can 132 visa applicant apply for student visa

Can 132 Visa Applicant Apply for Student Visa 2023!

132 visa applicants looking to study in Australia can apply for a student visa!

We want to see all of our students succeed in their studies, and we know that starts with having the right paperwork in order. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to apply for a student visa as a 132 visa applicant. 

Read on this guide on how can 132 visa applicant apply for student visa !


What is a 132 Visa for Australia?

The Subclass 132 Visa, also known as the Business Talent (Permanent) visa, is a permanent residence visa for Australian business owners and investors who can demonstrate their capability to either establish or manage a new or existing business in Australia. 


Eligibility Requirements

can 132 visa applicant apply for student visa The applicant must meet the criteria of being a ‘genuine applicant’ for the student visa. Following is the Criteria issued by the department of home affairs


English Language Proficiency

They can show their proficiency by taking an internationally-recognized language test such as IELTS or TOEFL.  This ensures that students have the necessary skills to participate in their studies.


Financial Capacity

The applicant must demonstrate that they can cover the costs associated with their stay in Australia, including tuition fees and living expenses. This can be demonstrated through certified bank statements and other financial documents.


Health Insurance

Applicants must ensure they have health insurance suitable for the length of their stay in Australia. 


Additional Documentation

In addition to meeting the criteria above, applicants must also provide additional documents as part of the student visa application. These can include identity documents, educational certificates, passport copies, and other relevant information supporting the application.


It is important to know that each student visa application can vary depending on individual circumstances. After assessing if the applicant meets all of the eligibility requirements, they can submit the student visa application and wait for further instructions.


Can 132 Visa Applicant Apply for Student Visa: Expert Tips!

If you’re an applicant for a Subclass 132 (Business Talent) visa, you may wonder if it’s possible to apply for a student visa. The answer is yes! In fact, many individuals can successfully transition from the 132 visa to a student or other type of visa. Here are tips on can 132 visa applicant apply for student visa:     


Check Your Eligibility

Before applying for a student visa, it is important to check that you meet all the requirements set out by the Australian Government.


Prepare Your Documents

This includes evidence of financial capacity and any other supporting documentation required by the Australian Government. It can be helpful to use a checklist to make sure that you have all the documents you need.


Get Professional Advice

To ensure that you can successfully apply for a Subclass 132 visa, it can be helpful to get professional advice from migration agents or lawyers.


Be Prepared to Wait

Due to the nature of visa processing times, it can take up to two months for a decision on your Subclass 132 visa application. 


Understand Your Obligations

It is important to understand your obligations when you are granted a Subclass 132 visa. This includes understanding the requirements for studying in Australia, such as enrolling in an approved course and maintaining satisfactory academic results.


Seek Help if Needed

Suppose you have any questions about applying for a Subclass 132 visa or need help understanding your obligations. In that case, it can be beneficial to seek advice from an experienced migration agent or lawyer. 


Following above expert tips can help ensure that your Subclass 132 visa application is successful. Good luck and happy travels!

How Much will the Overall Process Take?

can 132 visa applicant apply for student visa The overall time can vary depending on the individual situation. Generally, it can take up to 8 weeks for a 132 visa applicant to receive a student visa. The exact time will be determined by the processing times of can 132 visa applicant apply for student visa. It is important to note that this can take longer if your application requires review by other government departments.


Authentic Resources!

132 visa applicants can apply for a student visas and this can be done through the Student Visa Program (SVP), which allows international students to study in Australia at an approved education provider on a temporary basis.Here are five helpful resources on how can 132 visa applicant apply for student visa:

  1. The Australian Department of Home Affairs
  2. The Australian Trade & Investment Commission
  3. The Department of Education
  4. Study in Australia
  5. Registered migration agent

These resources can provide detailed information about can 132 visa applicants can apply for student visa in Australia and can help to make the


Contact Us!

If you’re looking to apply for a student visa in Australia, there are a few things you need to know.132 applicants can apply for a Student Visa if they have enough money to support themselves and pay their tuition fees. You also need to be aware of the different types of visas related to your application.

If you’re unsure about which visa is right for you or have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help you sort through all the paperwork and figure out which option is best for you. book a consultation us today to get started!


FAQs related to can 132 Visa Applicant Apply for Student Visa


Q1:Can I travel outside of Australia while my student visa is valid?

A1:Yes, you can leave and re-enter Australia, provided that your student visa remains valid for the duration of your stay in the country.


Q2:How can I extend my student visa?

A2:You can apply for a student visa extension provided you meet the requirements of the relevant subclass and can prove you have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Australia.


Q3:How much does a student visa cost?

A3:The application fee depends on the type of student visa being applied for, ranging from AUD 190 for a Student Visa (subclass 500) to AUD 2000 for an Independent ELICOS Sector visa (subclass 570).


Q4:How can I show that I can financially support my studies in Australia?

A4:Applicants are usually required to provide evidence of financial capacities, such as bank statements, income tax assessment notices, or other evidence of adequate funds to cover tuition fees and living costs while in Australia.


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