earn in Australia in 2023?

How Much Do Enrolled Nurses Earn In Australia in 2023?


Due to the high demands from health systems, the enrolled nurse is leading to a brilliant career for students who want to opt for nursing. The scope of enrolled nurses in Australia is expanding gradually over the past decade.

The most significant part of this occupation is that people who migrate to Australia as enrolled nurses lead to offer permanent residency (PR) by the government of Australia. Moreover, the increasing salary every year motivates people to pursue their careers, be they, males or females.

Roles of An Enrolled Nurse

It breaks stereotypes of nurses doing a regular check-up of a patient or helping the doctor with pieces of equipment only. An enrolled nurse does the following duties:

  • Counseling patients regarding their health conditions.
  • Taking care of their daily activities, which include their personal hygiene.
  • Providing food and medicine on the daily basis according to the timetable.
  • Helping registered nurses and doctors in emergency situations.


Eligibility to Become an Enrolled Nurse

Enrolled nurses complete nursing diplomas to achieve this position in any reputable clinic. According to the NMBA board, a person above 18 years old is eligible for this diploma and it takes at least two years of training and education to start work as a career. Enrolled nurses work under senior nurses in order to gain experience. It is a fascinating job that leads to a successful career and healthy earnings.

The following are the requirements to apply for the diploma in Australia:

  • Students must complete 12 years of education in their country.
  • Offshore students must score 6.5 bands of IELTS in all four components.
  • Financial sponsorship is required for application.


Enrolled Nurses Specializations

Enrolled Nurses Enrolled nurses can go for further specializations in the profession to gain more knowledge and experience for higher opportunities. It has a vast number of specializations in the professional world that includes mental health care, senior citizens care, ICU (Intensive Care Unit) responsibilities, and much more. Also, there are trade courses for nursing that you can check.

1- Mental health nurses

In this specialization, they provide support to patients regarding anxiety issues and eating disorders. Their responsibilities also include managing patients’ records and encouraging them to go for therapeutic activities such as painting, sports, etc.

They work in hospitals and visit patients in their homes. Mental health nurses’ skills include excellent communication skills, as they have to build a relationship with patients in a manner to make them comfortable and have the potential to work as team members. The average salary of mental health nurses is $90,000 per year in Australia.

2- Surgical nurses

They work in operation theatres, provide help in laboratory services, and coordinate in the pharmacology, pathology, and radiology departments. Surgical nurses ensure patients’ health conditions to make patients ready medically one day before the surgery by taking instructions from physiotherapists or physicians.

They also help in sterilizing surgical pieces of equipment. People applying for this specialization should be physically fit and demanding. The average salary of surgical nurses is around $71,148 per year in Australia.

3- Aged care nurses

Enrolled nurses in the aged care specialization provide help in domestic care, which includes patients’ personal duties like cleaning, bathing, taking care of food, and other things patients require. The average salary of aged care nurses is around $56,520 per year in Australia.

4- Oncology nurses

Oncology nurses are one of the most important specializations of enrolled nurses which has much demand in Australia and New Zealand. They deal with patients having cancer or symptoms related to it. They help in patients’ assessment of the disease and educate them and their families accordingly.

Oncology nurses’ responsibilities include collaboration with physicians and other healthcare members in order to assist patients’ health conditions. They motivate the patients throughout their cancer treatment journey. Oncology nurses can become clinical nurse specialists after gaining work experience. The average salary of oncology nurses is $89,230 per year in Australia.

5- Rehabilitation nurses

Rehabilitation nurses take care of patients that undergo a transplant of any organ or go through any kind of injury. They make patients’ daily plans after the treatment. They also deal with the counseling of patients and their families. The average salary of rehab nurses is $48,500 per year in Australia.


Earning of Enrolled Nurses in Australia

According to the record of the year 2022, enrolled nurses earn about $63,000 annually and up to $5,250 monthly. The salaries of nurses can vary according to their specializations in the field, as mentioned above in the section on specializations of enrolled nurses.

The benefit of applying for an enrolled nurse is that the average annual salary is going to increase in 2023 in Australia, which is $79.898. It is a well-respected profession and a successful career. According to the record of the past decade, the demand for nurses is increasing so is salary.


Benefits to Become an Enrolled Nurse in Australia

Here are some reasons why you should opt for a career in nursing in Australia.

1- Flexible Working Hours
Working hours of enrolled nurses in Australia are flexible, allowing them to work around their schedules without compromising opportunities, job stability, or earnings. Nursing is a 24-hour occupation with alternate hours, allowing you to work at night, daytime, or on weekends.

2- High Earning Profession
As the earring is in Australian dollars so you will get paid more than you think. Nurses who are certified and skilled are paid even more.

3- Highly In-demand Profession
After COVID-19, the profession of nurses is highly in demand which is beneficial for the people who are pursuing this career or want to go into the professional world of enrolled nurses. Also, nurses work tirelessly to improve the lives of those in need. One can get immense satisfaction with peace of mind that one cannot find in any other career.


Closing Point!

Australia is one of the best choices to pursue a profession as an enrolled nurse, keeping in mind all the details mentioned above. The profession is highly respected around the globe and has a lot of employment prospects.

Moreover, the enrolled nurses are paid well. To get further information about enrollment in this field, book a consultation with The Migration and get guidelines to avoid visa refusal. We will provide you with a complete consultation and which enrolled nursing profession you should choose depending on your interest.

For the application of other visas and details, read the blogs and news on our website.



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